Eutectics Unite to Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Published on 27 October 2020

Through the Euts United Health Campaign, University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis recognized students for their efforts to help prevent the spread of coronavirus by following COVID-19 health and safety guidelines.

Faculty, staff and student workers distributed nomination cards to students who completed daily temperature screenings and wellness checks, maintained a safe distance from others or wore a mask on campus.

“Our goal in creating this initiative was to use positive reinforcement to acknowledge students who are following the health and safety guidelines,” said Andrea Guimaraes, director of student development and engagement. “Through the campaign, we recognized students who were taking the appropriate steps to help protect our campus community and prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

Each week, representatives of the Office of Student Affairs collected nomination cards from recognized students and put the cards into a raffle for campus food vouchers and University spirit attire.

“This program was a great way to spread cheer on campus while everyone adjusted to the new guidelines,” said Maria Simkeviciute, coordinator for student affairs. “Since this program kicked off in August, we have collected more than 700 nominations and distributed raffle prizes to 71 students.”

Euts United Health Campaign Prize Winners

  • Anosha Abdulbasair
  • Mary Angeleri
  • Scott Aulbach
  • Zachary Brooks
  • Connor Christenson
  • Kaitlyn Cid
  • Anosha Abdulbasair
  • Hibo Abud
  • Farah Alhalabi
  • Mary Angeleri
  • Scott Aulbach
  • Zachary Brooks
  • Anna Chiu
  • Jieun Choi
  • Connor Christenson
  • Kaitlyn Cid
  • Feleesia Cunningham
  • Audrey Doubet
  • Ann Droege
  • Alexis Dumm
  • Morgan Ellebrecht
  • Lindsey Ess
  • Cheyenne Flood
  • Michon Forrest
  • Emily Foster
  • Sara Gardy
  • Jared Gargus
  • Nicole Gasparovic
  • Tyler Giller
  • Sunyoung Go
  • Elizabeth Grace Allen
  • Treysen Gray
  • Nathan Groves
  • Mitchell Harris
  • Jeffrey Hausmann
  • Cara Henley
  • Lindsey Holhubner
  • Sandra Jasarevic
  • Nealee Kesler
  • Kacie Kinnikin
  • Ievgeniia Kolodiazhn
  • Allison Kump
  • Zuan Lee
  • Ava Little
  • Jacqueline Luong
  • Victoria Mcdougall
  • Ashley McKechan
  • Philip Mcraven
  • Christopher Moore
  • Gabrielle Morgan
  • Adaeze Ndu
  • Jeremiah Obeng
  • Tareef Oyebamiji
  • Stevi Price
  • Nicole Radev
  • Riddhi Rangoonwala
  • Ena Rizvic
  • Danielle Rosas
  • Neha Seella
  • Ghazal Shamialshlabi
  • Emily Sitkowski
  • Emily Stock
  • Hemen-mo Tsuung
  • Dominique Vu
  • Allison Wakeland
  • Amber Walsh
  • Jacqueline Wong
  • Jessica Wood
  • Mohima Yeasmin
  • Darlene Zediker
  • Andrew Zhang

The University is closely monitoring developments related to the ongoing pandemic.

For more information on the University’s health and safety guidelines, visit

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