Pashia Nominated for Mercy Hospital Great Catch Award

Published on 03 September 2021

Taylor Pashia, B.S. ’18, Pharm.D. ’21, was nominated for the Great Catch Award during her health-system rotation at Mercy Hospital Jefferson in Festus, Missouri. The award honors individuals who recognize a defect or potential for harm and act upon their concern to ensure the safest care is given to patients each day.

Pashia was nominated for counseling a patient on the importance of taking their medication to prevent blood clots after orthopedic surgery. The patient was hesitant and refusing to take their medication, but after Pashia reviewed the benefits and risks with the patient, the patient agreed to continue their medication regimen as prescribed.

“The patient was taking half the amount of the medication they were supposed to because they were afraid it would cause bleeding since they were recovering from surgery,” Pashia said. “The patient’s concerns were valid, but after educating the patient about the medication, they willingly agreed to take the full amount and to follow-up with their physician.”

Through her rotations, Pashia acknowledges that she has learned a lot and been able to have life-changing conversations with patients. She was able to help vaccinate people during the pandemic, support patients in the COVID-19 intensive care units, work alongside pharmacists with prescribing authority and counsel patients through her community pharmacy rotation.

“I once spoke with a patient about their new medication and the patient shared that they were scared of having another heart attack,” she said. “I talked to this patient about how their medications could actually help prevent heart attacks and how healthy eating and exercise could also be used to prevent future heart attacks.”

The patient shared with Pashia that no one had ever taken the time to explain prevention strategies to them and they appreciated her counseling them.

“Working during the pandemic to counsel patients has made a significant impact on me,” Pashia said. “It shows how pharmacists can be there for patients to help connect all the pieces and to help educate them on ways they can improve their overall health.”

After completing her rotations and graduating from University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis in May 2021 with her Doctor of Pharmacy, Pashia continues to serve patients at Pharmax Pharmacy in Festus, Missouri.

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