Student Shines on Independent Pharmacy Rotation

Published on 29 March 2019

As she works to make the most of her year on rotations, P4 student Jamie Voigtmann recently participated in an independent pharmacy experience that made a lasting impression on her, her preceptor and the patients she served.

Last fall, Voigtmann accepted a rotation opportunity with On the Hill Health Mart Pharmacy in St. Louis, where she worked alongside the pharmacy’s owner Chris Reynhout, B.S. ’99, Pharm.D. ’01. Almost immediately, he was impressed with Voigtmann’s personality and her ability to connect with every person that walked in the door.

“A lot of what I teach students is built around compassion and empathy, and the importance of taking the time to get to know patients and working with them one-on-one,” explained Reynhout. “Within days of Jamie being here, it was clear that she already possessed these qualities.”

On Voigtmann’s second week of rotation, an elderly patient visited the pharmacy looking to fill a prescription for his wife. To the dismay of the staff and the patient, the prescription had not been signed by the doctor, and due to the nature of the medicine, they were unable to get authorization over the phone. The prescription would have to be taken back to the doctor to be signed.

As Reynhout was speaking with the distraught patient about his options, Voigtmann spoke up to offer her assistance. She offered to drive to the doctor’s office to get the prescription signed, discuss the medication with the medical staff and deliver the medication back to the pharmacy where the patient would be receiving a flu shot later in the day.

“This patient was visibly distraught over the ordeal,” Voigtmann recalled. “He was just so happy and thankful that we went out of our way to help him that he even gave me a hug on his way out.”

Reynhout was highly impressed by Voigtmann’s assertiveness in the moment and tenderness toward the patient throughout the interaction.

“Being a good pharmacist is knowing the drugs and doing what you are trained to do, but being a great pharmacist is taking it to another level by showing compassion and empathy to patients,” explained Reynhout. “Seeing her exhibit that confidence in her second week was monumental. Sometimes you don’t even see that in seasoned pharmacists. She is very special and is going to do great things in her pharmacy career.”

With her independent pharmacy rotation behind her, Voigtmann will continue to participate in a variety of specialty programs throughout the year including rotations focused on ambulatory care, in-patient-bone marrow transplant, cardiology acute care, health systems management, bone marrow transplant in the intensive care unit, medication therapy management and infectious diseases.

“I’ve already learned so much, and I’ve been able to pull from what I learned in classes and build on that knowledge,” stated Voigtmann. “I love patient interaction. Being able to actually take care of patients and see their reactions reinforces that this is what I want to do.”

As she works to complete her year of rotations and embark on her career in pharmacy, Voigtmann hopes to continue working with patients and grow the compassion and empathy that are at the heart of pharmacist-patient relationships.

“My experience at On the Hill Health Mart really affected me and the way I look at pharmacy,” Voigtmann explained. “I would do anything for my patients, and I hope that if the roles were reversed, they would do the same for me. I want to work every day to try to make my patients feel better so they can continue to lead happy and healthy lives.”

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