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1864 Society Members

Including University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis in your estate plans is a great way to support the University. The following individuals and families have notified us of their intention to do so. 

Louise R. Ballmann*
Charles J.*, B.S. '58, M.S. '60, and Fairveola Banks
Eugene G.*, B.S. '47, and Shirley Barken
Daryl E. (DeDe) Berkey
Jerry, B.S. '75, and Deborah Callahan
Gary Ceretto, B.S. '76
R. Matthew and Janet M. Creath
William E.* and Karen F. Davis
Raymond E.*, B.S. '54, and Donna K. Dye
Patrick L., B.S. '78, and Antonina Garamella, B.S. '79, Evans
Misty Collier-Farr, Pharm.D. '10
Joyce E. Fogleman, B.S. '82
Andrew E. Galakatos, M.D.
Donald L., B.S. '65, and Patricia Hagen
Peter A. Hueseman, B.S. '73
David*, B.S. '52, and Dottie* Kean
Janice E. Kemper
Tom, B.S. '80, and Robyn Mackey
Marlene R. Marecek*
John, B.S. '76, and Jackie Metzger
Dorothy R. Moog*
Deborra K. Neupert, B.S. '77
Richard, B.S. '95, and Amy O'Neal
Arthur, B.S. '72, and Carolyn S. Perry
John A. and Patrice S. Pieper
Denise Pretzer
E. Michael, B.S. '81, and Leslie F. Pruett
Bill, B.S. '67, and Nancy Reed
James and Lisa Salmo
Kenneth W., B.S. '76, and Donna M. Schafermeyer
Terry L. Seaton
Allan Silverberg
Mike and Janice Spathelf
George L., B.S. '62, and Jackie Stamper

If you have named the University in your will and we have not yet listed your name, please contact Beth Keserauskis at 314.446.8207 or beth.keserauskis@uhsp.edu.

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