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Student Health Insurance

As an institution dedicated to the study of health care, University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis also emphasizes personal health and well-being.

Students are required to complete an insurance waiver. In order to complete the waiver, students must provide proof of coverage that meets the University's requirements.

Review insurance requirements. 

If students do not have qualifying coverage, they will be required to enroll under the University-sponsored insurance plan.

Students must register for courses before completing the health insurance enrollment or waiver.

Students who have not completed the enrollment waiver and provided proof of coverage before the deadlines will have a hold placed on their student accounts until they take action.

Learn how to create and access your account. 

If you experience submission issues, please use a desktop computer and Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to submit your waiver or enrollment application.

For additional assistance on the waiver process, contact Wellfleet customer service is available at 1.877.657.5030 or via message at wellfleetstudent.com/contact.

New Incoming Students

Incoming students must complete their health insurance enrollment or waiver between Aug.1-Aug. 30.

Incoming students will receive an email in early August to their UHSP email that explains the enrollment and waiver process.

University-Sponsored Health Insurance Plan Rate

The cost for University-sponsored health insurance for the 2021-22 school year is $4,429 which will be divided into two payments. The fall semester payment will be $1,857 and the spring semester payment will be $2,572. Health insurance payments will be added to your student account. The cost of health insurance is financial aid eligible.


Students who are not covered by a qualified health insurance plan must complete enrollment for the University-sponsored health insurance plan each semester. 

Once enrolled, this policy cannot be canceled.

You can access your health insurance ID card through your online account.

Discover your benefits. 

Fall Semester Enrollment

To enroll for the fall semester (Aug. 1-Dec. 31), complete your enrollment by Aug. 1 at wellfleetstudent.com. The enrollment period will open June 1. 

Spring Semester Enrollment

To enroll for the spring semester (Jan. 1-July 31), complete your enrollment by Dec. 31 at wellfleetstudent.com. The enrollment period will open Dec. 1.

Qualifying Life Event

If you experience a qualifying life event or lapse in coverage that qualifies you for a special enrollment period, you can enroll in the University-sponsored plan outside of the fall and spring enrollment periods.

To request coverage due to a qualifying life event, submit the Student Health Insurance Qualified Late Enrollment Form and a copy of your benefits coverage termination letter to Lisa Dollar, administrative assistant for student affairs, at lisa.dollar@uhsp.edu.

If you experience submission issues, please use a desktop computer and Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to submit your waiver or enrollment application.

Learn more about qualifying life events.

Waive Coverage

Each year, email reminders are distributed to students during the summer regarding the enrollment and waiver period. Instructions also are included in the summer tuition statement in July.

Students are eligible to submit an annual waiver beginning June 1. Students must register for fall courses before completing the health insurance waiver.

If your waiver information is not verified upon the completion of the fall semester or you have a lapse in coverage, you will be required to submit another waiver or complete enrollment for the spring semester.

Automatic Health Insurance Bill

Every student will be billed for health insurance coverage for the fall semester. This charge is added as a reminder to complete the enrollment or waiver process.

If the waiver is accepted, the health insurance charge will be credited to your student account in August.

If a student does not complete the waiver process, this charge becomes permanent.

If a student completes the enrollment process and selects another method of payment, the charge is credited to their student account.


A complete summary of benefits can be found at wellfleetstudent.com.

Wellfleet customer service is available at 1.877.657.5030 or via message at wellfleetstudent.com/contact.

For more information, please contact Lisa Dollar, Executive Assistant for Campus Life, at lisa.dollar@uhsp.edu.

As you are deciding on health insurance, it's important to make an informed decision. This website provides a lot of good information to guide you in making the best decision you can about your health insurance.  Not all options listed will meet our requirements; if you have any questions please reach out to Lisa Dollar.

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