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applied behavioral sciences

Dive deep into human behavior and complex social issues. This applied behavioral sciences program will prepare you for a career in health or market research, urban planning, substance abuse prevention, global health and more.

Develop solutions to real-world social problems in diverse fields, including education, counseling, criminal justice and health services.

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Expected job growth through 2032 for life, physical and social sciences occupations


Expected life, physical and social sciences job openings each year through the next decade


Median annual wage for life, physical and social sciences occupations

Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2023

Prepare for a Bright Future

Applied behavioral sciences is a broad field, giving you the freedom to explore a world of possibilities. On graduating UHSP, you’ll be prepared to pursue graduate or advanced study in a psychological or social sciences-related program, or to enter the job market in a variety of fields, including:

  • Health or Market Research
  • Substance Use Prevention and Treatment
  • Behavior Technician or Analyst
  • Urban Planning
  • Community Health
  • Research Assistant
  • Human Resources

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