Register Your Vehicle

After reviewing the parking permit options, you may register your vehicle and select your parking option online.

Students complete your parking registration

Faculty and staff complete your parking registration

Please note, University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis reserves the right to:
  • With probable cause, to search all vehicles and issue citations, tow, or immobilize—at the registered owner’s expense—any vehicle that is in violation of the established traffic and parking regulations. Furthermore, the University reserves the right to obtain vehicle registration information through the Missouri Department of Revenue in order to identify unregistered vehicles on campus. All costs associated with this process will be assigned to the registered vehicle owner.
  • Request vehicles with issued parking permits to vacate the assigned lots or spaces for necessary parking lot maintenance/repairs and snow removal. Additionally, the University reserves the right to restrict and/or temporarily close any campus roadway or parking area for special events.
  • Interpret these regulations and to revise them—in whole or in part—as needed. The vice president for University Services, or his/her designee, is authorized to temporarily suspend any provision(s) of these regulations if he/she determines—in his/her discretion—that such action is necessary to permit the proper conduct of University business.

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