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The Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience program provides students a deep understanding of the mind and prepares you for a broad range of career paths in health care.Neuroscience Thumbnail

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About the Program

Taught through the lens of biology and psychology, the neuroscience program builds the foundation for you to pursue graduate and advanced study in neuroscience, medicine and psychiatry. Or you can jumpstart a career in counseling, therapy, research, social work and more.

Student Outcomes

In our neuroscience program, you’ll build the skills and knowledge you need to succeed, including:

  • Understand a wide range of neurological phenomena including the senses, voluntary movement, emotions and a range of normal and abnormal behaviors
  • Combine understanding from psychology, biology and neuroscience to distinguish cognitive processes, such as attention, memory and executive functioning
  • Comprehend both historical and modern approaches to neuroscience and psychiatry for a variety of disorders
  • Explain the biochemical and biophysical processes of neuronal transmission
  • Understand the cellular mechanisms of action of drugs that affect the function of the central and peripheral nervous systems
  • Critically analyze information from a variety of sources and effectively communicate their understanding to different audiences


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