From the West to the Midwest: Siblings Attend STLCOP Together

Published on 03 May 2016

After moving nearly 2,000 miles across the country, the Tu siblings all found their “home away from home” at St. Louis College of Pharmacy. Sydney Tu is currently in her sophomore year, and Amber and Tim Tu are freshmen. Transitioning from California to Missouri has been an exciting adventure for the siblings. With each other’s support, they are taking advantage of the clinical, educational, and social opportunities the College offers.

 “I knew I wanted to come to STLCOP because of its location of being in a biomedical complex,” Sydney said. “Living within walking distance of a hospital isn’t something that I had experienced in Southern California. Here I feel so fortunate to be able to interact and collaborate with health care professionals every single day.”

The positive experiences Sydney had during her freshman year convinced her the College would be a great option for her siblings. She knew she wanted them to join her, but she also wanted Amber and Tim to make their own decisions. Amber and Tim came to visit Sydney and immediately knew they wanted to make STLCOP their new home.

“California is a big melting pot, so coming to the Midwest was a change,” Amber said. “Everyone here is very nice, really friendly, and willing to help so it made it a lot easier.”

The Tu siblings have been able to navigate changes as a family while still maintaining their independence.

“We all have the opportunity to participate in different activities. For example, I volunteer at Barnes-Jewish Hospital,” Sydney said. “I play basketball with friends and I’m on the Track and Field team,” Tim added. “I didn’t do Yearbook in high school, but it is something I really enjoy participating in here,” Amber said.

Not only do the Tu siblings enjoy participating in various activities, but they all chose pharmacy for a different reason. Sydney chose the College because she enjoys serving others and learning how the body works. Amber appreciates the breadth of career options available within the profession. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in health humanities while exploring the many paths she could follow. Tim has always been interested in chemistry and hopes that a degree in pharmacy will help him follow his dream of a career in chemical engineering. 

The move to the Midwest was a big step for the younger Tu siblings, but having the support of an older sister and the College community eased the transition.

Three students attending the College together creates a bit of confusion, but the Tu siblings take it in stride. They don’t mind the confused looks they get when they explain that they are related.

“People always think Tim and Amber are twins or they’re dating,” Sydney said. “Or they don’t realize we have an older sister here on campus,” Amber said. “We don’t really look alike so it makes sense that professors would get confused since we are together a lot,” Tim said.

The siblings appreciate faculty members’ interest in their lives and are happy to clarify that they are indeed related. “Even though it’s funny to explain that we’re siblings, it’s nice that faculty members are so willing to take an interest in their students,” Sydney said. “Attending the same college together wasn’t planned, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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