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community service scholars

Students with a strong desire to impact the local community through service and action should consider the Community Service Scholars Program. It can provide students with an opportunity to make a difference while receiving scholarship support to finance their education. 

Students volunteer at a local organization
Students plant trees for a University-sponsored service day at a local park

During the program, scholars will: 

  • Participate in University-sponsored service days 
  • Create and promote service opportunities and education to peers 
  • Engage in dedicated service with a single agency, issue area or organization 
  • Study philanthropy, social justice, leadership and community engagement 
  • Create a capstone project or presentation during their senior or P1 year 

apply to UHSP

You may apply for a scholars program prior to receiving admission to the University but must be admitted before the interview date of Feb. 19, 2024 be fully considered.

Apply to Be a Community Service Scholar

Complete the following steps to apply for the community service scholars program: 

Step 1

Complete the Community Service Scholars Application. Use your admission application log in credentials to access the scholars application.

Step 2

Attach an Application Essay (500-700 words). Discuss what types of skills you have used or developed through your community service, and how you want to continue serving in the future.

Step 3

Submit a Letter of Recommendation. Letters should be written by someone outside of your family who is familiar with your past service efforts, dedication to your community or potential as an agent of change within your community. 

Service is a great way to give back and teach yourself skills you will need in your professional career. Learning how to empathize with others and communicate effectively are really important. The Community Service Scholars Program is based around learning how to serve your community and finding your purpose for serving – finding a deeper connection with it beyond it being a requirement or expected.


For questions, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 314.446.8167 or