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In this new feature, we are catching up with members of the alumni community to see what they have been up to since we last saw them. We connected with John Galle, Pharm.D. ’07, MBA, BCPP, who received the 2010 UHSP Distinguished Young Alumnus Award.

Tim Koch, B.S. ’95, senior director of pharmacy practice compliance for Walmart Inc., and his wife Gina, recently seized the opportunity to triple their impact on the future of the University through Walmart Inc.’s 60th anniversary celebration that featured an employer donation match.

Harrison Yoon, Pharm.D. ’20, is utilizing the skills he obtained from his fellowship with UHSP’s Center for Health Outcomes Research and Education to pursue a new career venture with Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson.

Through the addition of new undergraduate programs, colleges and athletics teams, UHSP is focused on finding innovative ways to support students in their journey to become future health care leaders and innovators.

From conducting groundbreaking research on snake pheromones to achieving a record-breaking batting average and First-Team All-Conference American Midwest Conference recognition, senior Michelle Hollon is embracing all that University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy has to offer.

Juan Rodriguez, Ph.D., professor of physics, and Steven Bassnett, Ph.D., Grace Nelson Lacy Distinguished Professor of Opthalmology and Visual Science at the School of Medicine, have partnered to investigate the elasticity of connective tissue, focusing on fibers within the eye.

With diversity and inclusion at the heart of the University’s core values, faculty and staff work to foster social awareness and cultural sensitivity and embrace diverse perspectives to create a nurturing environment where today’s students can grow into empathetic and compassionate health care leaders.

From working in small Midwestern hospitals to managing hundreds of hospital pharmacies across the country to becoming vice president of supply chain solutions at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Ronald Graham, B.S. ’78, has been a champion of expanding access to health care through novel approaches and out-of-the-box problem solving.

Theresa Human, B.S. ’98, Pharm.D. ’99, developed a love for critical care pharmacy which served as a springboard to a dynamic career that has taken her from the Neuro ICU to the research lab and her current role as a Medical Science Liaison.

Carving his own path from pharmacist to hospital administrator to educator, Robert Salter, B.S. ’70, MHA, Ed.D., enrolled at St. Louis College of Pharmacy and began his journey in health care

Ream Al-Hasani, Ph.D., assistant professor of pharmaceutical science at UHSP, and her research team are conducting groundbreaking research on the neurological effects of addiction and the brain’s response to pain or stress.

As students at St. Louis College of Pharmacy in the mid-1990s, siblings Seamus Kloos, Kristina Kloos Bryowsky and Mike Kloos supported each other as they pursued their Doctors of Pharmacy just years apart.

Since the addition of Jordan Watson, LPC, director for career services and employer relations, the Center for Career Services and Education has expanded its programming and its approach to career support and education for students and alumni.

Experiential education is a core component of a pharmacist’s training, and through experiential rotations each year, student pharmacists at St. Louis College of Pharmacy at UHSP develop as professionals and use the knowledge they gain in the classroom in hands-on pharmacy practice experiences under the guidance of licensed pharmacist preceptors.

Hoping to expand their overall perspectives and diversify their career opportunities, P2 students Lauren Freels, B.S. ’21, and Abigail Herman, B.S. ’21, began coursework in University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis’ new Global Health Certificate Programs earlier this fall. In their experience so far, they have each discovered a new realm of possibilities for their futures.

Neil Schmidt, B.S. ’73, truly emulates the value of service and has throughout his entire career. His years of contribution to his students, staff and network of fellow pharmacists have advanced the profession of pharmacy and will continue to do so for generations to come.

Thomas Suh, B.S. ’18, is grateful for the strong educational foundation he received during his time as a student at University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis that has equipped him with the skills required for navigating his first semester at A.T. Still University-Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (ATSU-KCOM).

P4 student Veeraya “Vicky” Kullavanijaya shares how her passion for improving patient care and health outcomes has taken her around the globe.

White coat ceremonies have long been a tradition at many colleges and schools of pharmacy, marking a student's passage into the Doctor of Pharmacy program.

Even after a 42-year career in dentistry, John Grigus III, B.S. '66, credits his pharmacy education for his successful and fulfilling career as a dentist.

A passionate leader and changemaker, David D. Allen, RPh, Ph.D., president of UHSP, brings to campus an enthusiasm and energy that is not only infectious but a perfect match for this pivotal moment in the University’s history.

The unique career path of Tyler Taylor, Pharm.D. '15, took him from the Navy to his current role as an independent community pharmacy owner.

Philanthropic gifts have the ability to impact an institution for generations. For UHSP, the generosity and foresight of supporters throughout our history have allowed for the healthy growth of our institutional endowment, which has allowed us to meet both opportunities and challenges for 157 years.

In April 2020, John A. Pieper, Pharm.D., FCCP, FAPhA, FFIP, president and professor of the University, announced he would retire in June 2021, following 11 years as president of the University and a 41-year career in academic pharmacy.

Throughout her education, career and retirement, Carolyn “Susie” (Naeger) Bussen, B.S. ’70, has let her fierce passion for learning and endless curiosity guide her — inspiring those around her to do the same.

With a bright future ahead, an energized community and a solid foundation, the stage was set for a new strategic plan — a plan unlike any other in the history of the University.

At the start of his career, Bob Eschbacher, B.S. ’85, MBA, Pharm.D., was unsure of where his path would lead him. Determined to make a positive impact on society, he set his sights on exploring all that the profession of pharmacy had to offer.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office of Admissions has adapted its recruitment strategies to meet the needs of incoming students.

P4 student Sai Dodda has led successful research projects both on campus and through partnerships in the Washington University Medical Campus, including taking the top prize at the Infectious Diseases Society of America's IDEA Incubator competition.

Mital S. Shah, Pharm.D. ’15, MBA used her UHSP education to create a successful career as a management consultant for Deloitte, a multinational professional services network and the largest professional services network in the world.

When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in Missouri and Illinois and quickly became a statewide emergency, pharmacists rose once again to the challenge of serving their communities in new and expanded ways.

Diane (Berry) Unterreiner, B.S. ’56, has always possessed a tenacious spirit. Her determination, paired with a unique family history of women in pharmacy, led her to pursue a career in pharmacy that would change the trajectory of her life.

Michael Pruett, B.S. ’81, MBA, has always been an innovative problem-solver. With his knack for invention, he has created devices and solutions that range from an aftermarket bicycle brake handle to an IV port saver used to prevent IV bags from leaking.

Through the relationships they built while attending the Scholarship Awards Dinner with their cousin, Mike and Janice Spathelf developed a lasting connection to the University and the mission to support students through scholarships.

When it comes to Tom Wightman's, B.S. '59, long history with community pharmacy, he continues to hold the belief that what makes pharmacy great is the feeling of joy that comes with helping people.

First-year undergraduate student Daniella Underwood has always had a passion for service. With a passion for giving back and a love of science, Underwood found pharmacy to be the path for her.

Pharmacists who dedicate themselves to hospice and palliative care add immense value through their combination of interdisciplinary knowledge, medication expertise and a focus on compassionate patient care.

Isaac Butler, Pharm.D., MBA, vice president for career services and education, and Kilinyaa Cothran, B.S. '01, M.Ed., Ph.D., assistant vice president for career services and education, are at the helm of the new Center for Career Services and Education due to launch in fall 2020.

Career paths are not always clear. Life experiences can lead to the discovery of passions that set us on a new course. With the introduction of St. Louis College of Pharmacy’s Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2014 and the addition of four new bachelor’s degrees in 2019, students are benefitting from newfound flexibility to follow their professional passions wherever they may lead.

The cost of attending college has increased steadily over the last decade, and student debt continues to rise. At St. Louis College of Pharmacy, the Office of Financial Aid provides support to help students make sensible financial choices as they pursue their goals.

After joining the faculty at St. Louis College of Pharmacy last fall, Giovanni Pauletti, M.Pharm., Ph.D., Gustavus and Henry Pfeiffer Endowed Chair in Pharmacy and professor and chair of the Department of Pharmaceutical and Administrative Sciences, has begun work to build global health offerings at the College.

Established in the 1950s, the field of pharmacogenetics, the study of how one particular gene can impact a pharmacologic response from a drug, has grown to be one of the most promising areas in revolutionizing personalized medicine.

Working his way up from staff pharmacist to president and CEO, Jerry Esker, B.S. ’82, MBA, has worked within the Sarah Bush Lincoln Health System in East Central Illinois for more than 30 years. Throughout his career, Esker has served as a trusted leader in health care committed to providing care for all.

With the right mentorship, curiosity and ambition, Irving Boime, B.S. ’64, Ph.D., discovered a path grounded in pharmacy and guided by research, eventually establishing himself in endocrinology and biochemistry research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

During vaccination season, pharmacists are on the front lines addressing misinformation about vaccine safety and effectiveness.

During an exciting election last spring, P3 student Sydney Tu made College history when she was elected to serve as the 2019-20 APhA-ASP national president-elect.

Changes to the higher education enrollment landscape and trends in federal aid availability over recent years have prompted St. Louis College of Pharmacy to examine new approaches to attract prospective students.

When P3 student Nicole Savant first enrolled in St. Louis College of Pharmacy’s international service learning course bound for Poland, she couldn’t imagine the lasting impact the trip would have on her.

Mickey Smith, B.S. '60, M.S. '62, is something of a Renaissance man – a prolific author, historian, world traveler, marketer, academician and pharmacist. Smith used his passion for seeking and sharing knowledge to carve a unique path in pharmacy.

First-year student Jasmine Adams shares how St. Louis College of Pharmacy has supported her desire to give back to the local community.

As the field of geriatric medicine continues to grow so does the demand for consultant pharmacists like Curt Wood, B.S. '90, BCGP, FASCP, founder of Elder Care Pharmacy Consultants LLC.

With more and more states taking steps to legalize medical marijuana, increasing numbers of individuals are utilizing the substance to treat a variety of health issues, yet health care providers and patients still have much to learn regarding its health benefits and risks, and the issues surrounding its legality.

Beyond named scholarships, the College provides many avenues of support and aid to students. From merit- and need-based scholarships to federal and state grants, approximately 94 percent of students receive financial aid, and 60 percent of students receive aid directly from the College.

With increasing numbers of students expressing a desire to take part in undergraduate research opportunities, St. Louis College of Pharmacy has established the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program.

The College is dedicated to its students and believes these four new programs, tailored to the demands of the health professions market, will provide future students with the ability to find themselves within the context of health care.

Too often, health care practitioners get only a snapshot of their patients’ conditions and find themselves working in silos. Through an interdisciplinary approach, providers can share knowledge, form a more complete picture of a patient and achieve better outcomes.

Gina Banks, Pharm.D. ’14, M.S., MPH, lets her drive to help others and her quest for knowledge guide her through an impressive career in health sciences and academia.

Community pharmacists are a patient’s most accessible health care provider, and as medication experts, they are critical to maintaining and improving patients’ health. While this truth has long been understood by pharmacists and the patients who rely on them, the larger health care industry has been slow to fully leverage community pharmacists as the invaluable resource they are.

On Feb. 1, Tom Burris, Ph.D., FAAAS, FAHA, joined St. Louis College of Pharmacy as the Alumni Endowed Professor in the Center for Clinical Pharmacology and President’s Senior Research Advisor. Burris brings the center one step closer to becoming a national research leader in pain management and personalized approaches to medication therapy.

In 1930, a group of students started assembling a history of pharmacy museum. Led by Eugene Clark, associate professor of pharmacognosy, the students reconstructed a pharmacy that captured the spirit of early American pharmacy.

At St. Louis College of Pharmacy, the sky is the limit when it comes to learning opportunities, and P4 student Dan Ilges is taking advantage of all the College has to offer. From assisting renowned researchers and forming new student organizations to attending a national standard-setting meeting, Ilges has been committed to making the most of his college experience.

Nourished by the commitment of the pharmacy pioneers who came before, the College’s roots continue to provide a strong foundation for future growth and transformational change.

The opening of the new Recreation and Student Center (RAS) marks a homecoming for the Eutectics. The RAS provides new facilities for student-athletes including a competition gymnasium, conditioning facilities, a Hall of Fame room and event spaces.

David Norman ’67, R.Ph., was certain of three things growing up—he was not going to work in his family’s pharmacy, he was never moving back to Ava, Missouri, and he was not going to be a pharmacist. Young Norman could not have been more wrong about his future.

After 12 years of practice, Jill Sellers ’92/’93, Pharm.D., took a leap of faith to make the transition from pharmacist to communications entrepreneur.

St. Louis College of Pharmacy and its faculty have a long-standing tradition of incorporating the latest technologies to support student learning.

Over the past decade, St. Louis College of Pharmacy has primarily admitted students directly from high school for the duration of the undergraduate and professional programs. However, in recent years, an increasing number of transfer students have been accepted.

Nearly three years ago, St. Louis College of Pharmacy broke ground on the Academic and Research Building and marked the beginning of a project that would transform the face of the College.

St. Louis College of Pharmacy is home to a talented, diverse group of students. The qualities that make them special are too numerous to count, but faculty, staff and alumni know that there’s a special trend among our students. They often come in pairs!

The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016 outlines new provisions to help pharmacists and other health care providers continue the fight against opioid abuse.

Kurt Kleinmann ’59, R.Ph., M.S., came to the U.S. in 1941 only knowing “yes” and “no,” but would carve a place for himself in the profession of pharmacy through lifelong learning and a dedication to teaching those after him.

Projected to save billions of dollars in U.S. health care costs, biosimilars are a highly anticipated alternative to some of the most expensive medications on the market. However, from ongoing patent litigation and legislation to complex development processes, pharmacists and the U.S. prescription drug industry are left to hang on the cusp of a revolution.

How a health sciences foundation enriched by liberal arts experiences is helping students explore their passions.

Sister Mary Louise Degenhart ’60 receives the prestigious Harvey A.K. Whitney Lecture Award.

Join us as we define the future of pharmacy education. On Nov. 10, we will share a special announcement you will not want to miss.

Christopher Smith ’08 doesn’t remember a transformative moment when God called him closer. There were no bolts of lightning or a definitive sign from above or the sort of epiphany that can lead to a life of prayer and reflection. He was a young man, already a graduate of St. Louis College of Pharmacy when, little by little, life—and the pull of something bigger than himself—seemed to be nudging him in a different direction.

How two faculty members at St. Louis College of Pharmacy are helping reduce hospital readmission rates.

Skydiver, Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA)national president, licensed insurance agent, and student pharmacist are just a few ways to describe P3 student Jessie Nia Hwang.

With 1,685,210 new cancer cases expected to be diagnosed in 2016, according to the American Cancer Association, the necessity to expand our knowledge of cancer biology to improve treatment is undeniable. Simply learning more about the biology of cancer is not enough; it is only one piece of the puzzle.

Phase II of the master plan to transform the campus of St. Louis College of Pharmacy is quickly coming together. When complete, the College will have added more than 400,000 square feet of classrooms, labs, study areas, recreation facilities, and living space in just three years.

Less than 20 percent of Americans smoke. Every year, more try to quit. Asking for help from a pharmacist help could increase your chances of putting cigarettes down for good.

Evan Schnur ’12 received the Rising Star award at the Next-Generation Pharmacist awards gala in August.

For STLCOP students, community service and outreach are a way of life.

What do you do when you have no idea why your spouse is acting so strangely? Doug Joseph ’85/’90 knew something wasn't quite right with his wife, Kris, yet no one could give him any answers—until one morning when she couldn't get up to walk.

Associate Professor Jasna Marjanovic has been awarded an NIH grant—the first in STLCOP's history—to study an enzyme in blood platelets.

St. Louis College of Pharmacy, Washington University, and Barnes-Jewish College have created an interprofessional education collaboration.

Rebecca Lich, who grew up among the hills of rural Jefferson County, Mo., has an undying, undeniable desire to see the world, learn about different cultures, and create new experiences

Whether a person is moving from operating to recovery room, hospital to home, or home to skilled-care facility, each transition of care can become a complicated, intricate process.

Pharmacists and physicians are increasingly using genetic testing for patients who are taking a host of medications, such as warfarin or antidepressants, to help use the correct dosage.

College alumnus is the acting director of professional degree program accreditation at the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education

Professor John Beale's discovery of four drug compounds—for which he has acquired the first international patent in STLCOP's history—may treat and even prevent Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Ismar Karadzic ’10 has treated the president of the United States, who was also a medical doctor. Well, not really. But Karadzic’s patient definitely believed he was both of those things.

Asthma, a chronic disease affecting 20 million Americans, including nine million children, continues to affect the city of St. Louis. In 2012, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America ranked St. Louis seventh on their list of the 10 asthma capitals in the U.S.

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