Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I qualify for Mortar and Pestle Society parking?

A. Contact Vincent Piazza, annual giving officer in the Office of Advancement, at 314.446.8395 or

Q. How many vehicles can be attached to one registered parking permit?

A. One permit per registered vehicle.

Q. If I park off campus, can I move my vehicle from the Duncan Avenue Garage or Kingshighway Lot to the Children's Place Garage? If so, at what time?

A. Employees and students with registered parking in the Duncan Avenue Garage  or Kingshighway Lot may move their vehicles to Children’s Place Garage after 3 p.m. Monday-Friday (vehicles must be out of the garage by 7 a.m.).

Duncan Avenue Garage and Kingshighway Lot parkers may also park in the Children's Place Garage all day Saturday and Sunday.

Q. If the parking spaces are full after I apply for parking, do I have to reapply for another parking lot, and will I be charged the fee again?

A. Fill out only one application. If space is not available in the Children’s Place Garage, you will be put on the list for off-campus parking, if available.

Q. I am living in the Residence Hall next year and was wondering if there is a different parking application to fill out?

A. ALL students requesting parking must fill out the online application.

Q. Can parking permits be purchased month-by-month or by semester?

A. Parking is assigned for the entire academic year. However, special parking arrangements may be made, based on availability.

Q. If I applied for the Children's Place Garage and do not get it, do I need to reapply for the Duncan Avenue Garage or Kingshighway Lot?

A. Only one application is necessary. Those who do not get assigned to the Children's Place Garage will be put on the list and be offered off-campus parking, if available.

Q. I will be on rotations and will only need parking for one semester? What should I do?

A. Parking for rotations may be purchased for $40 per week (billed to your student account). Contact the Office of Parking, Transportation and Access Control for more information.

Q. I tried to fill out the online parking application, but it won’t let me access the website. It says the website has expired.

A. Contact the Technical Support Center at 314.446.5555 or

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