P4 Student Recognized for Outstanding Customer Service

Published on 25 February 2023

Last fall, P4 student Jasmin Selimovic, B.S. ’20, received special recognition directly from a customer for his work behind the pharmacy counter at Walmart in High Ridge, Missouri.

Working under his preceptor Lauren Palmier, Pharm.D. ’14, Selimovic was Palmier’s first rotation student to receive a “Moments of Care” card from a patient, recognizing his efforts to go above and beyond to meet their needs.

“These are cards that pharmacy patients can fill out at the end of their visit to thank our staff members for a job well done,” Palmier explained. “I’ve personally never had a rotation student receive one before. I thought it was amazing and a testament to what a great job Jasmin did on his rotation. He was only with us for five weeks, but he really made a lasting impression on people inside and outside the pharmacy.”

During his rotation, Selimovic was tasked with numerous duties in the pharmacy from patient counseling and evaluations to providing vaccines.

“I give my pharmacy students a lot of responsibility in order to help them see what’s it’s like to be a pharmacist in the retail and community setting,” Palmier said. “With each patient interaction, I witnessed Jasmin’s passion for meeting our patients’ needs and ensuring they had the best experience possible.”

Selimovic says his rotation with Walmart was full of great patient encounters and gave him the chance to make a difference in the lives of those he served.

“I had the opportunity to explain disease states and drug mechanisms in laymen’s terms and inform patients on the benefits of vaccines and the importance of taking medications appropriately for full efficacy,” Selimovic noted. “I made a real connection with the community and left what I thought was a big impact on my patients. I could feel their appreciation, and it was great to have been recognized for my work with a Moments of Care card.”

Palmier says her time with Selimovic demonstrates what a special opportunity rotations can be for both students and preceptors.

“What I Iove most about being a preceptor is the growth I get to see in students — both in their knowledge and confidence level,” Palmier stated. “Through their rotations, students get to practice real-world application of what they’ve learned in the classroom. They are learning to work with people and serve patients, and it’s a very special experience for them and the preceptors who are guiding them.”

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