Jarvis Named One of “Missouri’s Best Emerging Poets"

Published on 02 July 2018

A burst of late night creativity lead to the creation of P4 student Jake Jarvis’ poem, “In the Face of Doubt,” which was recently published in the February edition of “Missouri’s Best Emerging Poets.” The anthology publication features the work of 80 up-and-coming writers whose poetry is focused on a wide range of topics including love and heartbreak, family and friendship and the beauty of nature.

Jarvis’ poem asks readers to contemplate their answers to several of life’s big questions.

“It was spawned from my own personal contemplations on spirituality and religion,” Jarvis said. “The poem is sort of a message to readers about what I’ve gone through.”

He hopes that it will allow others to see that they are not alone in what they are experiencing.

“I hope people will see that somebody else has gone through something similar and had the same questions,” Jarvis said.

Jarvis says he’s been writing poems since he could pick up a pencil. Growing up in rural, southern Missouri, he used writing as a way to pass the time. Now he uses his poetry to reflect on his life.

“I can look back on things I have written, as far back as middle school, and see what was important to me then,” Jarvis said. “Poetry is a way to take something and put it to creative form to look back on later.”

Having always written for himself, Jarvis had never considered the possibility of being published. The opportunity arose after a different poem he wrote for St. Louis College of Pharmacy’s student-produced creative writing magazine, “Conjurxings,” was discovered by Z Publishing House. Just six months later, “In the Face of Doubt” was featured in “Missouri’s Best Emerging Poets.”

The College offers a wealth of options for students to fully explore their interests and embrace their artistic talents. From music to drama and creative writing, the College provides numerous ways for students to explore the liberal arts with the goal of educating well-rounded individuals who are prepared to provide empathetic and expert care for patients.

Jarvis hopes his writing will help him communicate better with patients once he enters the profession.

“Anytime you’re writing, you have to stop and think about the best way to say things,” said Jarvis.  “I think having this skill can really help with patient counseling because you can more easily determine what patients need to hear and how they need to hear it.”

You can read his poem, "In the Face of Doubt" below: 


In the Face of Doubt
by Jake Jarvis

Is it nobler to deny the truth
if the truth shelters itself from sight,
than to embrace a hope unfounded?

Is it nobler to deny solace,
to pursue an evasive truth,
and live a life ungrounded?

Is it redeemable to pursue a goal,
whose face is seldom seen,
than to chase a cliche dream?

Is a soul worthy of forgiveness, 
if its sins are harmless to another,
and joy from within it beams?

How must a man be judged, 
by a stern, yet absent, father, 
by a cause known not to him?

Can the expectation of faith,
no more solid than thought,
be granted on a whim? 

I, to my fellow man, proclaim,
that hope and faith and nobility,
are relative to the heart.

I, to my fellow doubters, proclaim,
that the poor end of a life,
is not justified by how it starts.

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