Going Up! Placement of Concrete Slabs Marks Construction Milestone

Published on 10 March 2016

Amid the roar of its diesel engine, a crane stretching more than fifty feet in the air slowly lifted one side of a three-story, 20-foot wide slab of concrete. Construction workers in their bright green vests double checked their tool belts, ready to spring into action. They were a part of a major milestone in the construction of the Recreation and Student Center (RAS) on the campus of St. Louis College of Pharmacy. After a few moments, the slab was perpendicular to the ground, and set to be secured as the first piece of the building’s west wall.

Once completed, the RAS will be a seven-story, 193,000-square-foot student center, residence hall, and recreation facility. It is the sister building to the recently constructed Academic and Research Building (ARB) and Library. Together, they will be the new front door for the College and physically represent the next chapter in the College’s more than 150-year history.

During the construction of the ARB, a 10-story tower crane hovered above campus for about a year. That won’t be the case for the RAS. Due to the tight work zone, and close proximity to a major road, a crane of that size was not in the plans. Instead architects at St. Louis-based Forum Studio are utilizing a process called tilt-up design. Some concrete wall panels will be poured into molds on-site and then lifted into place. Other panels will be built off-site and then delivered to campus.

Most visitors to the RAS will never see the wall put in place today. Much of the exterior will be wrapped in metal and glass, like the ARB.

Watch the Video

To see the latest renderings, and view a live camera of construction activity, visit stlcop.edu/construction.

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