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Spirituality Center

The Spirituality Center is a campus space that supports religious and non-religious spiritual engagement.

The center supports the spiritual and holistic growth for members of the campus community through spiritual advising, worship services, reflection, meditation and prayer.

Spiritual Advising

The center offers spiritual advising services with religious leaders throughout the week through partnership with community faith leaders and the Washington University in St Louis Catholic Student Center.

Seven spiritual advisors from the Protestant Christian, Catholic and Jewish faiths offer spiritual advising and services on a rotating basis. The University plans to add representatives from additional faiths to ensure the center can meet the expanding needs of the campus community.

Spiritual advisors are listed below along with their contact information.

Reservations in the Center

Students, faculty and staff may reserve the center for group meditation, prayer, religious study groups and worship services outside of spiritual advising hours. The space is located in the Recreation and Student Center 459.

Reserve the Spirituality Center

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