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2019 Donor Honor Roll

University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis relies on the support of contributors to provide our students and faculty with an inclusive, supportive and enriching environment for growth, learning and leadership. If you included the University in your charitable giving last year, thank you! 

Contributions made between January 1 and December 31 are recognized below with designations indicating membership in the University's giving societies. Additionally, 2019 members of the University's Board of Trustees, Alumni Association Board of Directors, and faculty/staff are denoted. Gifts made by parents of current students and alumni are also recognized.

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Giving Levels

Mortar and Pestle Society
  • Associates Platinum - $10,000 and above
  • Associates Gold - $5,000-$9,999
  • Associates Silver - $2,500-$4,999
  • Associates Bronze - $1,000-$2,499
Annual Giving Clubs
  • Drams Club - $500-$999
  • Scruples Club - $250-$499
  • Grains Club - $100-$249
  • Patrons Club - $99 and below

2019 Donors

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Donors who wish to remain anonymous are not included in this list.


Stacey Abby, B.S. '96, Pharm.D. '97, Associates Bronze
Alechia Abioye, Scruples Club, Faculty and Staff
Randy Ackman, B.S. '80, Scruples Club
Debbie Adair, Grains Club
Kenneth Adair, Patrons Club
Justin Adams, Pharm.D. '19, Patrons Club
Michelle Adams, Grains Club, Parent
Ron Adams, B.S. '63, Grains Club
Stephanie Adler, Grains Club
Ngozi Agu, Patrons Club
Albert Aguirre, Patrons Club, Parent
Rodolfo Agustin, Grains Club, Parent
Kevin Aholt, B.S. '82, Grains Club
Mike Ainscough, B.S. '76, Grains Club
Idowu Ajibola, B.S. '91, Grains Club
Robert Alexander, B.S. '62, Scruples Club
Will Allanach, Grains Club, Parent
William Allanach, Grains Club
Shelby Allen, Pharm.D. '18, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Ursula Allison, Patrons Club
Leann Aloisi, Patrons Club
Jila Amerian-Williams, Grains Club, Parent
Nneka Anachebe, Patrons Club, Parent
Algren Anderson, B.S. '57, Grains Club, Parent
Chicago Anderson, Patrons Club
Dick Anderson, Associates Gold, Board of Trustees
Jerry Anderson, Grains Club, Parent
Joanne Anderson, B.S. '59, Grains Club, Parent
Ryan Anderson, Patrons Club
Vicki Anderson, Patrons Club
J Andrews, Patrons Club, Parent
Joseph Angeleri, Patrons Club, Parent
Chinelo Animalu, Patrons Club
Kent Argenta, B.S. '90, Grains Club
Anastasia Armbruster, Pharm.D. '09, Associates Silver, Faculty and Staff
Norma Armstrong, B.S. '85, Associates Bronze
Todd Armstrong, B.S. '85, Associates Bronze
Jane Arnold, Associates Bronze
Mary Ann Arnold, Patrons Club
Sheila Aton, B.S. '94, Pharm.D. '95, Patrons Club
Erica Atterberry, Patrons Club
Cindy Austin, Patrons Club
Rafik Awadallah, Patrons Club
Melissa Awalt, Patrons Club, Parent

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Rutendo Ba, Scruples Club, Parent
Staci Baer, Patrons Club
Bill Bailey, B.S. '89, Pharm.D. '90, Associates Bronze, Board of Trustees
Debra Bailey, Patrons Club, Parent
Blair Balk, B.S. '53, Grains Club
Robert Baniak, Patrons Club, Parent
Fairveola Banks, Patrons Club
Eric Barker, B.S. '88, Drams Club
John Barker, Grains Club
Loretta Barker, B.S. '90, Drams Club
Dawn Barnes, B.S. '82, Scruples Club
Jeff Barnes, B.S. '82, Scruples Club
Meredith Barnes, Associates Bronze, Parent
Carla Barrett, B.S. '92, Pharm.D. '93, Associates Bronze, Board of Directors
Kevin Barrier, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Christina Barrington, B.S. '90, Pharm.D. '91, Drams Club
Abraham Barth, Pharm.D. '15, Grains Club
Rick Bartlett, B.S. '92, Associates Bronze
Cara Bast, Pharm.D. '09, Patrons Club
Chris Bauer, B.S. '93, Patrons Club
Dan Bauer, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Tracy Baugh, Patrons Club
Debbie Baumann, B.S. '75, Patrons Club
Randy Baumgarth, Associates Silver
Janet Baur, B.S. '85, Grains Club
Ron Baur, B.S. '63, Grains Club
Paul Beahm, B.S. '85, Associates Bronze Board of Trustees
Denise Beale, Associates Bronze
John Beale, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Evey Becker-Meyer, B.S. '88, Pharm.D. '93, Grains Club, Faculty and Staff
Ronald Beckner, Grains Club, Parent
Bridgett Beene, Patrons Club
Stan Beiermann, B.S. '68, Grains Club
Sarah Beitler, Patrons Club
Judy Beizer, B.S. '80, Patrons Club
Myra Belgeri, B.S. '97, Pharm.D. '98, Patrons Club
Steve Benefiel, B.S. '73, Scruples Club
Adonna Bennett, Patrons Club
Sue Bernstein, B.S. '95, Patrons Club
Tricia Berry, B.S. '94, Pharm.D. '95, Associates Silver, Faculty and Staff
Margie Besing, B.S. '86, Associates Bronze
Robert Bialczak, Patrons Club
Amy Bias, Pharm.D. '08, Grains Club
Rhonda Bilger, B.S. '84, Grains Club, Faculty and Staff
Stephen Bird, Grains Club
Joann Bisto, B.S. '88, Grains Club
Jules Bivens, B.S. '00, Pharm.D. '01, Grains Club
Susan Bivins, Patrons Club
Greg Bland, Patrons Club
Brett Block, Patrons Club
Adam Bohn, Pharm.D. '11, Drams Club
Sandra Bollinger, Associates Silver
Jim Bollmeier, Associates Silver
Sue Bollmeier, B.S. '99, Pharm.D. '00, Associates Silver, Faculty and Staff
Andrea Booker, Patrons Club
Rebecca Boomsoverman, Scruples Club
Lisa Boone, Pharm.D. '17, Patrons Club
Lachelle Booth, Patrons Club
Jakub Borek, Pharm.D. '09, Patrons Club
Josh Boudeman, Pharm.D. '11, Scruples Club Board of Directors
John Bourrell, B.S. '89, Patrons Club
Brendan Bovaconti, Patrons Club
Ryan Boyd, Patrons Club
Greg Boyer, B.S. '76, Associates Bronze
Chad Bradley, Patrons Club
Douglas Bradley, Patrons Club
Nancy Brand, B.S. '78, Grains Club
Rosalie Brandsgard, Patrons Club
Tony Brandt, Patrons Club
Ron Brasel, B.S. '59, Patrons Club
Theresa Brawley, Grains Club
Skip Bray, Grains Club
Dennis Brennan, B.S. '82, Patrons Club
Brenda Brent, B.S. '94, Pharm.D. '95, Patrons Club
Lonnie Brent, B.S. '94, Pharm.D. '95, Patrons Club
Viola Breunig, Patrons Club
Joseph Bridges, B.S. '70, Scruples Club
Reggie Brisku, B.S. '18, Pharm.D. '21, Patrons Club
Darren Broeker, Patrons Club, Parent
Amy Broida-McDonough, B.S. '91, Patrons Club
Amie Brooks, B.S. '99, Pharm.D. '00, Drams Club, Faculty and Staff
Tonya Brooks, Patrons Club
Chris Brown, B.S. '95, Grains Club
Danny Brown, Grains Club
Dushawn Brown, Patrons Club
Eileen Brown, Grains Club
Janel Brown, B.S. '93, Pharm.D. '94, Grains Club
John Brown, Patrons Club
Paul Browning, Patrons Club
Bruce Brueggemann, B.S. '79, Patrons Club
Fred Brueggemann, B.S. '60, Associates Gold
Megan Bruenger, Patrons Club
Donna Bruner, Grains Club
Kristine Bryant, Drams Club, Faculty and Staff
Naomi Buchanan-Williams, B.S. '87, Grains Club
Ehren Bucholtz, Grains Club, Faculty and Staff
Tony Budde, B.S. '71, Associates Bronze
Jim Buford*, Associates Bronze, Board of Trustees
Kathryn Bui, Pharm.D. '17, Patrons Club
Gary Burgess, Patrons Club
Jack Burke, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Makenzie Burke, Pharm.D. '14, Patrons Club
Susan Burke, Associates Bronze
Ali Burkhardt, Grains Club
Krista Burkhardt, Patrons Club
Dale Burleson, Patrons Club
Adam Burling, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Yvonne Burnett, Scruples Club, Faculty and Staff
Sheryl Burris, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Tom Burris, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Laura Butkievich, Pharm.D. '06, Patrons Club
Isaac Butler, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Lakesha Butler, Associates Bronze
Darlene Butt, Grains Club
Scott Butt, Grains Club
Steven Butt, Grains Club, Parent
Tessa Butt, Pharm.D. '24, Patrons Club
Keith Byers, Grains Club
BJ Byland, Pharm.D. '15, Patrons Club

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Ben Calcaterra, B.S. '02, Patrons Club
Katie Calcaterra, Patrons Club
Dennis Callahan, B.S. '84, Patrons Club
Jerry Callahan, B.S. '75, Associates Platinum
Renee Callaway, Grains Club
Anthony Callier, Patrons Club, Parent
Steve Calloway, B.S. '78, Associates Silver
David Campbell, Patrons Club, Parent
Bruce Canaday, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Anna Cantlin, B.S. '82, Associates Platinum
Jack Cantlin, B.S. '82, Associates Platinum
John Cantlin, Drams Club
Adam Carey, Pharm.D. '14, Patrons Club
Emily Carroll, Pharm.D. '17, Patrons Club
Martha Carroll, Patrons Club
Stephanie Carroll, Patrons Club
Jerry Casperson, B.S. '77, Scruples Club
David Cauthon, B.S. '01, Grains Club
Kimberly Cauthon, B.S. '01, Grains Club
Ronald Caves, Patrons Club
Emil Cekada, Grains Club
Gary Ceretto, B.S. '76, Associates Bronze
Tawnee Chandler, Pharm.D. '19, Patrons Club
Stacy Chanski, Grains Club, Faculty and Staff
Ras Chereson, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Jetta Chiaventone, Patrons Club
Kathy Chilcutt, B.S. '76, Patrons Club
Paul Chilcutt, B.S. '75, Patrons Club
Jeffrey Chitwood, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Lauren Choi, Pharm.D. '19, Patrons Club
Sanjeev Chopra, B.S. '88, Patrons Club
Timonty Chow, Patrons Club
Florencio Cid, Grains Club
Nicole Clark, Patrons Club
Chris Clausen, B.S. '73, Patrons Club
Chris Clayton, Pharm.D. '18, Patrons Club
Steve Clement, B.S. '74, Associates Platinum
Brandi Clements, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Doug Cockrell, B.S. '00, Pharm.D. '01, Patrons Club, Parent
Jerry Cohen, B.S. '52, Grains Club, Parent
Morley Cohn, B.S. '62, Grains Club
Char Cole, B.S. '94, Patrons Club
Ray Coleman, Patrons Club
Kevin Colgan, B.S. '77, Associates Gold
Mary Colgan, B.S. '78, Associates Gold
Connie Combs, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Amber Compton, B.S. '89, Associates Bronze
Vanessa Conley, Patrons Club
Kem Conrad, Patrons Club
Gary Cooley, Patrons Club, Parent
Gene Cooper, B.S. '52, Patrons Club
Gwen Copeland, Patrons Club, Parent
Don Copple, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Aubie Coran, B.S. '53, M.S. '55, Associates Bronze
Abigail Cordia, Pharm.D. '19, Patrons Club
Erik Cornett, B.S. '97, Associates Bronze
Mario Coronado, Pharm.D. '16, Grains Club, Faculty and Staff
Deborah Costa, Patrons Club
Kilinyaa Cothran, B.S. '01, Associates Silver, Faculty and Staff
Candice Cotter, Patrons Club
Ramona Cotter, Grains Club
Carroll Cradock, Associates Silver
Andy Crannage, Pharm.D. '08, Grains Club, Faculty and Staff
Erica Crannage, Grains Club, Faculty and Staff
Armon Crawford, B.S. '63, Patrons Club
Erickah Crawford, Patrons Club
Ellen Crawley, Patrons Club
Markie Jo Crismon, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Stephanie Crist, Pharm.D. '11, Drams Club, Faculty and Staff

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Gary Dalin, B.S. '73, Scruples Club
Jake Dallas, Pharm.D. '11, Patrons Club
Al Dallavis, B.S. '67, Associates Bronze
Lois Daniels, Patrons Club
Christina Dao, B.S. '98, Pharm.D. '99, Grains Club
Dave Darden, B.S. '60, Associates Bronze
Andrea Daut, Pharm.D. '09, Patrons Club
Allison Davault, Pharm.D. '15, Grains Club
Pahroul Dave, Patrons Club
Andy Davis, B.S. '92, Patrons Club
Karen Davis, B.S. '92, Patrons Club
Beverly Dean, Patrons Club
Allison Deckard, B.S. '19, Pharm.D. '22, Patrons Club
Bonita Decker, B.S. '68, Grains Club
Stephanie Dehner, Grains Club
Liz Delp, Pharm.D. '18, Grains Club
Joe DeMattei, Pharm.D. '09, Patrons Club
Noreen Demonte, Grains Club
Stephanie Dennis, Patrons Club
Matthew Denny, Patrons Club
Raye Derickson, B.S. '82, Scruples Club, Parent
Amy DeWein, B.S. '89, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Joel Dickmann, B.S. '69, Grains Club
Shannon Dierker, B.S. '94, Patrons Club
Bonnie Dieterich, Grains Club
Grayson Dieterich, Patrons Club, Parent
Joni Diggins, Patrons Club
Jennifer Ding, Pharm.D. '14, Patrons Club
Nancy Dinges, B.S. '84, Patrons Club
Paul Dinges, B.S. '81, Patrons Club
Lan Dinh, B.S. '01, Pharm.D. '02, Grains Club
Tyler Dinkelaker, Pharm.D. '13, Associates Silver
Alexsis Diveney, Pharm.D. '13, Drams Club
Mary Alice Donaldson, B.S. '62, Patrons Club
Mary Donaldson, Patrons Club
Shelby Dorrell, Pharm.D. '17, Patrons Club
Dana Dorsey, Scruples Club, Parent
Eric Doty, Patrons Club
Don Doubek, B.S. '59, Scruples Club
Dana Douglass, Pharm.D. '14, Patrons Club
Downs Downs, Patrons Club, Parent
Dennis Doyle, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Dennis Drehkoff, B.S. '69, Drams Club
Brian Droege, Patrons Club, Parent
Tracy Dryer, B.S. '87, Patrons Club
Kevin Dudenhoeffer, Pharm.D. '09, Patrons Club
Kim Dufner, B.S. '98, Pharm.D. '99, Patrons Club
Deana Kay Dulle, Patrons Club
Brad Dunck, B.S. '70, Grains Club, Parent
Paula Dunlap, B.S. '77, Patrons Club
James Dunscomb, B.S. '69, Patrons Club
Vivian Dupuy, Grains Club
Waquime Durham, Grains Club, Parent
Donna Dye, Patrons Club

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Robin Earleywine, Patrons Club
Gary Eaton, Grains Club
Mark Eberhart, Patrons Club
Pam Ehlers, B.S. '69, Grains Club
Ed Eigelberger, B.S. '89, Patrons Club
Jim Eisele, B.S. '69, Grains Club
Annie Eisenbeis, Pharm.D. '14, Grains Club
Virginia Eken, Scruples Club
Angie Eldridge, Pharm.D. '09, Patrons Club
Brandon Eldridge, Pharm.D. '09, Patrons Club
Kevin Ellebrecht, Patrons Club, Parent
Heather Ellis, Pharm.D. '12, Patrons Club
Jim Entrikin, B.S. '73, Grains Club
Tom Ernst, Associates Bronze
Bob Eschbacher, B.S. '85, Associates Platinum, Parent
Gina Eschbacher, Associates Platinum, Parent
Nick Eschbacher, Pharm.D. '14, Grains Club
Jerry Esker, B.S. '82, Scruples Club
Tony Esker, B.S. '82, Associates Bronze
Lisa Evans, Patrons Club, Parent
Nina Evans, B.S. '79, Associates Bronze
Pat Evans, B.S. '78, Associates Bronze
Richard Evans, Patrons Club, Parent
Njideka Ezenwa-Eke, Patrons Club, Parent

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Carl Fadler, Patrons Club
Lynn Fallert, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Del Fanning, B.S. '80, Grains Club
Teresa Fanning, B.S. '80, Grains Club
Alyssa Farbak, Pharm.D. '18, Patrons Club
Misty Farr, Pharm.D. '10, Associates Bronze Board of Directors
Brigid Farrar, Pharm.D. '14, Associates Bronze
Nick Farrar, Pharm.D. '14, Associates Bronze
Alexa Faulkner, Pharm.D. '17, Grains Club
Dan Fechte, Patrons Club
Danny Fechte, Patrons Club, Parent
Hilda Feese, Grains Club
Lewis Feese, Grains Club, Parent
Beverly Feine, Grains Club
Kimberly Feine, Patrons Club
Taylor Ferguson, Patrons Club
Spencer Fienup, B.S. '79, Patrons Club, Parent
Edward Fink, Patrons Club
Patrick Finnegan, B.S. '02, Pharm.D. '03, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Aaron Fish, Patrons Club, Parent
Matthew Fisher, Patrons Club
Jamie Fitzgerald, B.S. '90, Grains Club
Pat Fitzgerald, B.S. '90, Grains Club
Heather Flabiano, Grains Club, Faculty and Staff
Ken Fleischmann, Associates Silver, Faculty and Staff
Bob Flynn, B.S. '66, Associates Silver
Joyce Fogleman, B.S. '82, Associates Platinum
Karen Folwarski, B.S. '78, Grains Club
Thomas Folwarski, B.S. '77, Grains Club
Alicia Forinash, B.S. '00, Pharm.D. '01, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Brian Forinash, Associates Bronze
Gene Forrester, B.S. '74, Associates Bronze
Brian Foster, Scruples Club, Board of Trustees
Katie Foster, Pharm.D. '09, Patrons Club
Abby Fox, Pharm.D. '09, Patrons Club
Dainielle Fox, Pharm.D. '16, Grains Club
Rodney Franey, B.S. '89, Pharm.D. '90, Grains Club
Erin Frankford, B.S. '00, Pharm.D. '01, Patrons Club
Jo Ann Franko, Patrons Club
Frank Frawley, Patrons Club
Brody Frederick, Pharm.D. '19, Patrons Club
Tycho Fredericks, Patrons Club
Stephen Freidin, B.S. '66, Associates Silver
Heather French, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Becky Frieda, B.S. '04, Pharm.D. '05, Patrons Club
Eric Frostestad, Patrons Club, Parent
Chris Fuchs, Pharm.D. '15, Associates Bronze
Sarah Fuchs, Pharm.D. '15, Associates Bronze
Valerie Funk, Patrons Club

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Bill Gaffin, Associates Bronze
Donna Gaffin, Drams Club
Andy Galakatos, B.S. '60, Associates Platinum
Brad Galli, B.S. '88, Drams Club
Sherry Galloway, B.S. '83, Grains Club
Jill Gandy, Grains Club
Kelly Gandy, Patrons Club
Pamela Gandy, Patrons Club
Kathy Gardner, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Almyra Gargus, Patrons Club
Claire Garner, B.S. '85, Grains Club
Justin Garus, Patrons Club, Parent
Beth Gasparovic, Patrons Club
Fred Gattas, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Nicole Gattas, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Jill Gebke, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Cynthia Gelsthorpe, B.S. '69, Grains Club
Jim Gerren, Grains Club
Kathleen Gerth, Grains Club
Paul Gerth, Grains Club
Stuart Gethner, B.S. '87, Scruples Club
Andrea Gilb, Pharm.D. '14, Grains Club
Ryan Gilb, Pharm.D. '12, Grains Club
Amy Gill, B.S. '01, Associates Silver
Derrick Gill, Grains Club, Parent
Nabeela Gill, B.S. '97, Pharm.D. '98, Associates Bronze
Francine Gilliam, Patrons Club
Ken Gimmy, B.S. '55, Associates Bronze
Tom Ginther, B.S. '69, Patrons Club
Barb Gist, Grains Club, Faculty and Staff
Chrissi Glastetter, B.S. '04, Pharm.D. '05, Scruples Club, Board of Directors
Sharon Glazer-Macey, Associates Bronze
Brenda Gleason, B.S. '97, Pharm.D. '98, Drams Club, Faculty and Staff
Ashley Glockner, Pharm.D. '14, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Arthur Goering, Grains Club
Merlynne Goff, Patrons Club
Grace Gomes, Pharm.D. '18, Patrons Club
Kenneth Goodman, B.S. '65, Patrons Club
William Gossman, Patrons Club
Tina Grace, Scruples Club
Margaret Graham, Patrons Club
Chris Grass, B.S. '83, Scruples Club
Mike Gravatt, B.S. '86, Patrons Club
Rose Gravatt, B.S. '88, Patrons Club
Melissa Graves, B.S. '97, Patrons Club
Chris Gray, Grains Club
Jordan Gray, Patrons Club
Kara Gray, Patrons Club
Dave Grear, B.S. '69, Patrons Club
Mark Greatting, B.S. '81, Drams Club
Joe Greco, B.S. '52, Associates Bronze
Ronald Green, Patrons Club
David Greenman, Grains Club
Erica Greenwood, Pharm.D. '14, Patrons Club
Kristine Griffett, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Emily Griffin, Pharm.D. '09, Patrons Club
Ed Griffith, B.S. '80, Associates Bronze
Kim Griffith, B.S. '80, Associates Bronze
Martin Grigorian, Patrons Club, Parent
Elaine Grimes, B.S. '83, Grains Club
James Grisham, B.S. '57, Grains Club
Roy Grooms, B.S. '77, Scruples Club
Nina Gross, Associates Bronze
Rene Grunow, Patrons Club
Andrea Guimaraes, Grains Club, Faculty and Staff
Mike Guithues, Pharm.D. '10, Associates Bronze
Dwain Gulley, Patrons Club, Parent
Andrew Gustin, B.S. '03, Scruples Club
Bill Guth, B.S. '63, Patrons Club
Justinne Guyton, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff

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Don Haas, Patrons Club
Marilyn Haberle, Associates Gold
Jeanette Haege, Patrons Club
Rachel Hagemann, B.S. '95, Patrons Club
Don Hagen, B.S. '65, Associates Silver
Pat Hagen, Associates Silver
Mr. Hagenston, Grains Club
David Hagman, Patrons Club
Steven Hagman, Patrons Club
John Hall, Patrons Club
Fred Halvachs, B.S. '77, Associates Bronze
Jessica Halvorson, Pharm.D. '09, Patrons Club
Maram Hamdan, B.S. '19, Pharm.D. '22, Patrons Club
Clarissa Hammons, Patrons Club
Kami Hancock, Scruples Club, Faculty and Staff
Ginger Hanley, B.S. '79, Associates Bronze
Bruce Hanratty, Patrons Club
Jeffrey Hansmann, Patrons Club
Ronald Hansmann, Patrons Club
Glenda Hares, Patrons Club
Kathleen Harget, Patrons Club
Jim Harmon, B.S. '85, Patrons Club
Patrick Harper, Pharm.D. '10, Associates Bronze
Don Harre, Grains Club
Kelly Harre, Patrons Club
Nathan Harre, Patrons Club
Scott Harre, Grains Club
Linda Harris, Grains Club
William Harris, Grains Club
Jill Harter, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Chris Hartlieb, Patrons Club
Gene Hatcher, B.S. '59, Grains Club, Parent
Barb Hauck, B.S. '83, Patrons Club
Steve Hausmann, Patrons Club
Sonya Hawkins, Pharm.D. '09, Patrons Club
Starlin Haydon-Greatting, B.S. '81, Drams Club
Stephanie Hayes, B.S. '93, Patrons Club
Elaine Haynes, B.S. '86, Associates Bronze
Peter Haynes, B.S. '82, Associates Bronze
Cassidy Hays, B.S. '19, Pharm.D. '22, Patrons Club
Steve Hebel, B.S. '84, Associates Silver
Sue Hebel, Associates Bronze
Jeff Heinie, B.S. '89, Patrons Club
Dale Heise, B.S. '66, Associates Bronze
Charles Heitholt, B.S. '79, Grains Club
Dennis Helling, B.S. '71, Scruples Club
Nicole Helsinger, Pharm.D. '12, Grains Club, Faculty and Staff
Rande Hempen, B.S. '96, Pharm.D. '97, Associates Bronze, Board of Directors, Parent
Derek Henke, Patrons Club
Joel Hennenfent, B.S. '96, Pharm.D. '97, Scruples Club
Kristin Hennenfent, Scruples Club
Erin Hennessey, Pharm.D. '11, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Adrienne Henry, Patrons Club
Erin Henry, Patrons Club
Briana Hepfinger, Grains Club, Faculty and Staff
Lynn Herling, B.S. '94, Patrons Club
Chris Herndon, B.S. '97, Pharm.D. '98, Patrons Club
Edward Herter, B.S. '70, Grains Club
Sue Hiatt, Patrons Club
Tara Hippe, B.S. '80, Grains Club
Edward Hirschl, Patrons Club
Larry Hodson, Patrons Club
Dan Hoehn, Patrons Club
Katherine Hoehn, Patrons Club
Corey Hoelscher, Patrons Club
Bob Hoepner, B.S. '95, Patrons Club
Cindy Hoffman, Grains Club
Joel Hoffman, Patrons Club
Ron Hofmeister, Patrons Club
Mike Hogan, Associates Bronze
Kimberly Holdenrid, Patrons Club
Joseph Hollman, Patrons Club
Dora Hollon, Patrons Club
Allen Holloway, B.S. '58, Grains Club, Parent
Anthony Holmes, B.S. '99, Pharm.D. '00, Associates Bronze
Kendra Holmes, B.S. '99, Pharm.D. '00, Associates Bronze, Board of Trustees
Sheldon Holstad, Associates Bronze
Stephen Holt, Grains Club
Ellie Holtman, Pharm.D. '17, Patrons Club
Angela Holton, Pharm.D. '09, Patrons Club
Norma Holtz, B.S. '94, Patrons Club
Helen Hong, Pharm.D. '18, Patrons Club
Jin Hong, Pharm.D. '09, Grains Club
Shana Hong, Pharm.D. '12, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Sarah Hopkins, Pharm.D. '06, Patrons Club
Krista Hopper, Scruples Club
Ray Hosek, B.S. '75, Patrons Club
Jimmy Houpt, Pharm.D. '09, Patrons Club
Angie Houston, B.S. '98, Patrons Club
Lisa Howard, Patrons Club
Quenci Howell, Pharm.D. '18, Patrons Club
Jerry Hu, Pharm.D. '17, Patrons Club
Kimberly Huber, Patrons Club
Mark Hubert, Patrons Club, Parent
Scott Huch, Patrons Club
Pete Hueseman, B.S. '73, Associates Platinum, Parent
Ann Hughes, M.S. '91, Grains Club
Jonathan Hunn, Grains Club, Parent
Lois Hunsaker, B.S. '74, Patrons Club
Tom Hunt, B.S. '80, Associates Gold
Peter Hurd, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff

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Dan Ilges, Pharm.D. '19, Patrons Club
Richard Irby, Patrons Club
Earlette Isbell, Patrons Club
Eva Isbell, Grains Club
Rick Izard, B.S. '77, Grains Club

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Jennifer Jabben, Pharm.D. '20, Grains Club
Gene Jackson, Patrons Club
Bob Jaeger, B.S. '69, Patrons Club
Richard Januszyk, B.S. '69, Patrons Club
Wanna Janwatanagool, B.S. '97, Pharm.D. '98, Grains Club, Parent
Amy Jaworski, Patrons Club
Joe Jennings, Pharm.D. '13, Associates Bronze
Gregory Jensen, Patrons Club
Jason Jensen, Associates Bronze
Barb Jesme, B.S. '90, Associates Bronze
Lepakshi Jilakara, Patrons Club, Parent
Rhonda Jockisch, B.S. '92, Patrons Club
Bekkah Johnson, Pharm.D. '16, Grains Club
John Johnson, B.S. '79, Patrons Club
Melanie Johnson, Patrons Club
Don Johnston, B.S. '80, Drams Club
Eric Johnston, B.S. '19, Pharm.D. '22, Drams Club
Elissa Jones, Pharm.D. '10, Patrons Club
James Jones, Patrons Club
Rebecca Jones, Scruples Club, Faculty and Staff
Steven Jones, Pharm.D. '15, Patrons Club
Paul Juang, Grains Club, Faculty and Staff
Stan Jurgens*, B.S. '62, Grains Club

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Michelle Kalis, Grains Club
Walter Kam, B.S. '55, M.S. '56, Associates Silver
Richard Kapusniak, Patrons Club
Ismar Karadzic, Pharm.D. '10, Patrons Club
Bruce Karaffa, B.S. '71, Patrons Club
Washington Karigambe, Patrons Club
Kelly Karsky, Patrons Club
Jason Kasiar, B.S. '95, Associates Bronze
Brian Kasting, Patrons Club
Catherine Kasting, Patrons Club
Jill Kasting, B.S. '98, Patrons Club
George Katsiyiannis, B.S. '91, Grains Club
Michelle Katsiyiannis, B.S. '90, Grains Club
Ellen Katz, Associates Bronze
Maggie Kavanaugh, Pharm.D. '09, Patrons Club
Chad Kay, Pharm.D. '11, Grains Club
Sarah Kay, Pharm.D. '11, Grains Club
Beth Ann Keener, B.S. '82, Grains Club
John Keener, B.S. '81, Grains Club
Ginger Kehrer, Patrons Club
Gary Keifer, B.S. '69, Patrons Club
Lowern Keirn, Grains Club
Brittney Keller, Pharm.D. '15, Patrons Club
Brian Kelley, Pharm.D. '11, Grains Club
Megan Kelly, Patrons Club
Jerry Kemp, B.S. '86, Patrons Club
Julie Kemp, B.S. '88, Patrons Club
Janice Kemper, Associates Bronze
Jennifer Kemp-Oestreich, B.S. '92, Pharm.D. '93, Associates Silver
Jerry Kennedy, Scruples Club, Parent
Marilyn Kennedy, Patrons Club
Rich Kennedy, B.S. '75, Grains Club
Gil Kennon, Patrons Club
Beth Keserauskis, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Ryan Kight, Patrons Club
Kim Kilgore, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Rich Kilgore, Associates Bronze
Ron Killion, B.S. '75, Patrons Club
Larry Kimbel, B.S. '62, Scruples Club, Parent
Jayme King, Pharm.D. '15, Grains Club
Karen King, Patrons Club
Roscoe Kinkead, B.S. '52, Scruples Club, Parent
Jeff Kinnikin, Grains Club, Parent
Carol Kirk, Drams Club
Craig Kirk, Scruples Club, Parent
Ken Kirk, Drams Club, Faculty and Staff
Elisha Kirkpatrick, B.S. '90, Patrons Club
Jennifer Klein, Patrons Club
Anna Kleinlein, Patrons Club
Laura Klos, Grains Club, Faculty and Staff
Sarah Klucker, Drams Club, Faculty and Staff
Ronald Klutho, Patrons Club
Eric Knoll, Drams Club, Faculty and Staff
Michelle Knudson, Pharm.D. '14, Grains Club
Tyler Knudson, Pharm.D. '13, Grains Club
Bill Knussmann, Grains Club
Tim Koch, B.S. '95, Associates Bronze
Wendy Koelling, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Madison Kolvek, Patrons Club
Sherrill Kolvek, Patrons Club
Dave Komor, B.S. '89, Patrons Club
Nancy Konieczny, B.S. '77, Associates Silver
Michelle Kraintz, Patrons Club
David Kramer, Patrons Club, Parent
Carolyn Krauss, Grains Club
Keagan Kristoff, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Kenneth Kroll, Patrons Club
Helen Krull, B.S. '78, Grains Club
Jim Krull, B.S. '80, Patrons Club
Bruce Krummenacher, Patrons Club
Jodie Kujawa, Patrons Club
James Kump, Grains Club, Parent
Lori Kump, Patrons Club, Parent
Alvin Kutner, Patrons Club
Susan Kutner, Patrons Club

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Kaitlyn LaBoube, Pharm.D. '17, Patrons Club
Jordan Lacy, Patrons Club
John Lagrippe, Patrons Club
Jon Lakamp, B.S. '94, Pharm.D. '95, Associates Bronze
Rita Lakamp, B.S. '95, Pharm.D. '96, Associates Bronze
Joshua Lam, Grains Club
Jacqueline Lamb, Patrons Club
Tara Lamb, Patrons Club
Kevin Lambert, Patrons Club
Jack Lampert, Grains Club
Barbara Landrum, Scruples Club
James Landrum, Grains Club, Parent
Debbie Lang, Patrons Club
Emily Lapreze, Patrons Club
Mark Larriba, Patrons Club
Therese Lathrop, Patrons Club, Parent
Amber Lawrence, Pharm.D. '18, Patrons Club
Michael Lawrence, Patrons Club
L.J. Lawson, B.S. '04, Pharm.D. '05, Patrons Club
Xuan Le, Patrons Club, Parent
Hayley Leake, Patrons Club
Melanie Leaman, Grains Club
Gerry LeClaire, B.S. '75, Associates Bronze
Ann Lee, Patrons Club
Arlene Lee, B.S. '92, Pharm.D. '93, Associates Bronze
John Lee, Scruples Club
Miriam Lee, Patrons Club
Nick LeGrand, Pharm.D. '18, Scruples Club
Amanda Lehn, Pharm.D. '14, Patrons Club
Patricia Leirn, Patrons Club
Antonina Leon, Patrons Club
Doug Lesan, B.S. '78, Grains Club
JoAnne Levy, Associates Bronze, Board of Trustees
Dave Lewis, B.S. '71, Drams Club
Al Li, Associates Bronze, Board of Trustees
Rich Liekweg, Patrons Club
Sue Lindemann, B.S. '89, Patrons Club
Betty Lindhorst, Patrons Club
Konrad Lindner, Grains Club, Parent
Jeffrey Little, Patrons Club
Becky Lizcano, B.S. '88, Grains Club
John Lloyd, Patrons Club
Rich Lloyd, Patrons Club
Aaron Lober, Pharm.D. '16, Drams Club
Eddie Lockridge, Patrons Club
Josh Loesche, Pharm.D. '16, Associates Bronze
Peter LoGrasso, B.S. '63, Patrons Club
David Loiacono, B.S. '86, Scruples Club
Wayne Loida, B.S. '62, Patrons Club
Michael Long, Patrons Club
Pamela Lopez, Patrons Club
Laura Lotz, B.S. '76, Scruples Club
Mark Lotz, B.S. '75, Scruples Club
Dave Lourwood, B.S. '79, Patrons Club
John Love, Pharm.D. '15, Associates Bronze
Kelsey Love, Pharm.D. '16, Associates Bronze
Tara Lubahn, Patrons Club
Brooke Lucas, Pharm.D. '19, Patrons Club
James Luebker, Patrons Club
Dennis Luecke, Patrons Club
Mark Luer, B.S. '89, Pharm.D. '90, Patrons Club
Glenn Lumpkins, B.S. '69, Patrons Club
Justin Lusk, Pharm.D. '07, Associates Silver
Kathleen Lusk, Pharm.D. '10, Associates Silver
Kim Ly, Pharm.D. '09, Patrons Club
Patricia Lyerla, Patrons Club

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Bill Macey, Associates Bronze
John Machens, B.S. '69, Patrons Club
Mike Maddux, Associates Gold
Susan Maddux, Associates Gold
Kayla Madison, Pharm.D. '19, Patrons Club
Bryan Madrid, Patrons Club
Betty Magers, Grains Club
Leonard Magers, B.S. '80, Patrons Club
Mary Magers, Patrons Club
Marina Maguire, Pharm.D. '19, Patrons Club
David Mahfood, B.S. '76, Grains Club
Snezana Mahon, Pharm.D. '08, Grains Club
Stephanie Maines, Patrons Club
Alan Mak, Pharm.D. '19, Scruples Club
Brian Mann, Pharm.D. '06, Associates Bronze
Haley Mann, Pharm.D. '15, Grains Club
Janelle Mann, Pharm.D. '09, Associates Bronze
Judith Mann, Grains Club
Kory Mann, Grains Club, Parent
Kristyn Manning, B.S. '94, Patrons Club
John Mansfield, B.S. '80, Drams Club
Peggy Mansfield, B.S. '86, Associates Bronze
Ronald Marchlewski, B.S. '59, Grains Club
Dave Marcus, B.S. '75, Patrons Club
Matea Markovic, B.S. '18, Pharm.D. '21, Patrons Club
Pam Marshall, B.S. '90, Associates Bronze, Parent
Barbara Martens, Patrons Club
Jack Martens, Patrons Club
Jack Martin, B.S. '70, Patrons Club
Janice Martin, B.S. '81, Grains Club
Larry Martin, B.S. '69, Patrons Club
Lauren Martin, Patrons Club
Mike Martz, B.S. '75, Grains Club
Jodi Maslin, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Cheryl Maslouski, B.S. '94, Pharm.D. '95, Patrons Club
Maria Massey, B.S. '88, Patrons Club
Donna Masson, Patrons Club
Peggy Mateski, Patrons Club
Steven Mattli, Scruples Club
Bill Mattson, Associates Bronze
Margaret Mauney, Grains Club
Chris Maurer, B.S. '84, Grains Club
Stephanie Mauzy, Grains Club, Faculty and Staff
Adam Maxwell, Grains Club
Mark Maxwell, B.S. '83, Grains Club
Kyle McBrain, Patrons Club
Kevin McBride, Pharm.D. '06, Grains Club
Nicole McBride, Pharm.D. '07, Grains Club
Brett McCabe, Grains Club
Melanie McCall, Associates Bronze
Richard McCall, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Jim McCalpin, B.S. '56, Drams Club
Alvin Mccauley, Grains Club
Ryan McCord, Patrons Club
Terry McCord, Grains Club, Parent
Dustin McDougall, Drams Club
Helena McGettigan, B.S. '97, Patrons Club
Liliana McGrew, Grains Club
Ronald McKechan, Associates Bronze, Parent
Julie McLain, Patrons Club, Parent
William McLain, B.S. '66, Grains Club
Kayla McLeod, Pharm.D. '09, Patrons Club
Linda McMurrin, Patrons Club
Kevin Mecklenburg, B.S. '96, Pharm.D. '97, Patrons Club
Christian Meinhardt, Patrons Club, Parent
Julia Mense, B.S. '90, M.S. '91, Patrons Club
Dennis Mensinger, B.S. '66, M.S. '92, Scruples Club
Christopher Mentzer, Patrons Club
Tracy Mentzer, Grains Club
Alton Mercer, Patrons Club
Shayne Mercier, Patrons Club
Sally Metz, Patrons Club
John Metzger, B.S. '76, Drams Club, Parent
Earl Meyer, B.S. '56, Associates Bronze
Gary Meyer, B.S. '74, Grains Club
Tom Meyer, B.S. '71, Associates Bronze
Ken Michel, B.S. '54, Grains Club
Robin Mihalevich, B.S. '79, Drams Club
Debbie Mikkelson, Patrons Club
Christine Milewski, Pharm.D. '14, Patrons Club
Kent Milford, Patrons Club
Loay Milibari, Pharm.D. '18, Grains Club
David Miller, Patrons Club
Debbie Miller, B.S. '89, Patrons Club
Debra Miller, Grains Club
Jack Miller, B.S. '62, Drams Club
Kara Miller, Patrons Club
Megan Miller, Pharm.D. '19, Patrons Club
Walt Miller, B.S. '59, Associates Bronze
Jordan Millham, Pharm.D. '08, Patrons Club, Board of Directors
Diana Minor, Patrons Club
Jenelyn Miranda, Patrons Club
Ileane Mizes, Associates Silver
Margie Mizes, Grains Club
Nathan Moehring, Pharm.D. '17, Patrons Club
Ryan Moenster, B.S. '04, Pharm.D. '05, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Janice Moldenhauer, B.S. '79, Patrons Club
Markus Moncrief, Patrons Club
Cherylou Montefalcon, Patrons Club
Ruth Montgomery, Grains Club
Wendell Monyak, B.S. '61, Grains Club
Joshua Moody, Grains Club, Faculty and Staff
Clinton Moor, Patrons Club
Michael Moore, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Guisla Morales, Patrons Club
Phylliss Moret, B.S. '72, Scruples Club
Brian Morgan, Patrons Club, Parent
Don Morgan, Grains Club, Parent
Holly Morgan, Patrons Club
Louise Morgan, Patrons Club, Parent
Kelly Morrell, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Dana Morrone, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Mary Moser, Pharm.D. '14, Associates Bronze
Zach Moser, Pharm.D. '14, Associates Bronze
Jeanne Moss, B.S. '69, Patrons Club
Rachel Moylan, Grains Club
Tim Moylan, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Paul Mozgola, B.S. '77, Associates Bronze
Linda Mueller, Scruples Club, Faculty and Staff
Mike Mueller, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Jill Mukushina, Patrons Club
Dick Mulcahy, B.S. '60, Scruples Club, Parent
John Mullins, B.S. '74, Patrons Club
Darryl Munden, Associates Bronze, Board of Trustees
David Murphy, Drams Club
Tim Murphy, B.S. '82, M.S. '94, Associates Silver, Parent
Meghan Murray, Patrons Club
Erik Muser, B.S. '95, Pharm.D. '96, Patrons Club
Lori Muser, Patrons Club
Zak Mussig, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Carol Muzzarelli, B.S. '67, Patrons Club
Ray Muzzarelli, B.S. '67, Patrons Club
Delanya Myers, Patrons Club
Eleanor Myers, Patrons Club
Reita Myers, Patrons Club

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Robyn Nading, Pharm.D. '15, Grains Club
Florence Nagy, Patrons Club
Kristine Nakutis, Patrons Club
Tara Nale, Patrons Club
Sara Needles, Patrons Club
James Neeman, Patrons Club, Parent
Eric Nelson, B.S. '88, Patrons Club
Lesli Nelson, Patrons Club
Seth Nelson, Pharm.D. '16, Drams Club
Shanell Nettles, Pharm.D. '16, Patrons Club
Elizabeth Neuner, Pharm.D. '06, Patrons Club
Deborra Neupert, B.S. '77, Grains Club
Abigail Newman, Pharm.D. '19, Patrons Club
Gordon Ng, Patrons Club
Amy Nguyen, B.S. '99, Pharm.D. '00, Patrons Club
Mark Nicholas, Patrons Club, Parent
Carissa Nichols, Patrons Club, Parent
Cliff Nichols, B.S. '78, Grains Club
Kathy Nichols, Patrons Club
Mickie Nichols, B.S. '78, Grains Club
Kevin Niedbalski, Pharm.D. '13, Patrons Club
Kristen Niedbalski, Pharm.D. '07, Patrons Club
Alan Nobbe, B.S. '77, Patrons Club, Parent
Rachel Noblitt, Patrons Club
David Norman, B.S. '67, Associates Silver
Beverly Notestine, B.S. '69, Drams Club
Paul Nourie, Patrons Club
Mary Nziramasanga, Grains Club
Rutendo Nziramasanga, Grains Club

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Julie O'Brien, Patrons Club
George Oestreich, Associates Silver
Marcella Oldani, Grains Club
Tony Olsen, Pharm.D. '08, Grains Club
Mario Ontiveros, Patrons Club
Adaku Onukogu, Patrons Club
Corrie Opolka, Pharm.D. '17, Patrons Club
Kelly Oppe, Grains Club
Jessica Ordonez, Patrons Club
Jeramia Ory, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Becky Osbourn, Associates Platinum
Fred Ostrowski, B.S. '64, Drams Club
Jason Ottensmeyer, Patrons Club
Maryam Ouechani, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Taylor Overman, Patrons Club
John Owens, Patrons Club
Leonard Owens, Patrons Club

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Lauren Palmier, Pharm.D. '14, Grains Club, Board of Directors, Faculty and Staff
Michele Panozzo, B.S. '89, Patrons Club
Lendell Panzier, Associates Bronze
Mindy Panzier, Associates Bronze
Atit Parikh, Pharm.D. '16, Patrons Club
Monica Parikh, Pharm.D. '16, Patrons Club
John Park, Pharm.D. '19, Scruples Club
Alicia Pate, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Dipali Patel, Patrons Club
Gourang Patel, B.S. '00, Pharm.D. '01, Associates Bronze, Board of Directors
Jaimin Patel, Pharm.D. '13, Grains Club Board of Directors
Mandy Patel, Pharm.D. '09, Patrons Club
Sarang Patel, B.S. '02, Pharm.D. '03, Grains Club
Shefali Patel, Pharm.D. '14, Grains Club
Sonalie Patel, Pharm.D. '15, Grains Club
Joyce Patrico, Patrons Club
Jamie Patterson, Grains Club
Jordan Patterson, Patrons Club
Patricia Patterson, Grains Club
Scott Patterson, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Heather Pautler, Pharm.D. '12, Grains Club
Laura Pawlak, B.S. '92, Patrons Club
Chris Payne, Drams Club, Faculty and Staff
Katie Payne, Drams Club, Faculty and Staff
Mark Pearlstone, Grains Club
William Peppard, B.S. '02, Pharm.D. '03, Grains Club
Art Perry, B.S. '72, Associates Bronze
Goldie Peters, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
George Peterson, Grains Club
Lori Peterson, Patrons Club
David Petry, Grains Club
Denny Pezzani, B.S. '69, Patrons Club
Roger Pfister, B.S. '75, Scruples Club
Dan Pfyl, Grains Club, Parent
David Pfyl, Patrons Club
Debbie Pfyl, Patrons Club
Debie Pfyl, Patrons Club
Drew Pfyl, Patrons Club
Vincent Piazza, Grains Club, Faculty and Staff
John Pieper, Associates Platinum, Faculty and Staff
Cynthia Pikey, B.S. '98, Pharm.D. '99, Patrons Club
Max Pinkus, B.S. '69, Patrons Club
Wayne Piotrowski, B.S. '84, Scruples Club
Christy Pirok, Patrons Club
Bob Ploussard, B.S. '51, Grains Club
Sidney Polin, B.S. '54, Grains Club
Kaitlyne Pollard, Patrons Club
Christopher Polston, Pharm.D. '18, Patrons Club
Jeff Pomeroy, Patrons Club
Pat Potter, B.S. '65, Associates Bronze
Bryan Pour, Pharm.D. '16, Patrons Club
Jessica Pour, Pharm.D. '09, Patrons Club
Heather Powell, Pharm.D. '15, Patrons Club
Jordan Powell, Pharm.D. '15, Patrons Club
Brian Praechter, Patrons Club
Robert Praechter, Patrons Club
Ally Prather, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Genevieve Pratt, Patrons Club
Jim Preston, B.S. '84, Grains Club
John Price, B.S. '68, Grains Club
Eric Priggel, Patrons Club
Mark Prosser, Associates Bronze
Theresa Prosser, Associates Gold, Faculty and Staff
Kelli Prost, Pharm.D. '19, Patrons Club
Jane Pruemer, B.S. '80, Grains Club
Mike Pruett, B.S. '81, Patrons Club
Darrin Pruitt, Patrons Club
Alfreda Pulley, B.S. '87, Drams Club
Tina Purcell, Pharm.D. '06, Scruples Club

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Eladio Quinones, B.S. '73, Scruples Club
Paul Quirin, Patrons Club, Parent

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Harlan Radinsky, B.S. '55, Patrons Club, Parent
Sergei Radomyslsky, Patrons Club, Parent
Pat Rafferty, Scruples Club, Faculty and Staff
Myranda Rakers, Patrons Club
Victoria Rakestraw, Patrons Club
Paul Ray, B.S. '74, Patrons Club
Bill Reed, B.S. '67, Associates Silver
Amy Reese, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Janean Rehkemper, Patrons Club
Rick Reich, Grains Club, Parent
Kim Reichert, B.S. '77, Associates Bronze
Denise Renee, Grains Club
Diana Renken, B.S. '94, Pharm.D. '95, Patrons Club, Parent
Cassady Reno, Pharm.D. '24, Patrons Club
Curtis Reno, Patrons Club, Parent
Christina Renz, Drams Club, Faculty and Staff
John Resch, B.S. '71, Patrons Club
Cynthia Reyes, Grains Club
Kayla Reynolds, Scruples Club, Faculty and Staff
Pam Reynolds, B.S. '72, Associates Silver, Parent
Ehab Rezk, Grains Club, Parent
Amy Rice, Pharm.D. '08, Grains Club
Kyle Rice, Pharm.D. '07, Grains Club
Robin Rice, B.S. '83, Scruples Club
Tim Rice, B.S. '83, Scruples Club
Clifford Rich, Pharm.D. '11, Patrons Club
Elaine Rich, B.S. '77, Grains Club
Ann Richards, Patrons Club
Terry Richars, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Gary Richter, Patrons Club, Parent
Mark Richter, B.S. '80, Drams Club
Sara Richter, Pharm.D. '12, Associates Bronze, Board of Directors, Faculty and Staff
Gary Riley, B.S. '01, Grains Club, Parent
Maggie Riley, Pharm.D. '14, Grains Club
Courtney Rippeto, Pharm.D. '14, Grains Club, Faculty and Staff
Dave Ritchie, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff, Parent
Ellen Ritz, B.S. '83, Associates Bronze
Michelle Roberts, Scruples Club, Faculty and Staff
Eric Robinson, Scruples Club, Faculty and Staff
Evan Robinson, B.S. '88, M.S. '93, Patrons Club
Janet Robinson, B.S. '91, Patrons Club
Charlotte Rogers, Patrons Club
Suzanne Roland, Patrons Club, Parent
Mark Rome, Patrons Club
Patti Rose, B.S. '82, Grains Club
Scott Rose, B.S. '79, Grains Club
Irwin Rosen, B.S. '58, Patrons Club
Jennifer Rosselli-Lynch, B.S. '02, Pharm.D. '03, Patrons Club
Shelley Rothwell, B.S. '85, Patrons Club
Will Rourke, Pharm.D. '18, Drams Club
Greg Rudroff, B.S. '87, Patrons Club
Brenda Ruehrup, B.S. '96, Scruples Club
Christine Russell, Patrons Club
Leonard Rybak, B.S. '69, Patrons Club

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Carol Sabaski, Patrons Club
Korinne Sackett, Pharm.D. '16, Patrons Club
Sally Sagucio, Patrons Club
Allen Salmi, Patrons Club
Charlotte Salmi, Grains Club
Robert Salter, B.S. '70, Patrons Club
Neal Sample, Associates Bronze, Board of Trustees
Ruth Sandler, Associates Bronze
Emi Santhuff, Pharm.D. '18, Grains Club
Michael Sass, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Therese Saunders, Patrons Club
Nicole Savant, Pharm.D. '21, Grains Club
Bob Schaefer, B.S. '66, Patrons Club
Ken Schafermeyer, B.S. '76, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff, Parent
Andrew Schaser, Grains Club
Danny Schell, B.S. '74, Patrons Club
Angie Schierding, Patrons Club
Glenetta Schierding, Patrons Club
Joyce Schierding, Patrons Club
Rob Schierding, Patrons Club, Parent
Jerry Schleper, B.S. '63, Grains Club
Martha Schlicher, Associates Bronze, Board of Trustees
Chris Schloss, Pharm.D. '09, Drams Club
Kacy Schloss, Drams Club
Frank Schlosser, Associates Bronze
Larry Schmidt, Patrons Club, Parent
Karen Schnitzler, Patrons Club
Evan Schnur, Pharm.D. '12, Drams Club, Board of Directors
Jessica Schnur, Pharm.D. '12, Drams Club
Dorothy Schowe, Patrons Club
Connie Schreiber, Grains Club
Craig Schriewer, Patrons Club
Diana Schriewer, Scruples Club
Kurt Schriewer, Patrons Club, Parent
Jeffery Schroeder, Patrons Club, Parent
Sam Schulte, Pharm.D. '17, Patrons Club
Mike Schultz, B.S. '78, Associates Bronze
Warren Schultz, Patrons Club
Kim Schunke, Patrons Club
Barbara Schwartz, Associates Silver
Bob Schwartz, B.S. '61, Associates Bronze
Shelly Sconce, Grains Club
Melissa Scott, Patrons Club, Parent
Bob Seal, B.S. '58, Grains Club
Curtis Searcy, Associates Bronze, Board of Trustees
Terry Seaton, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff, Parent
Dennis Seawel, Patrons Club
Stacey Seawel, Patrons Club
Brian Seiz, B.S. '97, Pharm.D. '98, Patrons Club
Kim Seiz, B.S. '97, Pharm.D. '98, Patrons Club
Jarrod Selby, Patrons Club, Parent
Jill Sellers, B.S. '92, Pharm.D. '93, Associates Bronze
Mark Sellers, Associates Bronze
Sam Sells, Patrons Club
Audrey Seyer, Patrons Club
Rishma Shah, Pharm.D. '09, Patrons Club
Michael Shannon, Grains Club, Parent
Barbara Sheble, Patrons Club
Janelle Sheen, B.S. '98, Pharm.D. '99, Associates Bronze
Jerry Sheldon, Grains Club
Tania Shepherd, Patrons Club
Tracy Sherman, B.S. '63, Grains Club
Horty Shieber, Associates Bronze
Sue Shinn, Patrons Club
Bernie Shore, Associates Bronze, Board of Trustees
Mary Short, B.S. '68, Patrons Club
Bryant Shotwell, Patrons Club, Parent
Melissa Shust, Patrons Club, Parent
Don Siegel, B.S. '58, Patrons Club
Les Sigale, B.S. '63, Grains Club
Victor Silva, B.S. '90, Patrons Club
Allan Silverberg, Associates Bronze
Joe Silverman, Grains Club
Louis Simios, Patrons Club
Maria Simkeviciute, Grains Club, Faculty and Staff
Kayley Simmons, Pharm.D. '12, Patrons Club
Jennifer Sitzberger, Patrons Club
Faith Slaton-Byland, Pharm.D. '16, Patrons Club
Brett Smith, Pharm.D. '15, Patrons Club
Brock Smith, B.S. '90, Associates Platinum, Parent
Bruce Smith, Patrons Club, Parent
Carmen Smith, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Charlie Smith, B.S. '50, Associates Bronze
Doug Smith, Patrons Club, Parent
Jenna Smith, Pharm.D. '19, Patrons Club
Larry Smith, B.S. '60, Grains Club
Lillie Smith, B.S. '68, Associates Bronze
Robert Smith, Patrons Club
Tommy Smith, B.S. '93, Pharm.D. '94, Grains Club
John Snyder, B.S. '69, Patrons Club
Gary Sobocinski, B.S. '76, Grains Club
Christine Sommer, B.S. '94, Pharm.D. '95, Patrons Club
Jack Sorensen, B.S. '64, Associates Bronze, Parent
Melissa Soriano, Pharm.D. '15, Grains Club
Kendall Sparkman, Pharm.D. '19, Patrons Club
Jan Spathelf, Associates Bronze
Deborah Spitzer, Patrons Club
Kevin Springer, Grains Club
Joe Spudich, B.S. '69, Patrons Club, Parent
Carmen Stach, Pharm.D. '17, Patrons Club
Zack Stacy, B.S. '02, Pharm.D. '03, Drams Club, Board of Directors, Faculty and Staff
Michelle Staples, Patrons Club
Gavin Stein, Patrons Club
Thomas Stein, Patrons Club, Parent
Les Steinhoff, B.S. '60, Grains Club
Kathleen Stenberg, Pharm.D. '14, Grains Club
Alison Stevens, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
John Stevenson, Patrons Club, Parent
Betty Stewart, Patrons Club
Kristi Stice, B.S. '04, Pharm.D. '05, Scruples Club, Board of Directors
Robert Stock, Grains Club, Parent
John Stoecklin, B.S. '84, Grains Club
Linda Stoehner, Patrons Club
Maury Stone, B.S. '58, Patrons Club
Barrie Stoneburner, Patrons Club
Theresa Storey, Patrons Club
Jamie Strange, Patrons Club
David Stroman, Patrons Club, Parent
Mary Stroman, Grains Club
Michael Strubel, Associates Bronze
Karen Strysik-Weinert, B.S. '83, Grains Club
Melissa Stutz, Pharm.D. '18, Patrons Club
Timothy Sullens, B.S. '92, Patrons Club
Marianne Sullivan, Grains Club
Richard Summers, Grains Club, Parent
Hannah Sutherland, Pharm.D. '19, Patrons Club
Teresa Svetlik, B.S. '81, Grains Club
Larry Swanner, B.S. '79, Grains Club
John Swanson, B.S. '67, Drams Club
Kathryn Swanson, B.S. '69, Drams Club
Joseph Swip, Patrons Club

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Christian Tadrus, B.S. '96, Pharm.D. '97, Associates Bronze
Sam Tadrus, B.S. '63, Associates Bronze, Parent
Emily Tanner, Pharm.D. '16, Patrons Club
Brian Tatro, B.S. '89, Patrons Club
Justin Tatum, Patrons Club
Katie Tellor, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Jean Tenholder, B.S. '81, Patrons Club
Dale Tenkhoff, Patrons Club
Dan Tenkhoff, Patrons Club
Darrin Tenkhoff, Grains Club, Parent
Kenneth Tennessen, Patrons Club
Monica Tennessen, Grains Club
Arnold Tepper, B.S. '66, Associates Bronze
Deb Tesoro, B.S. '85, Associates Bronze, Parent
Sal Tesoro, B.S. '85, Associates Bronze, Parent
Sam Tessler, Patrons Club
Brenda Thien, Patrons Club
Jerry Thomas, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Mike Thomas, B.S. '76, Grains Club
Ashley Thompson, Pharm.D. '09, Patrons Club
Kristie Thompson, Scruples Club
William Thompson, Grains Club, Parent
Sara Thornton, B.S. '02, Patrons Club
Ryan Tiarks, Pharm.D. '09, Patrons Club
Amy Tiemeier, B.S. '01, Pharm.D. '02, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Charity Tobey, B.S. '72, Grains Club
Al Tobia, B.S. '65, Associates Bronze
Katie Toeniskoetter, Pharm.D. '17, Patrons Club
Amber Tongate, Patrons Club
Jon Tongate, Patrons Club
Fred Tonnies, B.S. '68, M.S. '90, Associates Gold, Board of Directors
Roxane Took, Scruples Club, Faculty and Staff
Katy Toothaker, Pharm.D. '17, Grains Club
Jane Tracy, B.S. '85, Associates Platinum
Nancy Trebilcock, Associates Bronze
Steve Trebing, B.S. '80, Grains Club
Shelene Treptow, Grains Club, Faculty and Staff
Jerome Tuman, B.S. '83, Grains Club
Danielle Turlington, Pharm.D. '14, Patrons Club

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Azuka Udolisa, Patrons Club
Mark Uhlenberg, Patrons Club
Jeff Underwood, Patrons Club
John Underwood, Patrons Club
Diane Unterreiner, B.S. '56, Drams Club
Lee Unterreiner, B.S. '56, Drams Club
Carey Unthank, Pharm.D. '15, Scruples Club
Katie Unthank, Pharm.D. '13, Scruples Club
Danielle Unzicker, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Lori Uyeda, Patrons Club
Shehan Uyeda, Patrons Club
Gozie Uzendu, Pharm.D. '17, Grains Club

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Alina Vallejo, Grains Club
Sandra Van Trease, Associates Silver, Board of Trustees
Mike Vanderscheuren, Patrons Club
Melanie VanDyke, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Tabitha Vangennip, Patrons Club
Lisa Vansickle, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Eric Vanzant, Grains Club
Alex Vayman, B.S. '97, Pharm.D. '98, Associates Gold
Svetlana Vayman, B.S. '98, Associates Gold
Richard Veihl, B.S. '55, Grains Club
Rebecca Venable, Grains Club
Kalyan Venkata, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Michelle Vermaux, Grains Club, Parent
Janene Verrant, B.S. '98, Pharm.D. '99, Associates Bronze
Barb Vetter, Patrons Club
Ernalyn Vicente, Patrons Club
Tina Vigil-Jamison, Patrons Club
Zayman Villegas, Grains Club
George Vineyard, Drams Club, Faculty and Staff
William Vineyard, Patrons Club
Virginia Vivian, Pharm.D. '97, Grains Club
Ellen Voelker, B.S. '04, Pharm.D. '05, Patrons Club
Karen Voigts, B.S. '78, Drams Club
Randy Voigts, B.S. '79, Drams Club
Dan VonAlst, Grains Club, Parent

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Bob Wagner, Grains Club
Dave Wahlbrink, B.S. '60, Scruples Club
Diane Wahlbrink, B.S. '60, Scruples Club
David Walker, B.S. '97, Pharm.D. '98, Scruples Club, Board of Directors
Amber Walsh, Pharm.D. '24, Patrons Club
David Walsh, Grains Club
Timothy Walsh, Grains Club, Parent
Jessica Walters, Patrons Club
Terry Walther, B.S. '65, Patrons Club, Parent
Jeana Walton-Day, Pharm.D. '13, Patrons Club
Lori Warner, Patrons Club, Parent
Jake Warren, Patrons Club
Joe Warzecha, B.S. '68, Associates Silver
Butch Wassilak, B.S. '69, Patrons Club
Colleen Watermon, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
David Waters, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Richard Watkins, M.S. '90, Grains Club
Lesley Watson, B.S. '84, Patrons Club
Michelle Watson, Patrons Club, Parent
Cheryl Weaver, B.S. '81, Grains Club, Parent
Hannah Weaver, Pharm.D. '22, Patrons Club
Phillip Weaver, B.S. '80, Grains Club, Parent
Ashton Webb, Pharm.D. '10, Patrons Club
Larry Webber, B.S. '69, Patrons Club
Mariah Weber, Pharm.D. '16, Patrons Club
Susan Weber, B.S. '77, Grains Club
William Weber, Patrons Club
Margaret Weck, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Amy Weckman Conger, B.S. '98, Pharm.D. '99, Associates Silver, Board of Directors
Mike Weeks, Patrons Club
Jodie Wehrman, B.S. '03, Associates Bronze
Virgil Weideman, Patrons Club
Trey Weishaar, Pharm.D. '17, Grains Club
Mary Weiss, Patrons Club
Chalky Wells, B.S. '72, Scruples Club
Kimberly Wells, Patrons Club
Amy Welser, B.S. '98, Patrons Club
Bernard Wenninger, Patrons Club
Daryl Wesche, B.S. '79, Patrons Club, Parent
Duane Wesche, B.S. '78, Patrons Club
Edward Wheatley, Patrons Club
Catherine White, B.S. '80, Patrons Club
Clarence White, Grains Club
Monica White, B.S. '97, Patrons Club
Pat White, B.S. '77, Patrons Club
Sean White, Grains Club, Parent
Stephanie White, Grains Club, Parent
Mark Wienke, B.S. '83, Grains Club
Dave Wiers, Patrons Club
Kory Wilcoxson, Patrons Club
Christopher Wiley, Pharm.D. '10, Grains Club
Keith Wilhelm, B.S. '71, Scruples Club
Nancy Wilhelm, B.S. '71, Scruples Club
Julie Wilken, Patrons Club
Kelly Wilken, Patrons Club
Taylor Wilken, Patrons Club
Brett Williams, B.S. '80, Associates Bronze
Julie Williams, B.S. '89, Patrons Club
Kimberly Williams, Patrons Club, Parent
Maury Williams, B.S. '51, Associates Bronze, Parent
Melanie Williams, Pharm.D. '13, Patrons Club
Stefanie Williams, Patrons Club
Jennifer Willingham, Patrons Club
Nichole Willoughby, Pharm.D. '17, Patrons Club
Mr. Wilmes, Drams Club
Ali Wilson, B.S. '01, Pharm.D. '02, Grains Club, Faculty and Staff
Emily Wilson, Pharm.D. '19, Patrons Club
Jerry Wilson, Patrons Club, Parent
Stephen Windler, Patrons Club
Niccole Winistoerfer, Pharm.D. '09, Patrons Club
Dan Winkelmann, B.S. '85, Scruples Club
Warren Winston, B.S. '63, Drams Club
Margaret Wolff, B.S. '98, Pharm.D. '99, Grains Club
Carrie Wolshon, Grains Club
Louise Wolshon, Grains Club
Robert Wolters, B.S. '65, Patrons Club
Laura Wolverton, B.S. '85, Associates Bronze
Bruce Wood, B.S. '80, Drams Club
Ivory Woodhouse, Patrons Club, Faculty and Staff
Tracey Woods, B.S. '84, Grains Club
Jill Woodward, B.S. '01, Pharm.D. '02, Scruples Club
Kenny Woolsey, Patrons Club
Melynda Wooten, Patrons Club
Sara Worley, B.S. '85, Associates Bronze
Connie Wright, Patrons Club
Bill Wuenscher, B.S. '63, Grains Club

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Lori Yager, Grains Club
Abby Yancey, B.S. '02, Pharm.D. '03, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Bill Yates, B.S. '81, Grains Club
Curtis Young, B.S. '58, M.S. '60, Patrons Club
Phil Youngclaus, Pharm.D. '10, Patrons Club
Soleil Youngclaus, Pharm.D. '10, Patrons Club
Magda Youssef, Grains Club

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Karen Zacheis, B.S. '76, Grains Club
Andrew Zarkie, B.S. '18, Pharm.D. '21, Patrons Club
Bob Zebroski, Associates Bronze, Faculty and Staff
Mira Zeffren, B.S. '85, Grains Club
William Zeh, Grains Club, Parent
Chao Zhang, Patrons Club, Parent
Colin Zielinski, Pharm.D. '19, Patrons Club
Peter Zimmerman, B.S. '63, Associates Bronze
Mary Lou Zlatic, Drams Club
Tom Zlatic, Drams Club, Faculty and Staff
John Zuzack, B.S. '83, Scruples Club, Faculty and Staff, Parent
Nastasia Zyryanova, Pharm.D. '23, Patrons Club

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