Life-Changing Conversations

Published on 06 December 2017

The phone rings and the pharmacist answers. To his delight the person on the other end shares, “I’m taking my medication correctly now and I’m feeling much better. Thank you for your help, Dr. Pasucal.”

Stories like these are one of the many reasons Jeff Pasucal, Pharm.D. '17, chose to pursue a PGY1 community-based residency at Walgreens through St. Louis College of Pharmacy. His residency program expands upon what he learned during his Doctor of Pharmacy program while offering experience in direct patient care and giving him the chance to work with patients presenting a variety of complex disease states.

As a resident, Pasucal is able to see the direct impact his expertise and advice has on his patients’ health.

“At the wellness center, I meet with patients every week,” Pasucal said. “Our meetings help to ensure their medications are effective through conversation and a series of physical exams. If changes are needed, I communicate with their primary care physician my recommendations.”

Pasucal works in both specialty and clinic-based pharmacies within the Walgreens system, allowing him to travel to multiple sites within one residency program. His work is focused on direct patient care, which Pasucal says gives him the opportunity to build relationships with his patients.

“One of my patients was diagnosed with a blood clot and was prescribed the incorrect treatment regimen,” he said. “After speaking with the patient, I was able to identify the mistake and correct it accordingly. If I had not been given the opportunity to speak one-on-one with the patient, then they would have continued taking the incorrect regimen which could have aggravated their condition.”

Pasucal’s ability to engage in life-changing conversations has played a critical role in improving health outcomes for his patients.

“I get the opportunity to work with patients suffering from conditions sometimes requiring complex treatment regimens,” he said. “On a weekly basis, I get to work with these patients to ensure that they can live long healthy lives. As a pharmacist, it’s humbling to work with these patients.”

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