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Lifetime Mortar and Pestle Society Donors

Lifetime members of the Mortar and Pestle Society have committed $10,000 or more cumulatively to the University. These dedicated donors make a lasting impact on student success and the future of the institution.

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Donors who wish to remain anonymous are not included in this list. 

Chairman's Circle

The Henry and Laura Whelpley Trust

President's Circle

Louise R. Ballmann*
Jerry, B.S. '75, and Deborah Callahan
O.J. Cloughly, 1904*
Joyce E. Fogleman, B.S. '82
Dennis* and Judy Jones
Dorothy R. Moog*

Major Benefactor

William E.* and Karen F. Davis
E. Michael, B.S. '81, and Leslie F. Pruett
Carl F.*, 1911, and Ruth M.* Rinderer
Jack M., B.S. '52*, and Marlene H.* Zeibig


Edwin F., B.S. '53*, and Marianne* Allgaier
William S.* and Edith C.* Bucke
Victor I.*, B.S. '47, and Fae C.* Cartwright
Andrew E. Galakatos, B.S. '60
Thomas, B.S. '80, and Robyn Mackey
John, B.S. '76, and Jackie Metzger
Kenneth W., B.S. '76, and Donna Schafermeyer
Robert H.*, 1921, and Irma* White

Founder Member

Charles J.*, B.S. '58, M.S. '60, and Fairveola Banks
Eugene G.*, B.S. '47, and Shirley Barken
Wilbert K.*, B.S. '42, and Rosemary* Baumgarth
Dean W.*, B.S. '57, and Rose Carlisle
Stephen J., B.S. '74, and Elaine Clement
Sue Nell Cox*, B.S. '61
Loren G.*, B.S. '50, and Sarah* Cunningham
David A.*, B.S. '60, and Lori Darguzis
Amy C. DeWein, B.S. '89, and Timothy Hasara
Raymond E.*, B.S. '54, and Donna K. Dye
Robert, B.S. '85, and Regina Eschbacher
Patrick L., B.S. '78, and Antonina Garamella, B.S. '79, Evans
Robert G., B.S. '66, and Barbara E. Flynn
Joe E.* and Marilyn J. Haberle
Donald L., B.S. '65, and Patricia Hagen
Willis V.* and Helen* Hauser
Peter A., B.S. '73, and Gail Hueseman
Tom, B.S. '80, and Toni Hunt
Harvey*, B.S. '52, and Ileane Mizes
John M. Olin*
Tom and Pam Patton
Reginald L.*, '28 and Marian K.*, B.S. '27, Pettit
John A. and Patrice S. Pieper
Denise Pretzer
George D. Rhodes*, B.S. '51
Vera Riley*
Michael A., B.S. '78, and Eileen Schultz
Mickey C., B.S. '60, M.S. '62, and Mary* Smith
T. Brock Smith, B.S. '90
Mike and Janice Spathelf
Perry M.*, B.S. '39, and Marian D. Stacy
William E.*, B.S. '35, and Henrietta* Steinkamp
Joseph M. Sunnen*
Fred E., B.S. '68, M.S. '90, and Kathleen Tonnies
Robert W. Woodruff*

Distinguished Member

Clifford L.*, B.S. '53, and Marjorie D.* Allred
Richard and JoAnn Anderson
Raymond L.*, B.S. '47, and Genevieve* Auer
Daryl E. (DeDe) Berkey
Tricia, B.S. '94, Pharm. D. '95, and Robert Berry
Daniel, B.S. '79, and Nancy Blakeley
Thomas W.*, B.S. '59, and Martha Branson
Frederick C., B.S. '60, and Carolyn Brueggemann
John P., B.S. '82, and Anna M. (Wey), B.S. '82, Cantlin
Michael J.*, B.S. '76, and Jetta Chiaventone
Kevin J., B.S. '77, and Mary K. (Barnes), B.S. '78, Colgan
James C.*, B.S. '65, and Joann S.* Cradock
Robert F. Dahler*, B.S. '58
Ed, B.S. '75, and Lil Dannenberg
William T.*, B.S. '50, and Nancy* Dooley
Amy (Tex), B.S. '01, and Pavi Gill
Starlin Haydon-Greatting, B.S. '81, and Mark D. Greatting, B.S. '81
Steven K., B.S. '84, and C. Sue Hebel
Richard B. and Linda M. Jensen
R. Eugene*, B.S. '52, and June Johnson
R. Kemps, '30, and Eva C. Kirkpatrick Family
Timothy, B.S. '95, and Gina Koch
Nancy, B.S. '77, and William Konieczny
James C. Krummenacher*
J. Warren*, B.Pharm. 1923, Ph.G. 1924, and Myrtle L.* Lansdowne
Justin, Pharm.D. '07, and Kathleen (Buechter), Pharm.D. '10, Lusk
Michael S. and Susan V. Maddux
Marlene R. Marecek*
Bill and Carol Mattson
William T.*, B.S. '49, and Shirley G.* McQueary
Walter, B.S. '59, and Sue* Miller
Armarie B. Murphy*
Kenneth G.*, B.S. '41, and Bettye S.*, B.S. '44, Nickel
Mercedes E. Nitzschmann*
R. David, B.S. '67, and Dorothy Norman
Walter*, Ph.G. '33, and Genevieve* Brueggemann
Russell D. and Lina J. Odegard
Arthur, B.S. '72, and Carolyn S. Perry
Bill, B.S. '67, and Nancy Reed
Vernon P.*, '27, and Sue Reger
H.S. Taylor Rodgers*
Barbara Rader Schwartz and Theodore Schwartz
Alfred Clark*, B.S. '32, and Harriet* Scott
Terry L. and Jenny Seaton
William and Horty Shieber
Lisa and Allan Silverberg
Peter J. Taraboletti*, B.S. '51
Lawrence P. Thesen*, 1920, 1921
J. Glenn* and Melba* Thurman
Howard H. and Jane* Tochiura
Alex Y., B.S. '97, Pharm.D. '98, and Svetlana, B.S. '98, Vayman
Paul W. and K Wentzien
Karen A. Wiedenmann*, B.S. '96
Mira J., B.S. '85, and David Zeffren

Honored Member

Byron A.*, B.S. '51, and Enid C. Barnes
Rick Bartlett, B.S. '92, In Memory of Suzanne Bartlett*, B.S. '92
Gloria J. Baun*
Paul Beahm, B.S. '85, Family
Sandra Bollinger
Marcia H. and Charles C. Bonwell
Stephen D., B.S. '77, and Cathy A. Burdge
Stephen M., B.S. '78, and Iris M. Calloway
Gary Ceretto, B.S. '76
Kilinyaa L. Cothran, B.S. '01
David D., B.S.'60, and Jan M. Darden
John* and Donna*, B.S. '78, Dinkelaker
Tyler E., Pharm.D. '13, and Casey Dinkelaker
David F. and Denise C. Drohan
Gaston F. Dubois*
Barbara J. Dunning*, B.S. '67
Don and Virginia Bachmann* Eken
A. Samuel, B.S. '72, and Kathy Enloe
Thomas J. Ernst and Jon K. Ernst
Todd M., B.S. '87, and Angela Evers
Gary L. and Lynn M. Fallert
Joe and Dona Fleishaker
Gene A., B.S. '74, and Jean Forrester
Stephen A., B.S. '66, and Adrienne Freidin
John C., B.S. '52, M.S. '53, and Joan Griffin
Ellis E., B.S. '80, and Kimberley A., B.S. '80, Griffith
William J.*, B.S. '65, and Nina C. Gross
Dennis R. and Shelia C. Hammond
Michael and Gail Holmes
Peter Hurd amd Julia Grant
Genevieve Janes*
Elmer G.*, 1914, and Bess H.* Joseph
Walter K.H. Kam, B.S. '55, M.S. '56
Richard and Reneé Kapusniak
Janice E. Kemper
Kenneth W. and Carol L. Kirk
Thomas L., B.S. '71, and Geralyn A. Meyer
Erik, B.S. '95, Pharm.D. '96, and Lori Muser
Leonard L.*, B.S. '63, M.S. '65, and Elizabeth M. Naeger
Jennifer E. Kemp-Oestreich*, B.S. '92, Pharm.D. '93, and George Oestreich, Pharm.D., MPA
Milton L. Parks*, B.S. '49
Theresa Prosser
Robert A. Reuter*, B.S. '56
Gary K.*, B.S. '71, and Pamela K., B.S. '72, Reynolds
Sumner M.* and Leigh Robinson
James and Lisa Salmo
Patricia (Meyer) Schafermeyer, B.S. '76
James F., B.S. '60, and Jacquelyn M. Schmidt
John A.* and Nancy* Shiell
Charles C., B.S. '50, and Lillie L. (Rowe), B.S. '68, Smith
John G.*, B.S. '64, and Jean Sorensen
George L., B.S. '62, and Jackie* Stamper
Salim Salah, B.S. '63, and Frances E. Tadrus
William G.*, B.S. '65, and Brenda K. Thien
Jane, B.S. '85, and Pat Tracy
Joseph M., B.S. '63, and Carol L. Tuley
Leroy H., B.S. '56, and D. Diane, B.S. '56, Unterreiner
David A., B.S. '60, and Diane H. (Braner), B.S. '60, Wahlbrink
Joseph, B.S. '68, and Kathleen Warzecha
W. Richard, B.S. '75, and Margaret Wilborn
Bruce D. Wood, B.S. '80, and Ron Dadiras
James R. and Carol S. Young


Michael J., B.S. '76, and Cathy Ainscough
Carol A. Ammon
Anastasia, Pharm.D. ’09, and Robert Armbruster
J. Hord and Bunny Armstrong III
Todd, B.S. '85, and Norma, B.S. '85, Armstrong
Caroline Babbitt*
Gerald P.*, B.S. '63, and Kathleen Bailey
Vernon E. Barnes*
Daniel C. Bauer and Jenna Putzel
Barbara Baumgarth
Randul S. and Jamie S. Baumgarth
Ronald K, B.S. '63, and Janet A., B.S. '85, Baur
John and Denise Beale
Shane M., Pharm. D. '06, and Rebecca J. (Burnett), Pharm.S. '09, Becker
Chuck, B.S. '75, and Linda Berry
Margaret, B.S. '86, and Quent Besing
Lyndal A.*, B.S. '48, and Elaine W.* Bloome
Harvey, B.S. '60, and Sandra Blumenthal
Thomas V. Boettger*, B.S. '63
Suzanne G., B.S. '99, Pharm.D. '00, and James W. Bollmeier
James R., B.S. '71, and Linda Boyd
J. Gregory Boyer, B.S. '76, and Douglas Meekhof
Harry F.*, B.S. '42, and Helen B.* Buchenau
Anthony, B.S. ’71, and Donna Budde
John M. and Susan A. Burke
Ben, B.S. '02, and Katie Calcaterra
Terry, B.S. '81, and Barb Carlisle
Renato and Bette Cataldo
Michael J. and Elaine Collins
Mike and Lucie Convy
R. J. and Shirley R.* Cooper
Aubert Y., B.S. '53, M.S. '55, and Sandra Coran
Andrew J., Pharm.D. '08, and Erica F. (Pearce) Crannage
R. Matthew and Janet M. Creath
Mazen and Rula Darwazah
Donald V., B.S. '58, and Juanita Daschka
Joe, B.S. '00, and Angela, B.S. '97, Pharm.D. '98, Daugherty
Jack D.*, B.S. '56, and Sue Devine
Leonard S., B.S. '52, and Patricia Dino
Wendy Duncan and son, Sean Mount
James, B.S. '69, and Sharon Eisele
James E. Entrikin, B.S. '73
Anthony (Tony), B.S. '82, and Mary, B.S. '80, Esker
Harold*, B.S. '52, and Jessica Fadem
Ken and Martha Fleischmann
Alfred Fleishman*, Ph.G. '26
Alicia, B.S. '00, Pharm.D. '01, and Brian Forinash
Walter C. Forsber*, Ph.G. '30
Mack and Ann Gasaway III
Stuart M. Gethner, B.S. '87, and Stephanie Flaute
Kenneth L.*, B.S. '55, and Marcella* Gimmy
Louis and Lee Glaser
James F.*, B.S. '50, and Betty Glass
Sharon Glazer-Macey
Brenda L., B.S. '97, Pharm.D. '98, and Aaron T. Gleason
Catherine, B.S. '85, and Robert Goetz
Sidney*, B.S. '53, Phyllis and Robert, M.S. '99, Goldberg
Guenter*, B.S. '51, and Antoinette Goldsmith
Dennis R. Graue, B.S. '73
Joseph A. Greco, Sr., B.S. '52 and Kappa Psi Fraternity
Margaret C. and John* Grotpeter
Nabil A, B.S. '92, and Maha Hallak
Fred, B.S. '77, and Yvonne Halvachs
Ginger, B.S. '79, and Marty Hanley
Jill and Jeff Harter
Peter L., B.S. '82, and Elaine E. (Hinrichs), B.S. '86, Haynes
Dale, B.S. ’66, and Maureen Heise
William E.*, B.S. '52, and Delma Henderson
Jerome E., B.S. '59, and Judith A. Herberholt
Ronald T. and Patricia Hofmeister
Sheldon and Beth Holstad
Kristina L. (Schetter) Hueseman, B.S. '93
Paul M. Hueseman, B.S. '97, Pharm.D. '98
Guy E.* and Bobby S. Jester
Bernard H. Kahlmeyer*, B.S. '28
M. David*, B.S. '58, and Elaine M. Kammer
C. Vince, B.S. '69, and Tisha Kasiar
George T., B.S. '91, and Michelle M. (Benoit), B.S. '90, Katsiyiannis
David*, B.S. '52, and Dottie* Kean
Sid, B.S. '72, and Missy Kent
Elizabeth and Kyle Keserauskis
Richard and Kimberly Kilgore
Bret and Angie Kimes
Larry, B.S. '79, and Sandy Koesterer
Ransom N. Koppenbrink*, '30
Gerry, B.S. '75, and Vera LeClaire
Rich and Stacey Liekweg
Joseph G. and Joan B. Lipic
Marcus and Lisa Long
Mark W., B.S. '75, and Laura Ann, B.S. '76, Lotz
Eugene T.*, B.S. '43, and Myrtle Luning
Pam, B.S. '90, and Vincent Marshall
James H.* and Karen L.* Martin, Sr.
Michael R.*, B.S. '81, and Cynthia A. McConnell
Kenneth A., B.S. '54, and Gloria Michel
Ryan P. Moenster, B.S. '04, Pharm.D. '05
Wendell P., B.S. '61, and Lorraine Monyak
Everett W.*, B.S. '51, and Dorothy Moody
Paul A. Mozgola, B.S. '77
Michael R. Murbarger, B.S. '89
Timothy, B.S. '82, M.S. '94, and Lucy Murphy
R. Anthony Musick, B.S. '81
Barry J., B.S. '68, and Diane C. Naeger
Fred A. and Joan M. Nazzoli
Ruskin C.*, B.S. '41, and Karen Norman
Dwight and Bunny Nyberg
John O'Dwyer, B.S. '82
William C.*, B.S. '53, and Jean F.* Oris
William L. Owsley, Jr.*, B.S.'48
Elizabeth N. Parrish*
Gourang P., B.S. '00, Pharm.D. '01, and Zinal N. Patel
Mark A. and Cathryn Pilkington
Courtney*, B.S. '47, and Margaret* Pitkin
Patrick T. Potter, B.S. '65
Richard C.*, B.S. '51, and Helen* Pratt
John J., B.S. '74, and Kathy Preckshot
James E. Preston Jr., B.S. '84
Charles C.*, B.S. '39, and Martha Z.* Rabe
Nathan*, B.S. '24, and Diana* Rader
Gary and Colleen Reeve
Kim, B.S. '77, and Lisa Reichert
Amy, Pharm.D. '08, and Kyle, Pharm.D. '07, Rice
Sara K. Richter, Pharm.D. '12
Donald R., B.S. '71, and Sharen L. Rickert
Franklin G. Riemeier*
Adam T., Pharm.D. '06, and Jennifer N. (Williams), Pharm.D. '08, Riney
Dr. David J. and Linda Ritchie
Ellen R., B.S. '83, and Daniel Ritz
Sylvan*, B.S. '49, and Ruth Sandler
Michael and Pamela Sass
Louis A., B.S. '72, and Jacqueline Schlaefer
Brett T. and Kathleen M. Schott
Louis C.*, B.S. '52, M.S. '56, and Julann Schroeter
John H. Schulte III, B.S. '84
Bob, B.S. '61, and Sandi Schwartz
Michael and Susan Scully
Roberta Secrest, B.S. '76
Brian J., B.S. '97, Pharm.D. '98, and Kimberly D. (Holliday), B.S. '97, Pharm.D. '98, Seiz
Janelle, B.S. '98, Pharm.D. '99, and Vidal Sheen
Robert*, B.S. '63, and Patricia Shipley
Earl K. Shreckengast and Julia K. Muller
Zachary Stacy, B.S. '02, Pharm.D. '03
Sarah E. Greco Stieven, Pharm.D. '10, and John Stieven
Ann and Hillory* Still
Maurice E. Sullivan, B.S. '68
Christian, B.S. '96, Pharm.D. '97, and Kimberly Tadrus
Arnold S., B.S. '66, and Dotty Tepper
Salvatore F., B.S. '85, and Debra D. (Ray), B.S. '85, Tesoro
Ronald Glenn Thurman, B.S. '63*
Amy, B.S. '01, Pharm.D. '02, and Brian Tiemeier
Barrett Toan and Polly O'Brien
Alfonso J., B.S. '65, and Gay B. Tobia
Alvin O., B.S. '57, and Margaret A.* Tockstein
C. Alvin* and Mary G.* Tolin
Gary G. and Debra Torrence
Nancy Trebilcock
William and Yuh Tu
William H.*, B.S. '66, and Judith J. Verdine
Janene R. Verrant, B.S.  '98, Pharm. D. '99, and Josh Robertson
Larry and Gloria Vertrees
James A.*, B.S. '61, and Madelyn M. Visconti
Lee J. and Chris Waltemade
Margaret A. Weck and James G. Laing
Amy, B.S. '98, Pharm.D. '99, Weckman Conger and Chris Conger
Jodie Wehrman, B.S. '03
Alvin Werner, B.S. '52
Keith R., B.S. '71, and Nancy Nickel, B.S. '71, Wilhelm
Maurice, B.S. '51, and Sandra* Williams
Martin D. and Carole Wilson
Laura A., B.S. '85, and Robert Wolverton
William R., B.S. '71, M.S. '90, and Cynthia A. (Tostenson), M.S. '88, Wuller
Gregory P. and Mary P. Young
J. Peter and Patricia A. Zimmer
Thomas D. and Mary Lou Zlatic

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