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Compliance and Ethics

University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis is committed to operating with integrity in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and policies. In fact, integrity is one of our core institutional values. We expect the highest standards of ethical conduct from members of our community.

We are committed to upholding our reputation of excellence and carrying forward the spirit of innovation, dedication and service that has been the bedrock of our community since our founding in 1864.

Our Compliance Program

The Univeristy has implemented comprehensive strategies and systems to maintain a culture of compliance and ethics. All members of the campus community share responsibility for compliance efforts by ensuring they model the University's value of integrity and are trained on policies that affect them.

Responsible offices ensuring compliance and ethical conduct through policies, procedures, training and communication.

Compliance matters are reviewed by the University’s designated chief compliance officer, evaluated by the enterprise risk management committee, and oversight is maintained by the Board of Trustees Audit Committee.

Together we act to do what is in the best interest of our institution using our value of integrity as the guidepost to ensure a culture of compliance and ethics.

Reporting a Concern

If you have reason to believe that violations of the University's policy or improper conduct have occurred, you should file a report through any of the following mechanisms.

Reporters will not be threatened, retaliated against or punished for making a good faith report alleging unethical or illegal behavior in others.

Report a Concern to Your Supervisor

Employees are encouraged to report their concerns to their supervisor, department or division manager, dean or President’s Staff Representative, or persons identified in the applicable policies and procedures.

Additional reporting contacts include the president, director of human resources and/or general counsel. Any concern(s) relating to the president or a trustee may be reported to the chair of the Board of Trustees or the chair of the BOT Audit Committee.

Students are encouraged to report their concerns regarding student life matters to the manager for the particular area or persons designated under existing policies and procedures.

Additional reporting contacts include the assistant vice president for student affairs.

Report a Concern to a Compliance Contact

If you need clarification on a policy or wish to express concerns, we encourage you to first reach out to your direct supervisor (for employees) or Student Affairs (for students). However, if a supervisor cannot serve as a resource, contacts are available across campus to provide support.

Each policy in the University’s institutional policy library includes contacts and the responsible office. Additionally, contacts are available by topic area.

Review Contacts by Topic Area

Report a Concern Using the Ethics and Compliance Hotline

The University has established a hotline administered by an outside vendor to allow members of the University community to file confidential reports of allegations of improper conduct anonymously or by name.

The hotline provides an additional method for reporting improper conduct to give individuals another option to supplement reporting procedures under existing policies.

Reports will be promptly reviewed and investigated. In any case where a violation is substantiated, the University may initiate appropriate corrective action.

Submit an Online Report

Learn more about the hotline and other reporting options.


For general questions about the University’s compliance program, contact Ken Fleischmann, general counsel and chief compliance officer, at kenneth.fleischmann@uhsp.edu or 314.446.8104.

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