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Student Health Insurance

As an institution dedicated to the study of health care, University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis also emphasizes personal health and well-being.

All students are required to have health insurance.  We believe that healthy students are empowered to promote a healthy society.  We offer a comprehensive health insurance policy for students who do not have insurance coverage already.  If students do have insurance through another provider, they are required to complete an insurance waiver. In order to complete the waiver, students must provide proof of coverage that meets the University's requirements.

Review Insurance Requirements

If students do not have qualifying coverage, they will be required to enroll under the University-sponsored insurance plan.

Incoming Students

Incoming students must complete their health insurance enrollment or waiver between Aug.1-Aug. 30.

Incoming students will receive an email in July to their personal email from admissions and another in early August to their UHSP email that explains the enrollment and waiver process.

University-Sponsored Health Insurance Plan Rate

The cost for University-sponsored health insurance for the 2022-23 school year is $4,573. Every student will be charged the full amount of the plan on their student acount fall bill.  The cost of health insurance is financial aid eligible.  The insurance is provided by Wellfleet Insurance which utilizes the Cigna network and is administered through Gallagher Student Health.


Students who are not covered by a qualified health insurance plan must complete enrollment for the University-sponsored health insurance plan each year.

Once enrolled, this policy cannot be canceled.

You can access your health insurance ID card through your online account.

All students who enroll have access to vision and dental discounts, as well as Silvercloud, an online behavioral health platform, and a 24-hour nurseline (800.634.7629).

The enrollment period for the 2022-2023 school year opens July 1 for returning students, and August 1 for new students.  Complete your enrollment by Aug. 31 at gallagherstudent.com/uhsp*.

Qualifying Life Event

If you experience a qualifying life event or lapse in coverage that qualifies you for a special enrollment period, you can enroll in the University-sponsored plan outside of the fall enrollment period.

To request coverage due to a qualifying life event, submit the Student Health Insurance Qualified Late Enrollment Form and a copy of your benefits coverage termination letter to Lisa Dollar, executive assistant for campus life, at lisa.dollar@uhsp.edu.

Learn More About Qualifying Life Events

Waive Coverage

Each year, email reminders are distributed to students during the summer regarding the enrollment and waiver period. Instructions also are included in the summer tuition statement in July.

Returning students are eligible to submit an annual waiver beginning July 1. Students must register for fall courses before completing the health insurance waiver.

Automatic Health Insurance Bill

Every student will be billed for health insurance coverage for the year on their fall semester bill. This charge is added as a reminder to complete the enrollment or waiver process.

If the waiver is accepted, the health insurance charge will be credited to your student account, usually within 2 weeks.

If a student does not complete the waiver process by Aug 31, this charge becomes permanent.

Additional Services for Purchase

All students have the option to purchase additional insurance through Gallagher Student Health.  These services are secured by Gallagher through a third party company.  For more information about each insurance, visit the Gallagher website* and under "Plan Details" choose "Additional Products Needed."

Dental Insurance

The premium is $31.57 per month if you enroll before September 20.  If you enroll after September 20, the rate will increase to $32.81/month.  Students can enroll anytime.  The insurance renews automatically and you must call to cancel.

Vision Insurance

The premium is $10.98 per month.  Students can enroll anytime.  The insurance renews automatically and you must call to cancel.

Tuition Insurance

The Tuition Preferred Plan premium is 2% of the policy amount.  For example, if you request $10,000 of coverage, the premium is $200.  

Personal Property Insurance

Enroll anytime for a 12-month policy.  The coverage is comprehensive and covers broad peril including accidental damage.  A policy with a $50 deductible that covers $5,000 has an annual premium of $125.

See the website for more information on rates and plans available.

Questions and Help Lines

A complete summary of benefits can be found at gallagherstudent.com/uhsp*.

Gallagher customer service is available at 1.833.866.8718.

24-hour nurseline for those enrolled in the SHIP: 1.800.634.7629.

For claims questions, contact Wellfleet at: 800.633.7867 or at customerservice@wellfleetinsurance.com

For any other question, more information, or general help, please contact Lisa Dollar, Executive Assistant for Campus Life, at lisa.dollar@uhsp.edu.

As you are deciding on health insurance, it's important to make an informed decision. TheBestSchools.org provides a lot of good information to guide you in making the best decision you can about your health insurance.  Not all options listed will meet our insurance requirements; if you have any questions please reach out to Lisa Dollar.

*Disclaimer: The University does not directly provide insurance products referred to on this page.  These products are provided independently by third parties.  The University is not financially responsible for the products that students directly contract to purchase through a third party such as Gallagher Student Health, Wellfleet, or other vendors.  Linking to a third party’s web page should not be construed as a University endorsement or guarantee of insurance products or the accuracy of information provided to students including, without limitation, the links to companies offering additional products on their web sites.  Since the University does not control, endorse, or guarantee information on third party sites it is important to remind students that such information and links are not covered by the University’s privacy policy.     

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