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student support services

Achieve your academic, personal and professional goals with our many student support services. You will have access to faculty and staff members who can assist you as you navigate challenges, learn more about yourself and discover new passions. 

Whether you need help with an essay or advice on which classes to take, we are here to help you accomplish your goals. 

Academic Support Services

The academic advising program provides personalized assistance to students as you define, plan and achieve your educational and personal goals. You can connect on an individual level with a dedicated professional adviser from the very beginning. Students interested in pursuing professional school are also paired with a pre-professions adviser to guide them as they prepare for and apply to professional school.

Accessibility and Accommodations

The Access Office provides accommodations and services to students who need academic and personal support, promoting a campus community that provides its students with equal access to education, student organizations and campus life activities. The office is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, as amended.

For more information or to request accommodation as an incoming student, contact Tiffany Atnip, assistant director of accessibility services, at or 314.446.8028.

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (commonly known as ADHD) 
Hearing impairments 
Learning disabilities
Short-term ailments like concussion or broken limb
Other disabilities or challenges

Testing Accommodations (distraction-reduced testing, private testing, extended testing time, readers or scribes, etc.)

Classroom Accommodations (preferential seating, note taking assistance, seating during labs, recorded lectures and closed captioning)

Housing Accommodations (meal plan waiver, emotional support animal, ADA accessible housing, single room housing)

Note: This is not an extensive list, and all accommodation requests must go through the interactive process and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Counseling Center

Counseling services help all students nurture their emotional needs and navigate challenges confidentially, free of charge and separate from your academic record. Our Wellness Community, made up of faculty, students and staff, also host programing throughout the year to strengthen our campus community’s sense of belonging and support.


Whether you are in emotional distress, not getting along with your roommate, feeling homesick or lonely, you can depend on our professional team of counselors to be a listening ear and provide the support and access to resources you need to face difficult times. You are never alone at UHSP.


Investing and pursuing higher education is an exciting, but also jarring adjustment that be taxing mentally and academically. Our Counseling Center is a space where you can be fully you and know you will always be supported by a compassionate and skilled professional.


Counseling is not just about navigating the emotional and mental obstacles you may experience. Our counselors help you cultivate coping skills that build resilience and strengthen your understanding and sense of compassion toward yourself.

Career Planning 

The Center for Career Services and Education provides students and alumni of the University with services that help you explore your career, build your brand and make connections. The center offers workshops and programming that connect you with prospective employers, help you hone your job prep skills and understand your personal brand. 

Career center staff member meets with student

Students, faculty and staff who are experiencing food insecurity or need a basic toiletry may obtain groceries and personal hygiene items from the UHSP Extras for Everyone Closet. This free store is stocked with toiletries, personal hygiene items and a variety of canned and dry foods.

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