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University Highlights

In 1864, University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis was founded as St. Louis College of Pharmacy. Since then, UHSP has been committed to providing students with an outstanding education that lays the groundwork for impactful futures in health care.  

For more than 155 years, UHSP has helped students Pursue Extraordinary™ through its programs and services that provide them with opportunities to advance their knowledge and skills, enhance their well-being and grow as professionals.  

As UHSP has evolved from its historic founding in a rented classroom into the University it is today, we stand strong in our belief that the creation of a healthier society starts with our students, and we remain dedicated to helping students become better versions of themselves so they can create positive change in the world. 

Students walking into a residence hall in 1964
Students walking through campus in 2007
Commemorative shovels for the groundbreaking of the Recreation and Student Center.
Dr. Pieper and other University breaking ground on the Academic and Research Building