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Published on 04 November 2016

Our strategic plan, STLCOP 20/20, has served as a blueprint to guide St. Louis College of Pharmacy’s evolution into a globally prominent academic and research institution. Building on our history and prestigious reputation, we are embracing our role as a leader in health care education and taking bold steps into the future.

With your support, we have made significant progress. We have formed partnerships that give us a stronger voice to advocate for pharmacists in the broader health care conversation. These partnerships have allowed us to establish academic and research centers where faculty researchers push the boundaries of our knowledge and students build foundational skills.

By taking a leadership role in pharmacy, we will increase awareness of the proud history of innovation at the College and maximize the value of a STLCOP degree for all students – past, present and future.

Join us as we define the future of pharmacy education.

On Nov. 10, we will share a special announcement you will not want to miss. Join us for this innovative, web-based event to learn about the exciting changes underway and see what comes next.

We have accomplished great things, and now it is time to look to the future. As we take the next step, we invite members of the STLCOP community across the country and around the world to be a part of this exciting announcement.

Join us online at for a special presentation Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016, at 7 p.m. CST.

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