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Distinguished Alumni AWards

Each fall, we honor our alumni who help advance their profession, the University and their communities through the Distinguished Alumni Awards in categories of Service, Outstanding Achievement, Black Heritage, and Recent Graduate. Awardees are recognized during Reunion in November. 

Headshot of alumnus Paul Beahm
Paul Beahm, B.S. ’85
Distinguished Service to the Profession
As a member of the University’s Board of Trustees from 2013 through 2022, Beahm has continuously used his vast experience to move the University forward. During his years as a board member, Beahm has served on every standing committee of the Board at least once. A strong advocate for equity initiatives, he served as a member of the Board’s Ad Hoc Diversity and Inclusion committee, responsible for developing the University’s policy on diversity and inclusion. Beahm graciously accepted the responsibility to chair the Presidential Search Committee in 2020. During that time, he played a key role in collaboratively identifying the critical values and priorities required for the institution’s next president to ensure the future success of UHSP. Over the years, Beahm and his family have also been loyal donors to the University and are lifetime members of our Mortar and Pestle giving society. In addition to his commitment to UHSP, many know Beahm as a mentor and leader within pharmacy.
Alumna Sonalie Patel stands in the quad holding books and looking over her shoulder
Sonalie Patel, Pharm.D. ’15
Distinguished Recent Graduate
Patel is one of only a few triple board-certified pharmacists in the state of Illinois (BCPS, BCACP, BCACP), and has made distinctive contributions to pharmacy relative to the brief time since her graduation. As a clinical pharmacist at Northwestern Medicine, she has led the expansion of their ambulatory clinical pharmacy services to promote multidisciplinary care, including establishing a presence in their general and preventive cardiology clinic, and expanded hepatitis C management by creating a system-wide, pharmacist-led hepatitis C clinic serving patients from across the health system. Through her work, Patel has become a national pharmacy leader in hepatitis C. Outside of the health system, Patel is an adjunct professor for schools of medicine, pharmacy, and physician associate programs and is actively involved in research. In the community, she continues to volunteer her time serving as a big sister for underserved youth.

nominate a distinguished alumnus

Do you know an outstanding alumnus doing great work in their community, profession or on behalf of the University? Nominate them for a Distinguished Alumni Award! Nominations are accepted through Aug. 15.

Alumni Award Categories

Distinguished service awards

The awards are presented in recognition of an alumnus having brought distinction to their industry, the University or the alumni community; having made distinctive and sustained contributions to their profession, community or the University; or having reached a pinnacle of sustained or long-term personal, professional, or volunteer success.

Service to the Community
Matt Carlisle, B.S. ’82, 2019
Jason Wang, Pharm.D. ’11, 2017
Michael Morton, B.S. ’75, 2015
Alicia Forinash, B.S. ’00, Pharm.D. ’01, 2013
C. Patrick Tharp, ’61, M.S. ’62, 2012
Kenneth W. Schafermeyer, B.S. ’76, 2011
Meike L. Newell, B.S. ’97, 2009
Michael T. Railey, B.S. ’72, 2008
Stephen M. Calloway, B.S. ’78, 2007

Service to the University
Neil Schmidt, B.S. ’73, 2020
Amy (Hartley) Tiemeier, B.S. ’01, Pharm.D. ’02, 2017
Ken Schafermeyer, B.S. ’76, 2017
Sue (Gielow) Bollmeier, B.S. ’99, Pharm.D. ’00, 2016
Evelyn Becker-Meyer, B.S. ’88, Pharm.D. ’93, 2015
Garth K. Reynolds, B.S ’00, 2012
Nancy A. (Becnel) Konieczny, B.S. ’77, 2011
Steve K. Hebel, B.S. ’84, 2010
Lori A. Bradley, B.S. ’94, 2007
Salim Salah Tadrus, B.S. ’63, 2006

Service to the Profession
Janelle Mann, Pharm.D. ’09, 2020
Jessica Kerr, B.S. ’00, Pharm.D. ’01, 2019
Scot Walker, B.S. ’82, M.S. ’93, 2018
Tom Rousonelos, B.S. ’89, 2018
Jill (Bot) Sellers, B.S. ’92, Pharm.D. ’93, 2017
Heather (Middendorf) Sundar, B.S. ’97, Pharm.D. ’98, 2016
Kay (Campbell) Kyllonen, B.S. ’80, 2015
J. Gregory Boyer, B.S. ’76, 2013
Michelle R. (Qualls) Dyer, B.S. ’98, 2012
Starlin Haydon-Greatting, B.S. ’81, 2011
Joseph M. Tuley, B.S. ’63, 2010
Todd M. Evers, B.S. ’87, 2009
Jeffrey O. Phillips, B.S. ’82, 2008

Distinguished Alumni Awardees (1962-1970)
Taylor E. Lindhorst ’51, 1970
Glen J. Sperandio ’40, 1969
Alfred Fleishman ’26, 1968
John C. Griffin ’52, M.S. ’53, 1967
Florence C. Mueller ’31, 1966
Ivan W. Rose ’49, 1965
Charles C. Rabe ’39, 1964
Fred J. Kirchmeyer ’38, 1963
Courtney G. Pitkin ’47, 1962


outstanding achievement

Presented to an alumnus or alumna, health care professional or friend of the University in recognition of high-achieving contributions that go above and beyond that of their peers in their field and community. This award should recognize a recipient who has achieved or been recognized by an outside organization for success in project management, entrepreneurship, leadership or innovation.

Evan Robinson, B.S. ’88, M.S. ’93, 2019
Eric Barker, B.S. ’88, 2018
Alyssa (Strangel) Billingsley, Pharm.D. ’10, 2017
William Katsiyiannis, B.S. ’90, 2015
Christopher Herndon, B.S. ’97, Pharm.D. ’98, 2013
W. Thomas Smith Jr., B.S. ’93, Pharm.D. ’94, 2012
Josh A. Bellamy, B.S. ’97, Pharm.D. ’98, 2011
Elaine E. (Hinrichs) Haynes, B.S. ’86, 2011
Donald R. Rickert, B.S. ’71, 2010
Larry G. Windmoeller, B.S. ’69, 2009


recent graduate

Presented to an alumnus or alumna who graduated from UHSP in the last 10 years and has shown outstanding promise and has made one or more of the following achievements that are relative to the nominee’s years since graduation:

  • Brought distinction to their industry, UHSP or the alumni community
  • Made distinctive and sustained contributions to their profession, community or the University
  • Reached a notable level of personal, professional or volunteer success since graduating

Anne Eisenbeis, Pharm.D. ’14, 2020
Clint Bohannon, Pharm.D. ’10, 2019
Rebakkah Johnson, Pharm.D. ’16, 2018
Christopher LaFleur, Pharm.D. ’10, 2017
Patrick Harper, Pharm.D. ’10, 2017
Brian Scholfield, Pharm.D. ’11, 2016
Kara (Thoma) King, B.S. ’04, Pharm.D. ’05, 2015
Leah (Sullivan) LaRue, Pharm.D. ’10, 2013
Laura E. Butkievich, Pharm.D. ’06, 2012
Kathleen A. (Buechter) Lusk, Pharm.D. ’10, 2011
John D. Galle, Pharm.D. ’07, 2010
Alexis R. Beyer, Pharm.D. ’06, 2009
Ronald G. Hall II, B.S. ’99, Pharm.D. ’00, 2008
Janene R. Verrant, B.S. ’98, Pharm.D. ’99, 2007
Myra T. (Alfaro) Belgeri, B.S. ’97, Pharm.D. ’98, 2006
Paula K. (Peters) Weaver, B.S. ’95, 2005
Jennifer B. Kasiar Whaley, B.S. ’95, 2004
W. Thomas Smith Jr., B.S. ’93, Pharm.D. ’94, 2003
Timothy R. Koch, B.S. ’95, 2002
Jill A. (Bot) Sellers, B.S. ’92, Pharm.D. ’93, 2001
Heidi C. (Mau) Brainerd, B.S. ’90, M.S. ’97, 2000
Patrick M. Hughes, B.S. ’89, 1999
Eric L. Barker, B.S. ’88, 1998
Barbara S. (Pigg) Wiggins, B.S. ’92, 1997
David Loiacono, B.S. ’86, 1996
Rebecca M. Rabbitt, B.S. ’85, M.S. ’88, Phmar.D. ’95, 1995
John P. Fester, B.S. ’84, 1994
Barbara J. Hauck, B.S. ’83, 1993
George H. Rezabek Jr., B.S. ’82, 1992
Jill A. (Bot) Sellers, B.S. ’92, Pharm.D. ’93, 1992


black heritage award

Established by the African-American Alumni Chapter, the Black Heritage Distinguished Alumni Award is presented to an alumnus or alumna, health care professional or friend of the University in recognition of their scholarly work or personal or professional commitment to improve cultural competencies and eliminate health disparities in the health care community.

Alfreda Pulley, B.S. ’87, 2018
Charles Banks, B.S. ’58, M.S. ’60, and Family, 2018
Robert Salter, B.S. ’70, 2017
Misty (Collier) Farr, Pharm.D. ’10, 2016
Rhonda (Alexander) Driver, B.S. ’93, 2015
Art Perry B.S. ’72, 2015
David Frye B.S. ’68, 2014
Armon Crawford B.S. ’63, 2014
Kendra (Williams) Holmes, B.S. ’99, Pharm.D. ’00, 2013
Michael Railey, B.S. ’72, 2013
Pam Marshall ’90, 2012
Richard Watkins ’90, 2012


loyalty award

The University, Office of Alumni Relations and Alumni Council nominate alumni for the Loyalty Award, which is presented in gratitude for an alumnus or alumna’s exceptional commitment and service to the University and our alumni community over the years.

Bill Reed, B.S. ’67, 2020
Arthur Perry, B.S. ’72, 2012
Sister Mary L. Degenhart, B.S. ’60, 2010
Phyllis (Neu) Sarich, B.S. ’46, 2009