Campus Connections: Alumni Couple Stories

Published on 10 February 2021

Each year, new connections are made at University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis. Since 1864, generations of graduates of St. Louis College of Pharmacy and the College of Arts and Sciences have formed new bonds and established relationships that last a lifetime. These connections are the foundation of the close-knit community for which the University is known.

Whether on campus attending class, during rotations or long after graduation, generations of students and alumni have met and fallen in love. No matter their circumstances, they all have one thing in common – their experiences at the institution.

We treasure the fact that so many of our alumni have connected and found happiness. To honor these special relationships, the Office of Alumni Relations created a program to celebrate the lasting connection alumni couples share – the Love in the Lab Couples Club.

This Valentine’s Day, we’re highlighting some of the many romantic memories and stories that members of the club have shared.

Leroy, B.S. ’56, and Diane (Berry), B.S. ’56, Unterreiner

Diane and Leroy Unterreiner

Leroy and Diane met early on as classmates but didn’t begin dating until their junior year. They were married a year after they graduated, and have been together for 63 years.

“I met Lee because he was good friends with my lab partner (John Acker, B.S. ’56). The first time that we went on a — I guess you would call it a date —was on a school trip to a pharmaceutical company. The companies would treat us to the movies, and Lee asked me if I would go with him to the movie, and I said, ‘Sure, I’ll go with you.’ That was the beginning.”

Mark, B.S. ’75, and Laura (Stanczak), B.S. ’76, Lotz

Mark and Laura Lotz

Mark and Laura met while living in the dorm. During their time on campus, they served as dorm counselors and performed in the chorus together. They also volunteered as speakers giving talks at local schools through the Drug Abuse Program that the college sponsored. Since Mark had a car and they both lived in the dorm, they ended up being paired together.

“My favorite memory was when I was tricked into going to a movie (that I had already seen) with my roommate and her friends. The plot was to get Mark and me together. Apparently it worked!”

Tim, B.S. ’83, and Robin (Watson), B.S. ’83, Rice

Adam and Jennifer Riney

Tim and Robin met in class and maintained a friendship throughout their time at the college. They started working together as pharmacists and their friendship grew into a romance.

“After graduation, we both worked at Deaconess Hospital and started dating at that time. We got married in 1987 and moved to Arizona. We will celebrate our 34th anniversary this Valentine's Day.”


Matt, B.S. ’92, and Stephanie (Lathrop), B.S. ’94, Camarato

Matt and Stephanie’s relationship began with a series of interactions inside and outside the classroom. One of their favorite memories is of their first date at Rossino's Restaurant.

“We first noticed each other at school between lectures, and we first spoke at a DST fraternity party, but Stephanie’s friends whisked her away. That summer during break, I saw her jogging along Euclid Avenue near campus. I stopped my car in the middle of the street and asked her out. I blocked traffic and wouldn't drive on until she said yes to a date. We've been together ever since.”

Josh, Pharm.D. ’09, and Kim (Meyer), Pharm.D. ’09, Moore

Josh and Kim Moore

Josh and Kim met early in their time at the college during orientation. They celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2019.

“We met the first day of orientation when I came in late. Kim is normally the late one, so she knew she had to meet me. We agreed it was always our moms who made us late to everything.”


Jordan, Pharm.D. ’15, and Heather (Kindermann), Pharm.D. ’15, Powell

Jordan and Heather Powell

Jordan and Heather bonded quickly at the start of their first year but did not start dating right away. Their love grew over time and they were married in 2015.

“We met over dinner on the first day of classes during our first year. I had met Jordan’s roommate during orientation and when he decided to join my group for dinner that evening, Jordan introduced himself. We became friends immediately but did not realize we shared chemistry outside of the classroom for another year and a half.”

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