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diversity, equity and inclusion centers

A Space for All

Come as you are at UHSP, where diversity, equity and inclusion are values at the core of our mission and vision. At UHSP, we’re committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment through intentional involvement and empowerment that promotes and sustains a sense of belonging.

In reflection of that commitment, we have established several centers where students, faculty, staff and alumni can embrace their authentic self. 

Multicultural Center 

The Multicultural Center provides a space where members of the UHSP community can gain a better understanding of others while exploring their own identity or set of beliefs that make them unique. Self-exploration and cultural competence are encouraged on campus to ensure students are prepared to live, learn and thrive in an interconnected world. 

UHSP multicultural center
The Spirituality Center at the University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis.

Spirituality Center 

The Spirituality Center is a campus space that supports religious and non-religious spiritual engagement. The center supports the spiritual and holistic growth of members of the campus community through spiritual advising, worship services, reflection, meditation and prayer. 

Seven spiritual advisors from various faiths offer spiritual advising and services on a rotating basis.

Interfaith Prayer Room 

Students, faculty and staff can pray or meditate in the Interfaith Prayer Room. Designed with spiritual inclusivity in mind, the interfaith space in the Recreation and Student Center is adaptable to meet the holistic needs of individual preferences. 

The Interfaith Prayer Room at UHSP

diversity, equity and inclusion at UHSP

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