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Student Organizations

Developing yourself outside of the classroom is an important part of the college experience. University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis is a place where you can discover your passions, build lifelong connections and make meaningful memories — all while having fun and gaining new skills.

Student organizations offer you the opportunity to connect with your peers around social, cultural, political, professional and special interest issues and to adopt leadership roles through programs and activities.

The University offers more than 65 student organizations that provide you with limitless opportunities to grow and learn. With so many choices, you’re sure to find a group — or several — that matches your interests.

Download our complete list of student organizations.

Want to start your own student organization?

Contact Ethan Miller, coordinator of student engagement, at ethan.miller@uhsp.edu or 314.446.8196.

Student Organization Expectations

All organizations and their members serve as leaders on campus and are expected to comply with the University’s standards of conduct.

To be recognized as a student organization at the University, students must follow the standards outlined in the Student Organization Handbook.

Only organizations that are in good standing as recognized organizations may benefit from:

  • Access to the University's on-campus facilities and resources for meetings and events
  • Funding through Student Government Association
  • Participation in training and workshops
  • Access to the events calendar and event planning assistance

Ready to Get Started

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