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The Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry provides a foundational study of the biological and physical sciences and how they relate to health and medicine.Biochemistry Thumbnail

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About the Program

Graduates of the program develop skills to understand the chemistry associated with disease states, metabolism and pharmaceutical evaluation, preparing you for a future in medicine, laboratories, and other environments.

With an understanding of how chemistry and biology can work together to improve health outcomes, you can begin a career as a chemist, material scientist, laboratory technician or medical scientist. Or use this foundation to continue to graduate or advanced study in medicine, biology or chemistry.

Student Outcomes

In the biochemistry program, you will build the skills you need to succeed, including the ability to:

  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of the fundamentals of biology, chemistry and physics
  • Solve problems, accurately analyzing data and recognizing trends
  • Demonstrate basic quantitative literacy skills
  • Demonstrate basic laboratory and research skills
  • Design experiments and understand the limitations of the experimental approach
  • Accurately and reproducibly prepare materials for experiments and process raw data
  • Work safely and effectively in the laboratory
  • Analyze and gather appropriate information from scientific literature
  • Demonstrate appropriate awareness of ethical issues in life sciences
  • Use oral, written and visual presentations to present work to a scientifically literate audience as well as the general public

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