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bias incident reporting

The University is committed to establishing and nurturing an environment that actively acknowledges and values diversity, equity and inclusion free from any type of prejudice, intolerance or harassment.  

As outlined in the Bias Incident Response Policy, members of the University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis community have the right not to be discriminated against by any individual or group based on their actual or perceived age, ancestry, ethnicity, national origin, ability (physical, psychological, cognitive), sex, gender identity or expression, citizenship or immigration status, marital status, race, religion, religious practice, veteran status or other protected classification. 

bias incident response committee

Once a completed report has been submitted, a member of the Bias Incident Response Committee (BIRC) will review and initiate the incident resolution process. The BIRC will recommend, provide or assist with restorative interventions and measures to personnel and University boards or committees responsible for adjudicating such cases to promote individual and community healing, learning and growth. If you have an incident to report, you can do so using the Bias Incident Report Form.

diversity, equity and inclusion at UHSP

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