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Faculty and Staff Policies

Faculty and Staff Policies

Faculty and staff should familiarize themselves with the institutional policies in the University’s policy library and the additional institutional policies provided on this website.

Questions about a policy should be directed to the policy contact listed on the policy or the responsible office.

Individual units may maintain additional policies applying only to that unit that are not in conflict with University-wide policies. Unit and department policies do not override institutional policies.

Additional Resources for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff Handbooks

The faculty and staff of University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis are among its most valuable resources. The Office of Human Resources provides Faculty and Staff Handbooks to provide general information and guidelines. While these handbooks are important resources, they are not intended to be comprehensive or address all the possible applications of, or exceptions to, the general policies and procedures described.

Other policies may apply to faculty and staff and can be found in the University’s library or other policy compilations (such as Student Code or Academic Catalog).

Any questions regarding application of or exception to these guidelines should be directed to the Office of Human Resources.

Review the Faculty Handbook

Review the Staff Handbook

Faculty and Staff Handbooks have been written to serve as a guide for the employer/employee relationship and do not constitute a contract of employment or a legal document.

The University reserves the right through its Board of Trustees, its president and all authorized members of its management staff to carry out all customary functions of management, including the right to revise and discontinue policies, procedures and benefits at any time with or without notice to faculty and staff.

Faculty Bylaws

The Faculty Bylaws describe the procedures by which the faculty fulfills its responsibility for formulating and implementing the educational policy of the University and its other responsibilities for working efficiently and effectively with other constituencies of the University.

The bylaws, as the core document of faculty governance, outlines the processes and structures of governance, and policies and procedures.

Authority and ultimate management of all operations of the University rest with the Board of Trustees, which has delegated responsibility for academic affairs to the president and the faculty.

Review the Faculty Bylaws

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