(YOU)HSP Spotlight: Carlin Harp

Published on 10 November 2021

Name: Carlin Harp
Position: Emergency Management Coordinator
Education: I completed my undergraduate and graduate degrees at Saint Louis University, including my Master of Public Health.
Favorite Food: Cinnamon rolls – but I'm very particular about what qualifies as a good cinnamon roll.
Hobbies: I coach the dance team at Althoff Catholic High School in Belleville, Illinois. In the six years I have been coach, the team has won two state championships and has never placed lower than second place.
Interesting Fact: I had a surprise wedding. None of my guests knew they were at a wedding until I walked out in a white dress.

Tell us about yourself.

I joined UHSP as an intern and have worked here since 2016 in the areas of emergency management, environmental health and safety, and health programming on campus. All of those emergency notification tests and fire drills — yes those are my responsibility! I am due with my second baby in January and then I'll have two under two.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Nothing is typical! My job is in the operations department, so I do a lot of things on campus related to the planning and logistics of different events from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy White Coat Ceremony to Commencement and everything in between. I also oversee research laboratory compliance and make sure everyone has the appropriate personal protective equipment on campus. If you're a student, you probably received a lab coat from me at some point.

I have organized events from flu clinics to self-defense trainings, CPR trainings, and even an active shooter training through the FBI for our public safety officers. I wear so many hats from day to day that if you have a question about something on campus, chances are I have the answer or can find the person that does.

Since March 2020, my day-to-day work has been focused on COVID-19 control and prevention on campus.

What are you passionate about?

At work, I am passionate about the health and safety of everyone on campus. I want all students to have all basic health needs met while they’re here and feel safe — that could mean campus safety, relationship safety and even off-campus safety.

What's the best part about working at UHSP?

The way students keep the campus lively. You can have the same event planned and organized every year, but with new students running it every time, it makes it that much different. There's never a dull day.

What do you want members of the campus community to know about emergency management and safety on campus?

Emergency management is not all doomsday prepping for an earthquake to occur at the New Madrid fault (although I do have plans for that). It's about planning and responding to the most basic emergencies to keep campus running as smoothly as possible without most people even knowing about it.

How can the campus community stay updated on emergency management and safety initiatives?

There are lots of ways for everyone to get involved. Sign your phone number up for Rave mobile emergency alerts on the MyApps portal. Keep yourself informed on policy changes. When it comes to campus safety, our intention is always to help. Those who have concerns, are always welcome to come talk to me!

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