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A Community of Support

At University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis, our small, tight-knit campus and academic focus allows students to bond over common goals and experiences, building a strong and supportive learning community.

From relationships forged in late-night study groups and long hours in the lab to education and health care institutions coming together to expand student opportunity, UHSP’s campus community is a place where connection becomes the foundation for success.

Excited students jump and pose for photo
Three smiling students pose for the camera

A Focus on Health

At UHSP, every program is taught through a health care lens. Regardless of your major, you’ll share a common focus with your classmates, as well as a common goal – to improve health care in our community and around the world. Not only will you share classes, labs, facilities, and meals with other aspiring health professionals, you’ll share your unique perspectives based on your experience and your major. Future pharmacists live and learn alongside future dentists, data scientists, public health professionals and researchers, building a strong network you’ll rely on throughout your education as well as your career.

Learning to Give Back

At UHSP, support goes both ways. As supportive as students, staff and faculty are of each other, they are equally as supportive of others in the community. Students work together to give back to the St. Louis region through a variety of volunteer initiatives.

During the annual Founder’s Day service event, students, staff and faculty volunteer at community service sites throughout the St. Louis area. On Legislative Day, students travel to nearby state capitols to lobby lawmakers on pending health care legislation. Throughout the year, students offer free health screenings at community venues and educate the public on the safe use and disposal of medications, providing valuable opportunities to develop their clinical and interpersonal skills.

Four students volunteer together at a food pantry


At UHSP, we take pride in strengthening our community through the power of connection. Our intimate, nine-acre campus and small, selective enrollment encourage students to bond in their shared mission to help build stronger, healthier communities together.