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Copyright and Computing Ethics Policies

Copyright and Computing Ethics Policies

The following policies apply to all students, faculty, staff, vendors and contractors. The complete policies are posted in the institutional policy library.

Copyright Policy

Copyright law protects the tangible expression of original works of authorship. Ideas are not protected under copyright but may be protected under patent law if they meet the criteria for a patent. Copyright owners have certain exclusive rights to reproduce works, make derivative works, and disseminate works through performance, display, distribution, sales and licensing. These rights are limited by some exceptions, including "fair use" of insubstantial portions of copyrighted materials for teaching and other academic purposes.

This policy sets forth the rights and responsibilities of University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis, its faculty, students and employees in their roles as members of the University community in creating and using copyrighted works.

The copyright policy is subject to University policies addressing conflicts of interest, conflicts of commitment and patents.

This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students and third parties who use the University's facilities or resources.

Read the complete Copyright Policy.

Conditions of Use and Computing Ethics

The Conditions of Use and Computing Ethics applies to all active members of the University community, including faculty, students, staff and affiliates and to authorized visitors, guests and others for whom University technology resources and network access are made available by the University.

This policy also applies to campus visitors who avail themselves of the University’s temporary visitor wireless network access and to those who register their computers and other devices through Conference and Event Services programs or through other offices for use of the campus network.

Read the complete Conditions of Use and Computing Ethics policy.




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