Class of 2022 Reflections: Gavin McRaven

Published on 01 May 2022

For UHSP senior and P1 student Gavin McRaven, this year marks the closing of one chapter and the start of a new one. McRaven is completing his Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences while also embarking on his first professional year of the Doctor of Pharmacy program through an integrated pathway.

Originally from St. Charles, Missouri, McRaven is interested in pursuing hospital pharmacy or becoming a medical science liaison after he receives his Doctor of Pharmacy.

Why did you choose UHSP/STLCOP for your college experience?

I chose UHSP/STLCOP for my college experience because nobody I knew was going here from high school and it was close enough to home to bother my parents constantly.

What are your favorite things about the University? What will you miss the most?

My favorite thing about the university is the people. I think we are all similar in our own ways and I’ll definitely miss the undergraduate professors. My favorite memories from my time in the undergraduate program have been the Mr. STLCOP shows and being an orientation leader, which always kept me on my toes.

What advice do you have for new students just starting their college journey?

My advice to new students is to set aside free time, and don’t spread yourself too thin. Take a day to just do something you want to do and at the end of the day, make sure you have someone cheering for you.

What does graduation mean to you? How do you feel as this milestone approaches?

Graduating with my bachelor’s degree means that now I’m one step closer to diving into the deep end of the pool with a Pharm.D. I’ve really tried to push through to the end of this semester and avoid senioritis at all costs.

What are your plans after graduation? What are your hopes for the future?

My plans after graduation are to either get a job at a hospital or work towards becoming a medical science liaison. In the future, I look forward to staying in touch with the friends I’ve made here, eventually moving somewhere with professional basketball and football teams, and maybe even coming back to UHSP to teach every once in a while.

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