The Path to STLCOP

Published on 10 May 2017

Over the past decade, St. Louis College of Pharmacy has primarily admitted students directly from high school for the duration of the undergraduate and professional programs. However, in recent years, an increasing number of transfer students have been accepted. The College’s transition to a new academic program and new entry points have created opportunities for high-caliber transfer students to join the College community. With them, they bring impressive academic records, diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and life experiences that add value to the campus community. Three students share their transfer experiences and the paths that led them to call the College home.

the-path-to-stlcop-lan-ho.jpgLan Ho, P3

Transferred from Harvard University

Lan Ho knows a thing or two about rigorous academics. After completing her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a concentration in forensic science at Lindenwood University, Ho obtained her Master of Liberal Arts in Finance from Harvard University.

“After pursuing my chemistry and finance degrees, I felt pharmacy was the perfect industry to pursue,” she said. “It is the perfect synergistic combination of everything that interests me. I love the dynamic factor of the profession and how it can be perfect for someone who’s interested in being a pharmaceutical entrepreneur.”

Ho knows her prior coursework and degrees helped prepare her for the rigors of pharmacy school and believes her transfer student experience provides her with a one-of-a-kind outlook on learning.

“More times than not, transfer students come to STLCOP with previous degrees, experiences and backgrounds,” she said. “They provide a unique and broad perspective to the College.”

the-path-to-stlcop-alonzo-pierre.jpgAlonzo Pierre, P1

Transferred from Nova Southeastern University

Alonzo Pierre knew he would need to extend his roots outside Florida if he wanted to pursue pharmacy.

“Florida is very saturated with pharmacists,” he said. “The Midwest offers more opportunities, and I knew that STLCOP’s prestigious reputation would help me pursue a career in pharmacy and stand out among other pharmacy candidates.”

The Miami native knew the College would be a perfect fit for him. The College’s established reputation paired with its ideal location provided him with the best opportunity for success.

“I was attracted to the medical complex that surrounds the campus,” Pierre said. “Through the connections I have made, I have been hired as a pharmacy intern at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and even received an internship at Express Scripts Inc. for this summer.”

the-path-to-stlcop-dan-ilges.jpgDan Ilges, P2

Transferred from University of Mississippi

Having seen if the grass really was greener on the other side, Dan Ilges chose to return from Oxford, Mississippi, to his hometown. He was drawn to the College because of the ability to study alongside dedicated and curious students.

“I chose STLCOP mostly because I knew I wanted a change from Ole Miss,” he said. “I wanted a more intense learning environment, and the pace of the city. I knew the College was an excellent school, and I had family members graduate from here. Everything about it seemed right — it felt like home.”

Ilges could not be happier with his decision to transfer.

“The process was relatively easy,” he said. “I felt like I had a lot of hands-on, individual attention when I transferred. I felt like I mattered. It is comforting to attend a school that cares about you.”

Through their diverse college experiences, transfer students gain a perspective that often helps them become leaders on campus. The dedication transfer students show to their studies and the College contributes to the the culture of academic and professional success. Transfer students add to the richness of the College community while benefitting from the unparalleled academic and professional experiences that the College has to offer.

This story was first published in the spring 2017 issue of Script. Visit to read more and access previous issues.

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