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Distinguished Alumni Awards

Our alumni help advance their profession, the University and their communities. We are pleased to honor these achievements during the University’s Founders Day in November.

The Distinguished Alumni Awards (DAA) are presented in recognition of an alumnus/a having met one of more of the following achievements:

  • Brought distinction to their industry, UHSP or the alumni community
  • Made distinctive and sustained contributions to their profession, community or the University
  • Reached a pinnacle of sustained or long-term personal, professional, or volunteer success

The Distinguished Recent Graduate Award is presented to an alumnus/a who graduated from UHSP in the last 10 years and has shown outstanding promise and/or have made one or more of the following achievements that are relative to the nominee’s age:

  • Brought distinction to their industry, UHSP or the alumni community.
  • Made distinctive and sustained contributions to their profession, community or the University.
  • Reached a notable level of personal, professional or volunteer success since graduating.

The Outstanding Achievement Award
is presented to an alumnus/a, health care professional or friend of the University in recognition of high-achieving contributions that go above and beyond that of their peers in their field and community. This award should recognize a recipient who has achieved or been recognized by an outside organization for success in project management, entrepreneurship, leadership or innovation.

Established by the African-American Alumni Chapter, the Black Heritage Distinguished Alumni Award is presented to an alumnus/a, health care professional or friend of the University in recognition of their scholarly work or personal or professional commitment to improve cultural competencies and eliminate health disparities in the health care community.

The University, Office of Alumni Relations and Alumni Council nominate alumni for the Loyalty Award, which is presented in gratitude for an alumnus/a’s exceptional commitment and service to University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis and our alumni community over the years.

The Athletics Hall of Fame recognizes alumni, coaches, administrators, faculty or community members and celebrates their athletic achievements and commitment to the UHSP athletics program and its student athletes. Nominations should be submitted through the Athletic's Office and follow their policies.

The nomination process:
To be considered, a nominee should have received a degree from UHSP (formerly St. Louis College of Pharmacy), be living, be nominated by a member of the UHSP community or community-at-large, not a current member or related to a current member of the Alumni Council, the award selection committee or Board of Trustees. Nominees should not be campaigning for election or re-election to any governmental office so as to not give the appearance of endorsement of their candidacy. Recipients of the DAA are not eligible for another DAA award until 20 years has passed sinc they were last awarded. Recipients of the Outstanding Recent Graduate Award more than 10 years prior, may be considered for a DAA and alumni who received a DAA more than 5 years prior may be eligible for a Loyalty Award.

The following information is required for a valid nomination

  • Completed online nomination form
  • Current resume, curriculum vitae and/or professional biography
  • A letter of support from a colleague or the person nominating

Please contact the Alumni Office at alumni@uhsp.edu or 314-446-8419 for a paper form or to mail in any documents.

Nominees will be reviewed by a selection committee of alumni. Award recipients will be notified if selected. The awards are typically presented on campus during the Founders Day convocation in November and listed in the fall issue of Script magazine. Nominees not selected for the current year will remain in the candidate pool for up to two years. Nominators may send in updated information as it relates to their nominee during those two years but additional information will not be solicited by the alumni relations office.

To protect its good name, the University reserves the right to revoke awards. If deemed appropriate, awards may be reinstated at a later time with appropriate approval.

For a complete list of the procedure and rules around the alumni award process, please contact alumni@uhsp.edu.

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Submit a Nomination

To nominate a candidate for the 2021 class, please complete the nomination form. Nominations will close Sept. 1, 2021.

Previous Award Recipients

Black Heritage Distinguished Alumni Award

The Black Heritage Alumni Award is a celebration by the Alumni Association in recognition of leaders in the African-American Community for their scholarly works and commitment to improve cultural competencies and eliminate health disparities in the community.

Black Heritage Award Recipients

  • Alfreda Pulley, B.S. ’87, 2018
  • Charles Banks, B.S. '58, M.S. '60, and Family, 2018
  • Robert Salter, B.S. '70, 2017
  • Misty (Collier) Farr, Pharm.D. '10, 2016
  • Rhonda (Alexander) Driver, B.S. '93, 2015
  • Art Perry B.S. '72, 2015
  • David Frye B.S. '68, 2014
  • Armon Crawford B.S. '63, 2014
  • Kendra (Williams) Holmes, B.S. '99, Pharm.D. '00, 2013
  • Michael Railey, B.S. '72, 2013
  • Pam Marshall '90, 2012
  • Richard Watkins '90, 2012
Distinguished Alumni Awards

Winners of the University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis Distinguished Alumni Award have contributed to society throughout their lives. We recognize them for their contributions to their communities, the University and the profession of pharmacy. Below are the most recent recipients within each category.

Recognition of Service to the Community

  • Matt Carlisle, B.S. '82, 2019
  • Jason Wang, Pharm.D. '11, 2017
  • Michael Morton, B.S. ’75, 2015
  • Alicia Forinash, B.S. '00, Pharm.D. '01, 2013
  • C. Patrick Tharp, '61/'62, 2012
  • Kenneth W. Schafermeyer, B.S. '76, 2011
  • Meike L. Newell, B.S. '97, 2009
  • Michael T. Railey, B.S. '72, 2008
  • Stephen M. Calloway, B.S. '78, 2007

Recognition of Service to the University

  • Amy (Hartley) Tiemeier, B.S. '01, Pharm.D. '02, 2017
  • Ken Schafermeyer, B.S. '76, 2017
  • Sue (Gielow) Bollmeier, B.S. '99, Pharm.D. '00, 2016
  • Evelyn Becker-Meyer, B.S. ’88, Pharm.D. ’93, 2015
  • Garth K. Reynolds, B.S '00, 2012
  • Nancy A. (Becnel) Konieczny, B.S. '77, 2011
  • Steve K. Hebel, B.S. '84, 2010
  • Lori A. Bradley, B.S. '94, 2007
  • Salim Salah Tadrus, B.S. '63, 2006

Recognition of Service to the Profession

  • Jessica Kerr, B.S. '00, Pharm.D. '01, 2019
  • Scot Walker, B.S. ’82, M.S. ’93, 2018
  • Tom Rousonelos, B.S. ’89, 2018
  • Jill (Bot) Sellers, B.S. '92, Pharm.D. '93, 2017
  • Heather (Middendorf) Sundar, B.S. '97, Pharm.D. '98, 2016
  • Kay (Campbell) Kyllonen, B.S. ’80, 2015
  • J. Gregory Boyer, B.S. '76, 2013
  • Michelle R. (Qualls) Dyer, B.S. '98, 2012
  • Starlin Haydon-Greatting, B.S. '81, 2011
  • Joseph M. Tuley, B.S. '63, 2010
  • Todd M. Evers, B.S. '87, 2009
  • Jeffrey O. Phillips, B.S. '82, 2008

Distinguished Alumni Awardees (1962-1970)

  • Taylor E. Lindhorst '51, 1970
  • Glen J. Sperandio '40, 1969
  • Alfred Fleishman '26, 1968
  • John C. Griffin '52/'53, 1967
  • Florence C. Mueller '31, 1966
  • Ivan W. Rose '49, 1965
  • Charles C. Rabe '39, 1964
  • Fred J. Kirchmeyer '38, 1963
  • Courtney G. Pitkin '47, 1962
Outstanding Achievement Award

Both alumni and non-alumni are eligible for these awards, which recognize professionals who support the University or the pharmacy profession through their practice.

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipients

  • Evan Robinson, B.S. '88, M.S. '93, 2019
  • Eric Barker, B.S. ’88, 2018
  • Alyssa (Strangel) Billingsley, Pharm.D. '10, 2017
  • William Katsiyiannis, B.S. ’90, 2015
  • Christopher Herndon, B.S. '97, Pharm.D. '98, 2013
  • W. Thomas Smith Jr., B.S. '93, Pharm.D. '94, 2012
  • Josh A. Bellamy, B.S. '97, Pharm.D. '98, 2011
  • Elaine E. (Hinrichs) Haynes, B.S. '86, 2011
  • Donald R. Rickert, B.S. '71, 2010
  • Larry G. Windmoeller, B.S. '69, 2009
Young Alumnus Award

Alumni who graduated within the last 10 years receive this award, which honors outstanding achievement and leadership.

Young Alumni Award Recipients

  • Clint Bohannon, Pharm.D. '10, 2019
  • Rebakkah Johnson, Pharm.D. '16, 2018
  • Christopher LaFleur, Pharm.D. '10, 2017
  • Patrick Harper, Pharm.D. '10, 2017
  • Brian Scholfield, Pharm.D. '11, 2016
  • Kara (Thoma) King, B.S. ’04, Pharm.D. ’05, 2015
  • Leah (Sullivan) LaRue, Pharm.D. '10, 2013
  • Laura E. Butkievich, Pharm.D. '06, 2012
  • Kathleen A. (Buechter) Lusk, Pharm.D. '10, 2011
  • John D. Galle, Pharm.D. '07, 2010
  • Alexis R. Beyer, Pharm.D. '06, 2009
  • Ronald G. Hall II, B.S. '99, Pharm.D. '00, 2008
  • Janene R. Verrant, B.S. '98, Pharm.D. '99, 2007
  • Myra T. (Alfaro) Belgeri, B.S. '97, Pharm.D. '98, 2006
  • Paula K. (Peters) Weaver, B.S. '95, 2005
  • Jennifer B. Kasiar Whaley, B.S. '95, 2004
  • W. Thomas Smith Jr., B.S. '93, Pharm.D. '94, 2003
  • Timothy R. Koch, B.S. '95, 2002
  • Jill A. (Bot) Sellers, B.S. '92, Pharm.D. '93, 2001
  • Heidi C. (Mau) Brainerd, B.S. '90, M.S. '97, 2000
  • Patrick M. Hughes, B.S. '89, 1999
  • Eric L. Barker, B.S. '88, 1998
  • Barbara S. (Pigg) Wiggins, B.S. '92, 1997
  • David Loiacono, B.S. '86, 1996
  • Rebecca M. Rabbitt,  '85/'88/'95, 1995
  • John P. Fester, B.S. '84, 1994
  • Barbara J. Hauck, B.S. '83, 1993
  • George H. Rezabek Jr., B.S. '82, 1992
  • Jill A. (Bot) Sellers, B.S. '92, Pharm.D. '93, 1992
Loyalty Award

The University has recognized a select group of alumni with this award over the years in gratitude for their exceptional commitment and service to University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis and our Alumni Association.

Loyalty Award Recipients

  • Arthur Perry '72, 2012
  • Sister Mary L. Degenhart '60, 2010
  • Phyllis (Neu) Sarich '46, 2009

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