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Medical Humanities

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Medical Humanities program prepares students to become interdisciplinary thinkers with the flexibility to adapt in a world that is rapidly growing more complex, diverse and globally focused.Medical Humanities

To see the sample plan of study, download the Medical Humanities program profile.

About the Program

The program features a broad-based general education core, and students who choose this major will develop transferable skills sought by today’s employers, such as critical thinking, problem-solving and communication.

During the program, students will have opportunities to complete internships and independent studies. A senior capstone experience will allow students to complete a project in which they apply their skills and knowledge.

Student Outcomes

The program can serve as a gateway to careers in health care, public health, education, business, social work and other fields. Students who complete the program will be prepared to seek employment as health communications specialists, policy analysts, communications managers for insurance or pharmaceutical corporations, researchers or junior executives in governmental and nongovernmental organizations or in the private sector where employers seek graduates who have “learned how to learn.”

Graduates also will be prepared to apply for admission to graduate and professional programs in fields such as education, law, business and many graduate programs in the humanities and social sciences.

Graduates of the program will:

  • Practice critical thinking, engaging in diverse viewpoints
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the complex nature of human experience
  • Have the ability to educate others, including the general public, using sound processes
  • Demonstrate the ability to report research results using data, argument and narrative
  • Be able to adapt communication styles and messages to communicate effectively
    with diverse audiences

Educating the Whole Student

The University offers a wide variety of options for students to fully explore their interests and embrace their artistic talents.

From music to drama and creative writing, the University provides numerous ways for students to explore the liberal arts with the goal of educating well-rounded individuals who are prepared to provide empathetic and expert care for patients.


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