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Pre-pharmacy is a set of designated coursework you take in your undergraduate education to prepare you for pharmacy school.

At UHSP, your coursework is taught through a health sciences-focused lens from your very first class, allowing you to begin building your skill set to carry forward into pharmacy school and beyond.

General Chemistry with lab (8 credit hours)

Organic Chemistry with lab (8 credit hours)

Biochemistry (3 credit hours)

Biology with lab (8 credit hours)

Anatomy and Physiology with lab (8 credit hours)

Microbiology with or without lab (3 credit hours)

Calculus (3 credit hours)

Introductory Statistics (3 credit hours)

Physics with lab (4 credit hours)

English Composition or College Writing (6 credit hours)

Public Speaking or Communication (3 credit hours)

Psychology or Sociology (3 credit hours)

General Liberal Arts or Humanities (3 credit hours)

Pharmacist consults a patient on inhaler usage.

Pharmacy At a Glance

The profession of pharmacy offers more than meets the eye. Today’s pharmacists practice in a wide range of settings, and opportunities are expanding as the profession continues to evolve.

Pharmacists are one of the most accessible health care providers, and as such, hold high esteem and trust from patients. Interested in a diverse career supporting patients at the community, hospital or industrial level? Pharmacy could be the right fit for you. 



Rated one of the most trusted health professionals

(Gallup, 2023)



Listed as the fourth highest paying health care occupation

(U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2024)



Median salary for pharmacists

(U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2023)

Your Pharmacy Journey Starts Here

UHSP’s history is rooted in pharmacy. In starting your path to pharmacy school here, your education will be tailored to your passion for health care so you can begin building the knowledge and skills you’ll need to be an effective and successful pharmacist.

  • Undergraduate

    Medicinal Chemistry (B.S)



    Medicinal Chemistry (B.S)

    The Bachelor of Science in Medicinal Chemistry is designed for students to become immersed in chemistry and biology and gain an understanding of how the two fields can be leveraged for drug discovery and optimization.

  • Undergraduate

    Pharmaceutical Sciences



    Pharmaceutical Sciences

    The Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences is designed for students to gain a strong foundation in the basic sciences and liberal arts.

Your Future in Pharmacy School

After earning your bachelor’s degree or completing your prerequisites, you’ll be prepared to succeed at any pharmacy program you choose.

Continue with St. Louis College of Pharmacy at UHSP

Surround yourself with a close-knit community of future pharmacy leaders when you pursue the Pharm.D. program at St. Louis College of Pharmacy. You’ll benefit from an innovative program steeped in history and proven outcomes. 

As the first college of pharmacy west of the Mississippi, St. Louis College of Pharmacy at UHSP is a leader in pharmacy education and instills students with the compassion, experience and knowledge required to impact patient outcomes no matter the practice setting.

Pharmacy faculty instructs student on how to check pulse

Integrate your B.S. and Pharm.D.

Earn two degrees by integrating your undergraduate degree with your Pharm.D. at UHSP. Through this option, your undergraduate senior year will serve as your first professional (P1) year in the pharmacy program, simultaneously fulfilling your senior-year requirements for your bachelor’s degree.

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