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Define, plan and achieve your educational and personal goals with the help of a professional academic adviser.

Students are assigned a dedicated academic adviser at the start of their degree program and remain with the same adviser throughout the duration of the program. This process allows you to build a relationship with your adviser so they can fully understand your personal and professional goals and provide you the guidance to achieve them.

Academic advisers get to know students on an individual level, encouraging timely completion of curricular and cocurricular objectives and assisting in overall learning and development. 

Undergraduate Advising

First-year and sophomore students are assigned to a student success advisor, a professional advisor who is trained to care for the academic and personal needs of students at the start of their college career. They assist students with topics like study methods, managing time, and exploring who you are and what you want to become.

As students move further into their program, usually in their junior and senior years, they are connected with a faculty advisor who can provide guidance on career preparation or applying to professional school.

Advising for Pre-Health Professional Programs

At UHSP, we have designed our undergraduate programs to prepare you for the health profession of your choice. With the support of our pre-health professions advisor, you’ll receive guidance and support to ensure you meet the requirements to be competitive when applying to the professional program of your choice.

STLCOP Students wearing lab coats sitting in lecture

Advising for the Pharmacy Program

Pharmacy students will be assigned a professional advisor to provide guidance and assistance to students as they progress through the program.

If a student enters the University as an undergraduate student and continues into the Pharm.D. program, they will be supported during their senior/P1 year by both their undergraduate advisor and their new professional advisor. During their senior/P1 year, students meet with both advisors in the fall, and solely with their professional advisor in the spring.

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