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Other Sources of Financial Aid

It’s never too early to start planning for your future. The University offers numerous funding options for students and families to afford their education. Beyond the financial assistance and scholarships we can provide, there are plenty of other financial aid resources you can explore to close the gap.  

External Scholarships and Grants

From your high school to local businesses to state or national grants and other programs, there are a number of local and regional scholarship opportunities that you may qualify for. These are great places to start:  

Learn More About Financial Aid  

Want to learn more about financial aid options, the process and what to expect? We’re always here to answer your questions, but we understand you may just want to look for yourself.  

In addition to being the home of the FAFSA, is a great resource to learn more about the financial aid process and what to expect. 

Build Your Financial Literacy and Money Management Skills  

Whether it is college, buying a home or making an investment, the more you understand about your finances, the better equipped you are for the future.  

Fund Your Education

Unsure where to start? Our team is here to provide support and guide you through the process. Your high school counselor is also a great resource to connect you to community scholarships or programs that can help you fund your education.