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Smiling students work over laptops. Text Overlay: Overcoming College Anxiety

The College Jitters: How to Overcome College Anxiety

As the countdown to college approaches, it’s not uncommon to be filled with mixed emotions. In fact, in a survey by Appily, nearly half of high school students admitted to feeling anxious about going to college. If you are feeling nervous or unsure about the college experience, know you aren’t alone. We’re here to help you overcome college anxiety and feel a little more confident as you enter this exciting new chapter of your life.

Worries about Feeling Knowledgeable: Understanding the Admissions Process 

Many high school students are worried about forgetting a required document, doing an admissions interview, knowing if or when they will get in, or writing an admissions essay. Whether you’ve already started applying to colleges or are about to get started, the more you know about the admissions process, the more confident you’ll feel going through it. Most colleges will outline their undergraduate admissions process on their website so you can follow along step-by-step.

Quick Tips


Review the admissions requirements of each college you’re interested in, including GPA, test scores (SAT or ACT), and other materials. Note any specific deadlines for applications and financial aid.


Explore online resources such as college websites, virtual tours, and social media platforms like Instagram where you can experience things happening across campus.


Take advantage of those around you, including guidance counselors, teachers and other mentors, for advice and support throughout the college search and application process.


Keep track of important deadlines, application requirements and correspondence with colleges to ensure a smooth application process.

Worries about Feeling Confident: Living on Your Own 

As you gear up for the college experience, anticipation blends with uncertainty, especially when it comes to living on your own. But this journey is about more than just independence—it’s a chance to connect, grow and thrive. Remember you’re not alone. Over 70% of new students say they are nervous about living in a dorm or with a roommate.

Every challenge is an opportunity for growth, so embrace the experience and know those around you are in the same boat.

Quick Tips

Discover Your Independence

College is your ticket to independence and is a journey of personal growth and learning more about yourself.

Embrace the Anxious Vibes

Feeling a bit anxious is totally okay. There are people and resources to help you find your college community, from resident advisors to student support services.

Freedom and Responsibility

Making your own decisions is exciting, but it comes with responsibility. Learn to manage your time, embrace your newfound freedom, and become more adaptable and resilient.

Bring a Piece of Home with You

Bring something that reminds you of home to help you feel connected and comfortable in your new environment.

Worries about Feeling Welcomed or Included: Building a Support System 

College is all about finding your tribe, the squad that boosts your confidence and fuels your success. If you are feeling nervous about finding your place, just know that 64% of students worry about making friends and 60% worry about not fitting in. Those shared feelings can lead to mutual understanding and open doors to new friendships.

Quick Tips

Grow Your Tribe

From roommates, classmates and teammates to professors, coaches and support staff—your college crew is everywhere! Actively engaging in discussions and group projects can lead to meaningful friendships and support networks.

Join Campus Events

Participating in social activities and events on campus gives you the chance to meet new people, connect with others and build relationships for future opportunities.

Join Clubs for a Boost

Dive into clubs and organizations, surrounded by diverse minds with shared interests. Getting involved will expand your worldview, enhance collaboration and sharpen your communication skills.

Feel all the Feels: Prioritize Your Mental Health 

Balancing academics and newfound independence can be challenging as a new college student. Prioritizing your mental health is crucial for understanding your boundaries and staying motivated. .

Remember to use Student Support Services, like counseling or peer tutoring services, to connect with people who will help you conquer academic and personal goals, ensuring you have the right accommodations. 

Transitioning to college doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Remember that you will be given resources in college to help you succeed. It is up to you to take advantage of them. Being open to the process, asking for help and taking help when offered are the best ways to overcome college anxiety.

Student Insights

UHSP student-athlete Taylor Washington smiles on the running track in front of bleachers
I went to the director of academic support, but received so much more than that. She encouraged me to eat one less meal in my dorm room and that is how I met my first friend who is now my suitemate!
Taylor Washington, undergraduate student
UHSP student-athlete Alivia Simily smiles in her jersey while standing in the competition gym
Go to all the events that you can before you get on-campus to meet people. Everyone is going through the same thing, so don’t be nervous to talk to someone you don’t know because they are probably feeling the same way.
Alivia Simily, undergraduate student
Student pharmacist Angela Robichaud smiles while casually lounging in chair
Not only was the application process simple, the exceptional support I received during admissions, with weekly check-ins and guidance through every step, assured me of the ongoing support at UHSP.
Angela Robichaud, professional student
UHSP student-athlete Michelle Le smiles with arms crossed in front of soccer goal
The friends that I’ve made at UHSP have kept me going especially when I’ve had a tough time in classes or if I’m physically tired from sports. I think about them and how grateful I am to have met that supportive community.
Michelle Le, undergraduate student
UHSP senior, Emily Sitkowski
There’s so much support here at UHSP. I was able to personalize my experience because my professors and coaches were so approachable and supportive of everything I was doing.
Emily Sitkowski, undergraduate student

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