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Undergraduate Programs

Applied Behavioral Sciences

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Applied Behavioral Sciences is a good option for students with an interest in understanding human behavior and complex social issues. The program brings together multiple social disciplines, including psychology, sociology, health care communication, economics and anthropology to examine human behaviors and decision-making processes, as well as the relationship between individuals and broader society.

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The Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry provides a foundational study of the biological and physical sciences as well as how they relate to health and medicine. Graduates of the program develop skills to understand the chemistry associated with disease states, metabolism and pharmaceutical evaluation, preparing you for a future in medicine,
laboratories and other environments.

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Biomedical Sciences

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biomedical Sciences program prepares students with a strong academic foundation in the sciences as well as the skills required to be successful in a wide variety of health professions careers.

The program prepares students for preprofessional and clinical science careers or to pursue graduate or professional study in medicine, occupational therapy, physical therapy and more.

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The Bachelor of Arts in Biopsychology program exposes students to specialized courses in biology and psychology, while providing strong foundational training in biological and social sciences.

Graduates from this flexible program can pursue a variety of professional or graduate programs or directly enter the workforce poised for success.

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Computer Science

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program equips students with the vital skills necessary to build a robust and flexible foundation of professional computing skills.

With a bachelor’s degree in computer science, you can jump-start your career as a software engineer, web developer or systems analyst.

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Data Science

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Data Science provides students with a broad skill set that is highly sought after by employers. Emphasizing computer science and statistics, the program empowers students to utilize data driven competences to thrive in a booming digital industry.

With a bachelor’s degree in data science, you can jump-start your career as a data scientist, business intelligence analyst, information technology officer, web developer, big data solutions architect, machine learning engineer and more.

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Exercise Physiology

The Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology combines UHSP’s strengths in anatomy, physiology and basic sciences with the exercise sciences.

With a bachelor’s in exercise physiology, you’ll be ready to begin work in a variety of professional settings, including sports and wellness programs, community recreational agencies, hospitals and clinics, and private and corporate agencies.

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Health Care Administration and Management

The Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration and Management program prioritizes project-based learning, focusing on the skills students need to succeed within the modern health care workforce.

Graduates of the program can jumpstart a career as a hospital administrator or health services manager. Their undergraduate education also serves as the foundation for graduate or advanced study.

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Medical Humanities

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Medical Humanities program program prepares you to be an interdisciplinary thinker with the flexibility to adapt in a world that is rapidly growing more complex, diverse and globally focused.

The program can serve as a gateway to careers in health care, public health, education, business, social work and other fields.

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The Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience program, taught through the lens of biology and psychology, provides students a deep understanding of the mind and prepares them for a broad range of career paths in health care.

Graduates can puruse careers in counseling, therapy and research or build the foundation for advanced study in neuroscience, medicine or psychiatry.

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Through a partnership with Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College, UHSP students who pursue the Upper Division Option receive guaranteed acceptance in Goldfarb's BSN program if they are admitted to the University as a freshman and meet program requirements.

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Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry is designed for students to become immersed in chemistry and biology and gain an understanding of how the two fields can be leveraged to improve patient outcomes through drug discovery and optimization.

Students who choose this major will gain the foundational knowledge and skills necessary for health care scientists and professionals to understand the chemistry associated with drug design and synthesis.

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Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Pharmaceutical Sciences builds a strong foundation in chemistry, mathematics and biological, social and behavioral sciences to prepare you for admission to graduate and professional programs in health care and science..

After completing the program, students may choose to enter a health professions career immediately, equipped with the skills to be successful in a variety of positions in pharmaceutical industry, biomedical research labs and academic environments.

This degree can also be integrated with the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program, where the first-professional year fulfills senior-level requirements, saving students a year of study.

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