Graduating Students Open Freshman Year Time Capsule

Published on 27 May 2019

Members of the St. Louis College of Pharmacy class of 2019 recently celebrated Commencement by taking time to look back on the past, opening time capsules that were saved from their freshman year.

The idea to create a time capsule was born in fall 2013 when class representatives, Derrick Barnett, Taylor Craig, Molly Kallal, Alan Mak, Maddy Mensing, Yoon Soo Park, Macy Russell and Amy Wong, decided to do something special and memorable for their class.

“We loved the idea of a time capsule because we knew it would represent a nostalgic moment for members of our class to experience right before graduation,” explained Park. “I can’t believe we’ve now graduated. It feels unreal that time has gone by so quickly.”

That spring, Park and the rest of the group handed out large manila envelopes to members of their class, instructing them to add items that represented their first year at the College. Students saved everything from photos and event memorabilia to future graduation cards and letters. Some even saved some cash to surprise their future self.

“We told everyone to include anything College-related that had sentimental value,” explained Wong. “I added letters to myself and letters from my family and friends, as well as mementos from events and activities I participated in as a freshman. I even saved a paper manatee from our dorm door decorating contest!”

After selecting their items, students sealed their envelopes, decorated the exterior and returned them to Park who has held on to the capsules ever since.

“I had fun moving the capsules with me throughout the years,” stated Park. “They have remained in the same box tucked away in my closet.”

Park, with the help of classmates Abigail Gould and Lindsey Lu, handed the capsules back out in early May during NAPLEX prep week on campus. While some students had forgotten about their capsules, everyone was excited to find out what they had included and reminisce about their memories from freshman year.

“Many of the items in my capsule meant a lot to me at the time, and seeing them now has made me appreciate that time even more,” said Wong. “I am still close with many of my friends from freshman year, and that gives me hope that we will remain close after graduation. I even ended up rooming with my freshman roommate again during APPE rotations, and as we talked about our capsules, we were able to reminisce about all our times together through these six years. This experience definitely brought our class closer together and we are more connected because of it.”

With their time at the College coming to a close and a new chapter about to begin, Park and Wong encourage future freshmen to cherish their memories and take time to enjoy every moment of their experience at the College.

“I am so happy and grateful for the opportunities I experienced at STLCOP,” stated Park. “I learned so much and had some incredible moments that I never thought I would be so lucky to have.”

“The time at STLCOP goes by really fast,” added Wong. “That’s why it’s so important to enjoy every single moment and set aside time to build relationships. At the end of the day, those will be the memories that students remember forever.”

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