University Announces Creation of Two New Colleges

Published on 12 November 2021

In October, the University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis Board of Trustees approved the creation of two new colleges for the University: the College of Global Population Health and the College of Graduate Studies. The colleges are designed to build on the pride, legacy and mission of St. Louis College of Pharmacy and the College of Arts and Sciences by creating new, expanded pathways and opportunities for students to create healthier societies across the globe.

College of Global Population Health

The new College of Global Population Health was created to build on the University’s existing programs in global health and expand academic offerings and research related to population health, a newer and growing interdisciplinary field that works to address the large-scale social, economic and environmental issues that impact the health outcomes of groups of people. Population health takes an analytical approach to understanding the health needs, disparities and outcomes of populations to create appropriate improvement initiatives.

“While there are many schools and colleges of public health across the St. Louis region and the U.S., no other college of population health exists in our region, and only six exist nationwide,” said David D. Allen, RPh, Ph.D., president of the University. “The creation of a College of Global Population Health at UHSP represents an exciting opportunity for our University to differentiate itself as the first institution in the nation to place a global lens on population health.”

The goal of the College of Global Population Health will be to advance the science and practice of global population health by:

  • Educating and training of the next generation of leaders who focus on improving the health of populations
  • Engaging with diverse stakeholders and community partners to conduct meaningful research in population health, and seeking to improve outcomes of shared interest and identify scalable interventions that can reduce health inequities and transform health care delivery within the defined population
  • Helping to share policy that advances global population health

“The College of Global Population Health will create a primary home for our global and population health-related academic and research programs, while also helping us grow our engagement within the St. Louis community and beyond to promote health equity and positively impact health outcomes,” explained Allen. “This new college will also help propel our University’s global reach, and equip students at St. Louis College of Pharmacy with population health competencies that will be necessary to practice effectively in today’s rapidly evolving health care environment.”

College of Graduate Studies

The new College of Graduate Studies will provide leadership, coordination and administrative structure to support graduate programs at UHSP. The college will also strive to promote excellence in research and scholarship through the recruitment of promising student scholars from diverse backgrounds with the goal of fostering an inclusive, supportive and stimulating learning environment to train future health care leaders and scientists.

“We see the establishment of the College of Graduate Studies as a perfect way to elevate graduate education at UHSP and help the institution grow as a university,” explained Allen. “The creation of this college is key to ensuring high-quality graduate education with the potential to increase enrollment, diversify our student and faculty populations, expand our research agenda and drive a vibrant and sustained graduate education culture at UHSP.”

Key responsibilities of the College of Graduate Studies will include:

  • Providing leadership and implementation of the University’s overall vision for graduate education
  • Assuring compliance with the highest academic and professional standards
  • Ensuring the quality and integrity of all graduate programs delivered
  • The conferring of all graduate degrees

The new college will build on the University’s approved Master of Science (M.S.) in Global Health and Equity and Master of Science (M.S.) in Medicinal Chemistry programs.

Searches for deans of both the College of Global Population Health and the College of Graduate Studies are currently underway.

“This is an incredibly exciting time at UHSP,” said Allen. “As we continue to evolve our brand and engage in our work to become the institution of choice for students, faculty and staff across a range of health care practices and fields, our new colleges offer abundant opportunities for the University to further its mission to educate and advance communities of discovery to foster a healthier society.”

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