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Research compliance

UHSP is committed to the objective, ethical and responsible conduct of research. All members of the University community involved in research will take personal responsibility for their actions in pursuit of individual and organizational excellence to ensure research compliance.  

Use of Human Subjects 

Research involving the use of, or data pertaining to, human subjects requires authorization from the UHSP Institutional Review Board prior to the initiation of the study.

To apply, please contact    

Use of Animals  

Research studies at UHSP involving the use of animal subjects are overseen by Washington University’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).  

Questions regarding the use of animals in research may be directed to: 

Export Controls 

UHSP researchers benefit from international collaboration with research facilities across the globe. While these connections enhance research, export control considerations must be considered before transporting or accessing data created for research purposes across national borders.  

Those engaged in collaborative research with a facility or individual located outside the United States or its territories may contact Jacob Fling, manager of research compliance, at for assistance navigating export control laws. 

Radiation Safety 

Radiation safety in research at UHSP is overseen by Washington University’s Office of Radiation Safety.  

Researchers requiring the use of radioactive materials are required to undergo training prior to initiating their research study. For more information, contact Eric Knoll, vice president of operations, at 

Controlled Substances 

Research involving the use of controlled substances, including all drugs classified as Schedule I through Schedule V, requires prior authorization from Eric Knoll, vice president of operations. To request authorization, contact 

Institutional Biological and Chemical Safety Committee

The Institutional Biological and Chemical (IBC) Safety Committee at Washington University is responsible for ensuring that research conducted at UHSP is coordinated in a safe and responsible manner. The IBC oversees research involving recombinant DNA, infectious or potentially infectious agents, and/or hazardous chemicals. For more information, contact