(YOU)HSP Spotlight: Courtney Rippeto

Published on 20 January 2023

Name: Courtney Rippeto

Position: Assistant Director, Events and Student Experience in the Office of Admissions

Favorite Food: French fries – NOT steak fries.

Hobbies: Obsessing over Taylor Swift, wearing fun clothes – the brighter the better, hanging out with my friends and their kids, and being a REALLY fun Aunt Nene.

Favorite TV Shows: My current go-tos and TV obsessions are New Girl, Gilmore Girls, Ted Lasso, Grey’s Anatomy, The Summer I Turned Pretty (TEAM CONRAD) and The Crown. My list is never ending.

Interesting fact about you: This is a question that always stumps me, and I always end up saying, “I have natural red hair and I've never dyed it,” but I also have a fun side-gig. I work at Polished Prints at City Foundry STL, where I'm a Sales Associate on the weekends. It’s a fun, creative outlet and I enjoy interacting and connecting with humans.

Tell us about yourself.

I grew up in Glen Carbon, Illinois and moved back there in early 2021 – mainly for the amazing biking/walking trails and proximity to family and friends. After graduating from St. Louis College of Pharmacy in 2014, my journey took a slight pivot – feel free to ask about that story if you are interested.

I was presented with an opportunity to start work in the hospitality industry. I spent a little over two years working for both Kate + Co (an incredible Wedding Planner in the St. Louis area) and then for a catering company (The Caramel Room and Lumen Private Event Space) as an Event Manager. I learned so much about myself during this time and was able to heal from some disappointments. Now I have the privilege of working alongside amazing people here at UHSP as we help to usher in new classes of future health care leaders!

What does a typical day look like for you?

After I snooze my alarm about five times, I roll out of bed and do the bare minimum morning routine. I make my bagel and head to the office. Every day for me is different — I make sure campus visits go smoothly, and I also connect with internal and external prospective Doctor of Pharmacy students and answer their questions!

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about connecting with people and making them feel seen and heard. Life is hard, and if I can be a small bright spot in someone's day, I have served my purpose.

What's the best part about working at UHSP?

I love the community and having the opportunity to connect with so many different people. (See, I told you I love to connect.) I’m a 2014 graduate of St. Louis College of Pharmacy, and while my journey after graduation didn’t lead to me being a practicing pharmacist, I have felt welcomed back into the UHSP community with open arms. While I was a student, I received such great support from staff and faculty helping me along in the good and not-so-good times. I now have the chance to do the same for the students I have the privilege of working with.

What do you want students and campus to know about the admissions team and your role with the team?

The admissions team is small but mighty. We are all focused on supporting prospective students through the application journey and making sure they are prepared and excited to start at UHSP. My role focuses on the prospective student experience. I have my own special memories from my time as a student, and I understand the unique opportunities provided to all students.

The admissions team works hard to build one-on-one relationships with our admissions representatives and other team members with high customer service expectations. All our prospective students come from diverse backgrounds and have different understandings of higher education. We meet students where they are and provide the specific attention they need.

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