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Center for Patient Education and Health Literacy

The Center for Patient Education and Health Literacy is rooted in improving health care by teaching current pharmacists, as well as student pharmacists, better ways to provide easy-to-use health information to patients.

The center’s goal is to partner with other institutions to create a learning community in which a variety of health care practitioners collaborate to ensure patients have the knowledge they need to make informed health decisions.

The center coordinated the integration of health literacy principles into the pharmacy curriculum through specialized training and hands-on community programs. The center also focuses on creating resources that foster better communication between providers and patients.

To learn more about Patient-Centered Communication Tools, the patient-interviewing tool developed by University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis faculty, visit uhsp.edu/pact.

The center is also developing programs and research initiatives in more specific areas.

  • The University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis Asthma-Friendly Pharmacy Program: The program teaches pharmacists and their staff members about asthma treatment and prevention and provides training in asthma medications, devices and patient education as well as expanding asthma education and making it self-supporting.
  • Medication Self-Management and Home Care: Health literacy scores among adults 65 and older are lower than those of all other adults, but seniors may need those skills more than any other age group, given the frequency of chronic health conditions in older Americans. The center is developing a project aimed at improving the health literacy skills of seniors so that they can create and manage a list of their medicines as well as communicate any medication concerns they may have with their health care providers.
  • Health Literacy Institute: Through this program, the University will host nationally and internationally recognized authorities at a summer institute for health care professionals that will focus on the attitudes, skills and approaches that have proven effective in improving patient understanding of health information and services.

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