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About the College

The College of Graduate Studies provides leadership and vision for the advancement of graduate and postdoctoral training at University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis.

The college promotes excellence, integrity and equity in all programs while serving the scholarly and professional needs of students. In collaboration with graduate faculty and staff, the College of Graduate Studies focuses on academic policies and programs designed to support the highest quality education by generating knowledge and innovative solutions to address critical societal needs.

The college oversees administration of the University’s master’s, dual degree and graduate certificate programs. It also leads activities designed to enrich the experience of postdoctoral scholars so they can pursue a wide range of professional career options.  

Graduate Programs

  • Graduate

    Medicinal Chemistry (M.S.)



    Medicinal Chemistry (M.S.)

    The M.S. in Medicinal Chemistry is a thesis-based program focused on drug design, synthesis and evaluation that deepens your understanding of chemical principles and how to apply them in biologically relevant systems.

UHSP's Academic and Research Building, beautifully lit as the sun rises.

Meet the Graduate Studies Dean

Led by Founding Dean Giovanni Pauletti, M.Pharm., Ph.D., the college promotes excellence in research and scholarship by fostering an inclusive, supportive and stimulating learning environment.  

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