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Research – The Foundation of Health Sciences

Essential to improving the health of individuals and populations, research is at the core of University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis. It is the foundation on which everything we think, feel, or do must firmly be built. For our faculty, research fuels innovation and growth, across the translational spectrum from drug development in individual labs to population impact, and through research centers such as the Center for Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Outcomes Research and Education. For our students, classroom training is enhanced with exposure to real-world research that enhances their ability to reach that next step in their academic or professional careers. 

We believe innovative research is vital to creating healthier societies. It is through the research conducted here, on the UHSP campus, that we bring a positive change to the health of the overall population around the world. 

For every student that’s interested, UHSP can offer a personalized, one-of-a-kind research experience. 


At UHSP, students have a front-row seat to cutting-edge research and the opportunity to join in the process. The Student Research Center within the Office of Research connects students with faculty researchers to create expanded opportunities to learn and grow, even in your first year. 

faculty research

Our faculty are active members of the academic and health professions communities, with current research portfolios. With varying research interests across campus, faculty benefit from an interprofessional network of collaboration and scholarship. 


From safer and more effective medication development to more collaborative interprofessional care to examining patient health outcomes, our research centers pursue innovative projects designed to positively impact the future of health. 

tech transfer

Designed to further the advancements in research, innovation, and development, Tech Transfer goes beyond the creation and licensing of patented intellectual property. Tech Transfer bridges the research captured to deliver the benefits to society as a whole. 


UHSP is committed to the objective, ethical and responsible conduct of research. All members of the University community involved in research will take personal responsibility for their actions in pursuit of individual and organizational excellence.

See How We’re Changing the Future

Whether student, alumni, or faculty, Eutectics are driving health care innovation worldwide. Review some of our most recent accomplishments. And, meet the people who are making it happen.