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History Stories

If you have ever passed by Jones Hall’s historic north entrance, you may have noticed a bronze statue of a man wearing fuzzy bunny slippers, but you may not know the story behind the slippers.

In the early 1950s, after talks between the Mound City Pharmacists Association and Arthur Schlicting, dean of St. Louis College of Pharmacy, three students were admitted to the College that would pave the way for students of color in pharmacy education as well as the profession.

In 1930, a group of students started assembling a history of pharmacy museum. Led by Eugene Clark, associate professor of pharmacognosy, the students reconstructed a pharmacy that captured the spirit of early American pharmacy.

St. Louis College of Pharmacy and its faculty have a long-standing tradition of incorporating the latest technologies to support student learning.

In October 1881, the Board of Trustees made the landmark decision to admit women into the pharmacy program. With the enrollment of Esther Wightman, the first woman to earn a pharmacy license in the state of Missouri, St. Louis College of Pharmacy would help pave the way for women in the pharmacy profession.

For 46 years, Evelyn Becker-Meyer has been inspiring her biology students to do their best in the classroom with a unique combination of humor,encouragement, and hands-on learning.

Bob Zebroski, professor of history, briefly examines how medicine has evolved in the past 150 years.

Since finals ended, St. Louis College of Pharmacy has had one thing on its mind: cake, specifically a four-foot-tall fiberglass cake

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